How do the StarClan and Warrior Code limits work? by Daydust

Daydust wonders how StarClan actually works.

StarClan is the place that cats go when they die, obviously. But how does it work? StarClan is said to be the most powerful Clan in Warrior Cats, and they punish any cat who doesn’t follow the warrior code. But how does a cat breaking the code affect StarClan? of course, StarClan punishes any cat who murders innocent cats, but many other rules of the code(s) go broken and the cat who breaks it goes to StarClan. Examples are Bluestar, Yellowfang, Silverstream, and very possibly Pinestar. If a cat does it for the greater good, what is considered the greater good? Obvious examples are preventing war and saving others. But if a cat wants vengeance for a good reason and kills a guilty cat, do they go to StarClan or the Dark Forest? The other questions are obviously answered, but this could stop that streak. Tallstar nearly killed a cat he believed to be guilty, but turned out to be innocent. Yet Mapleshade killed cats that could be guilty in many eyes based on what happened, but still went to the Dark Forest. Who may be considered guilty differs depending on their crime. If they are fully guilty, a cat who kills them goes to StarClan: an example is Blackstar, who killed Redwillow. If a cat is not fully guilty, though, the cat who kills them may or may not go to StarClan. an example is Mapleshade, who killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. Ravenwing caused her pain and suffering, a valid reason to kill him, but Appledusk was only partially guilty and Frecklewish was hardly guilty. Appledusk’s crimes were to break Mapleshade’s heart and to blame the crime of Ravenwing on Mapleshade, and Frecklewish’s crime was to refuse to help Mapleshade in her time of need. Going back to the Warrior Code, when the rules are first placed they obviously seem a lot worse than later when the rules are a bit old. One of the only exceptions is the rule that no warrior can give up warrior life to be a kittypet, or no kittypet can be a Clan cat. Soon after the rule was placed, a kittypet joined the clan, but the rule that no kittypet can be a clan cat was destroyed, as apparently Firestar was said to be a true warrior, and no true warrior would be a kittypet. The warrior code limits are mysterious. The limits work in the way that a true warrior can be at least partially in the code and belief of StarClan and very possibly go to StarClan. Daydust out.

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