Why Bluestar and Crookedstar’s lives were so sad by Starlingwing

Starlingwing talks about the sad notes of Bluestar and Crookedstar’s lives.

Artwork by GoldenPhoenix

Hi its Starlingwing and im gonna talk about how Bluestar and Crookedstar’s lives were so sad.

Let’s start with Bluestar.
Bluestar’s mom, Moonflower died in a battle with WindClan. That’s real sad cause she was just an apprentice!! I would be super sad. Then her sister died. Snowfur died on a Thunderpath. Bluestar kinda raised her sister’s kit, Whitestorm by herself, but Thistleclaw kinda got in the way and said that she should have died instead of Snowfur. BTW Snowfur was Thistleclaw’s mate. Now here’s a real sad part: Bluestar loses her kits. They were Oakheart’s so she gave them to him. What’s also really sad is that when she gave them to Oakheart, Mosskit died, but Mistykit and Stonekit survived. So Bluestar’s life was real sad. She lost her mom, sister, and her kits. You can get all of this info if u read BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY!! It’s a super edition.

Now let’s see Crookedstar’s sad life.
Crookedstar was born Stormkit but his mom changed his name after he fell on a stepping stone. His jaw was crooked. He slept in a seperate nest than his littermate and his mom kinda hated him. Then the Promise came along. He promised to Mapleshade that he would be loyal to his Clan and put his Clan before everything else. Mapleshade told him that he couldn’t be friends with Willowbreeze cause he kinda mooned over her. LOL! Then he blocked out the dreams and Mapleshade cause he learned that she was from the Dark Forest. When Willowbreeze had his kits Willowbreeze died and two of his kits died too. But Silverkit aka Silverstream stayed alive. He also learned that Mistykit and Stonekit were Bluestar’s. BTW Graypool took them in and said that she found them in the snow. Liar!!! But I think Oakheart told her the truth. I just wanted to add that Crookedstar knew that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were Bluestar’s kits so he could have told everyone at a Gathering. #evilcrookedstar You can learn all of this in CROOKEDSTAR’S PROMISE!! It’s a super edition.

That’s it for now! Super sorry if u think it’s bad. It’s my first article!!
Starlingwing out!!

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