Defending Spottedleaf by Mistheart

Mistheart defends Spottedleaf.

Art by alisonli (tumblr)

I’m sorry if you like Spottedleaf, but from what I found out, it seems as though most people think Spotted is “too perfect” and “a Mary-sue.” Right now I’m going to try to persuade you to think differently. Also, this contains spoilers for Spottedleaf’s Heart and The Prophecies Begin.

Spottedkit was born to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang alongside her siblings, Redkit and Willowkit. Her first litter siblings, Leopardfoot and Patchpelt, were already made warriors, and Leopardfoot mated with Pinestar, and gave birth to Mistkit, Nightkit, and Tigerpaw.

Later, Spottedkit was apprenticed to Thrushpelt as Spottedpaw. However, she grew more feelings for another warrior Thistleclaw, than her actual mentor. But, as their relationship grew, Thistleclaw shared a deadly secret to Spottedpaw.

Every night, he trained in the Dark Forest, and learned how to destroy things and kill things and become leader of all the Clans. Of course, this had Spottedpaw horrified, and she then rejected him. But I wouldn’t blame her. Imagine if your own future mate was actually planning to take over the world! Would you still mate with him/her? Of course not.

Still, Spottedpaw faced even more terrible tragedies. After she rejected Thistleclaw, the ThunderClan medicine cat, Featherwhisker, asked her to become his apprentice. Now, imagine giving up your lifetime dream of becoming a warrior, just to become a random cat with a bunch of herbs!

Actually, to the reader’s surprise, Spottedpaw (reluctantly) accepted Featherwhisker’s offer, and soon, she became a skillful medicine cat. She healed so many cats, which is something not every reader reads. And even I have to admit, I did skip those pages in which she healed a bunch of cats with herbs.

Some people may think that Spotted(leaf) is “too perfect” for Firestar. Seriously? I object to that. If Spotted was perfect, she wouldn’t have climbed that tree Thistle told her to. If she was perfect, she would know to never, ever trust Thistle. If she was perfect, she would automatically know that her destiny was to become a medicine cat, and she would have no objections to that. If Spotted was perfect, she would automatically know that falling in love with Firestar was wrong.

Another person may wonder if Spotted is “too old” for Firestar. Who ships Bracken x Sorrel? Brackenfur was nine moons older than Sorreltail when Sorreltail died. And Bracken was made a warrior before Sorrel. So… yeah.

Spottedleaf’s life was full of tragedy. She had to give up her lifetime dream of becoming a warrior. She realized at the last moment that her own mate was planning to become leader of all Clans, or destroy them. And yet, she managed to adapt and grow to become such a wonderful medicine cat. That’s something not every warrior can do. And that’s why I love Spotted, and made her by #1 Favorite Character in Warriors (#2 is Hollyleaf, #3 is Ivypool, #4 is Mapleshade, #5 is Firestar, #6 is Graystripe, #7 is Icecloud, #8 is Ferncloud, #9 is Leafstar, #10 is Feathertail).

Hope you have an awesome rest of your day! – Mistheart (aka Cloudy)

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  • great article mistheart! spottedleaf’s pretty cool 😀 though i’m gonna have to politely disagree on some of your points. when firestar first had a crush on spottedleaf, spottedleaf was old and firepaw was just an apprentice. meanwhile, in bracken×sorrel, both are at least adults. i never thought spottedleaf was perfect, i always just seem to dislike soft and sweet characters (probably because i relate to tough ones more). still, you made some really great points!

    • Lol, this article was horrible, I’m tempted to do a remake…

      Actually, in human years, Spottedleaf is “only” 1 year older than Firestar. Kits become apprentices at 6 moons/months old, meaning that Rusty was born only 6 months after Spotted became an apprentice.

      Also, we had a conversation about this earlier, and I get that you apparently like “unique” characters who are not as much like a typical protagonist, with Jayfeather being an example. Now, I’m not going to argue about with kind of characters you should or should not like, and I accept your opinion. It’s just that everyone has different opinions on which characters they like, and I tend to prefer those compassionate characters with lots of development in their main arcs. ~ Cloudy

  • I TPB she was just “firepaws crush that gives him vague dreams”. She only became important after she died. Before she died, she was just a background character with no personality. Spottedleafs heart came out way after, and spottedleafs honest answer IS NOT CANON.

  • Not to be rude, Mistheart, but you seem to have used a lot of arguments based off of empathy rather than logic. It’s hard for me to single out a canon-based reason to believe your claims.

    However, this is a wonderfully written article and your points are valid. I hope you write more!

  • Cheetahheart!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) Claw (rogue/loner) tell me if i missed any names! says:


  • Good job! But I find her relationship with Firestar… a little creepy. Before Spottedleaf is dead Firepaw just had a crush on her and they hardly talked at all, and then after she’s dead they’re completely in love and all even though pretty shortly after he gets another mate, and she just keeps showing up in Firestar’s dreams and stuff and I just find it to be weird…

  • About your point about BrackenSorrel, Brackenfur is nine moons older than her you pointed out. But apparently, Spottedleaf was over 4.5 years old at the time of her death, while Firepaw was barely a 6 moon old apprentice. That was definitely way too large of an age gap.

  • Terrific article, Mistheart! I loved all the points you made. I’m a serious Spottedleaf defender, and I agree to everything wholeheartedly. <3

  • *Ahem*

    I, personally, think that love at first sight is a beautiful, wonderful thing. Also, just because we didn’t SEE Firepaw and Spottedleaf talking much, doesn’t mean they didn’t. They’re might’ve been some in-between stuff. Also, Spottedleaf is a kind, respected medicine cat, and she had a humorous side too. Am I the only one who remembers “Even you know better than to argue with a medicine cat, Tigerclaw.” I LOVE Spottedleaf, and honestly feel like Sandstorm just became nice ALL OF A SUDDEN for no reason.

    (Sorry SandxFire shippers)

    Also, am I the only one who shipped SandxDust? As apprentices, I think they were perfect for each other: Both jerks!

  • I’m glad that you chose to defend Spottedleaf, and I haven’t read Spottedleaf’s Heart, so I don’t know much. But the events in Spottedleaf’s Heart weren’t really real events that moved the stories on, I don’t think. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) But in the books, Spottedleaf is such a bland character in my opinion. She doesn’t do anything but have Firestar “smell her sweet scent.” And her being bland is not the only reason why I don’t like her! I also hate her because of the loving Firestar issue. He actually most likely loved her more than Sand for a few seconds there in Firestar’s Quest! I just… don’t like her.