What cat breeds are some random warrior cats? by Shadepool

Shadepool wonders what breeds some characters from the series would be.

Heeeelllooo everyone!! I’m Shadepool and this is my first article which I decided to write about what cat breeds some random cats are.

I think Firestar is an Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats are usually orange with short fur, large ears, and green or gold eyes. Google says they are quiet, intelligent, curious, and enjoy human company. They love to go outside and are good climbers who like to be in high places. That matches Firestar’s personality pretty well. Also the image is an Abyssinian.

I am like 98% sure that Bluestar is a russian blue. They are usually blue-gray, or just gray with blue or green eyes. Their personality is usually calm, curious, and very smart. They might start out shy but once they get to know someone, they can be very loyal, and will form a deep bond with usually one person(snowfur). Mistystar is probably also a russian blue, and maybe Stonefur too.

Yes, another leader. So I think Tigerstar is a main coon. Maine coons are usually VERY large and are usually brown, or black. They have great hunting skills, and are very dog-like. Ok i’m too lazy to write a personality description, so time to copy paste. Maine Coons are known for being friendly, affectionate and goofy – they’re not only huge in size but also huge in personality. Much like a dog, the Maine Coon loves to be around its family and sometimes acts like a pack animal. They are obedient and will come when called.
There you go. If Tigerstar wasn’t evil that would match him pretty well. Also main coons have a crazy amount of FLOOF.

So Briarlight is one of my favorite cats!! I think she’s a Havana brown, which is a brown cat with yellow or green eyes, and short fur. Here’s Google’s personality description because I am once again too lazy to type it. The Havana Brown is a playful cat but she is often content just playing with a favorite toy. She will also play with her parent, but can, at times, be a bit of a loner. This breed tends to get very close to one person and attaches herself to that person for life.
That matches her Ok, right? Anyways moving on.

Ok so this is the last cat i’m doing, and it’s Tallstar who i’m putting down as an oriental shorthair. They have huge ears, and are long and sleek. They can be black and white, but also tabby, just white, brown and white tabby, black, and that’s pretty much all. So here’s the copy pasted description for the personality. Oriental cats are dignified, caring, and very intelligent. Not only are Orientals intelligent, but they are known for their athletic abilities as well. This breed is a great companion to cat parents who want a loyal, friendly pal. … In fact, Orientals do best in small groups, unlike most domesticated cats. Definitely matches Tallstar in my opinion.

Well that’s the end of this article! I hope you enjoyed it!!:)

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  • Ooh, wonderfully written! I agree on all of these and your reasoning, but, though this is in no way a criticism, I sort of disagree. How can some of these be true when the parents aren’t the same breed? Millie and Graystripe are neither a Havana Brown breed of cat, so how would their offspring, Briarlight (StarClan rest her soul) be a different breed? It is said that Graystripe is a Great Persian and Millie is a Ragdoll. Whether or not any if this is true, I have no idea. Anyways, I’m not disagreeing with you at all! This is a wonderful article and many good points are made, but I’m just taking a closer look at her lineage and kins’ breed. 😀 Sorry for my long rant. Great job!

    • It’s possible the breed could come from somewhere in her ancestry?

    • I think they shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as the cats’ genes and breed are 100% guaranteed to be mixed in the wild. I can understand the kittypets (or former kittypet loners/rogues) though. That isn’t to say that of course, they could have ancestry from these breeds and it IS really fun to just think about :3

  • Great article! I agree but in the Russian Blue part, you said that they can have blue or green eyes but i read somewhere that they can only have green eyes. Besides that you did a great job!

  • Great article and comparisons! I’ve never really thought about the cats by breed, but these seem like good comparisons!

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