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Emberstream shares their opinion about Ashfur.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

Hello! Welcome to my 2nd article! Today I will be talking about Ashfur, and be determining whether he deserves to go to StarClan, or the Dark Forest.
Note: This article is based off of actions from TPB-OotS as I have only read that far.
Let’s start with his family:
Father- Unknown, Mother- Brindleface, Siblings- Ferncloud(sister), Elderkit (brother), Tulipkit(brother)
Now that we have that, let’s get on with his story:
as a apprentice it is shown he is close friends with his foster brother, Cloupaw, and is shocked when he learns Cloudpaw left the clan to be a kitty pet. When he returns, Ashpaw is happy, and things look ok for him… until his mother is killed by Tigerclaw to lead the dogs to ThunderClan camp. Firestar allows Fern and Ash help kill the dogs to avenge their mothers death. This is where I see the first mistake, Firestar pretty much showed Ash to take revenge when you can. So, not much happens after that, until Squirrelflight comes along. Ash really wanted her to be his mate, so much so he took advantage of Squirrelf’s and Bramble’s breakup, he saw it as a opportunity to get closer to Squirrelf. This is where I see mistake #2, when the breakup happened, he saw it as his chance instead of seeing how this problem could eventually tear the clan apart. After he is with Squirrelf for a little while, Leaf has a dream about Squirrelf and Bramble, she tells Squirrelf and Squirrelf gets excited. So, Squirrelf tells Ash that she is breaking up with him, and Ash gets upset. This is where I see mistake #3, Squirrelf tried to tell him nicely, and he took it way to personal. So, he is pretty much driven mad by grief, he tried to murder Firestar, with the fox trap, and failed. Then he got his opportunity when the fire hit. He was so crazy at this point, that he was willing to kill 2 valuable warriors, and a medicine cat trying to hurt Squirrelf. This is where I see mistake #4, he was willing to kill 4 cats for one, he is crazy at this point. Squirrelf ends up saving the three, by telling Ash that they aren’t her kits. This gives Ash lots of power over Squirrelf and the three. He is ready to announce it at the gathering, however while he was hunting Holly killed him to keep him silent. In the end, I think he deserves to go to the Dark Forest, however, according to Yellowfang, ‘his only crime was to love to much’ I saw that, and my first thought was he tried to murder 4 cats because of a breakup! His actions never were justified, and never will be in my eyes. I hope you liked my article! Please comment below what you think!

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