Cats I feel bad for by Mistshade

Mistshade lists cats who haven’t had the best life.

Art by Sitavara

Hello! It’s your number-one most annoying blogger that has ever existed, Mistshade! I am here to be annoying and also make you laugh, sorry, lies. You probs won’t like my uncle jokes. Alrighty, let’s start!

We are breaking down the topic that I call … Cats I feel bad for. Now, that may not be a good title, but, heh, it’s more like, “Cats who really have a tough time” but I don’t feel like changing it!!

We’ll be going from number five(That being the best of the worst-is that a thing?) to one! Oh, mind you, I’m not including Mapleshade on this list, not that I don’t think she had it terribly, but so that we can get unique thoughts that you may not have yet thunked.

5. Millie: Okay, so no matter how much I absolutly despise this she-cat, I can’t help but feel bad for her. She was kinda a jerk when she ignored her two other kits, but, think about it: HER KIT CAN’T WALK! Think about going to the medicine den every single day and being sad because your poor baby can’t go and be the warrior she wanted to be! Not only that, but in StarClan? I can tell you this for sure, Graystripe will no longer be her mate. He will cling to Silverstream and Millie will be stuck, all alone, without a mate. How sad is that?

4. Goldenflower: Why am I putting her on the list? Easy. The love of her life, Tigerstar, was banished because she realized what a jerk he was. Brat. So Goldenflower was stuck with no mate to support her as she raised two cats that were basically disgraced by all of the other clanmates. She had to bear with looking at everyone else while they stared, wide-eyed, at the kits. What made it worse was that Tigerstar seemed to completly forgeting her, finding his ‘true love’, apparently Sasha, and mating with her. Then Tawnypelt(Tawnypaw at the time) goes and leaves her, too. So all she is left with is a kit that looks just like her former mate, whom everyone avoids. Sounds tough to me.

3. Nightcloud: Spicy, spicy! You might be scoffing at me right now, but once I explain the entire story to you, you will understand. Okay, so what we know from her, a lot of people hate her ’cause she ‘stole’ Crowfeather from Leafpool/Feathertail, depending on your preferance. Not true. Actually, Crowfeather kinda just picked her up to use her to show that he was a loyal warrior. Not cool, Crowfeather. And so, after that, he goes and mates with her they have a kit. He stinks. Breezepelt is the definition of abomination, but let’s not get into that. So, so far, we have an abusive mate and a terrible son. Bad enough? No, not really, because Nigthcloud is stuck to raise the child on his own cause Crowfeather doesn’t really care about them and just continues with his duties. THAT’S GREAT! While she has to bear the entire burdens. Oh, and all of the yelling. Crowfeather is sooooooooooooooooooo tempermental! Alright, so if that is bad enough, Crowfeather like, forgets her. He lets her go completly. Sure, he apologizes, but it is defiant that he will never love her again, and they will certainly not be mates in StarClan. So she wasted her love-life away with a jerk? If that’s not bad enough, she has to deal with watching her son, Breezepelt, duplicate the same thing, being a jerk to his own mate. So Nightcloud has an all-around terrible life. Mic drop.

2. Snowfur: So naturally, I put her on this list. First, she fell in love with Thristleclaw, who, not to be rude, but, is a big bad boy. He basically started the entire Dark Forest thing. What made it worse was Bluestar(Bluefur at the time)’s disapproval. How would it feel to be in love with someone, then your best friend in the whole wide world hates him and doesn’t want you together with her. Well, she mated with him anyway, producing some really good kits. Unfortunatly, she wasn’t even able to see Whitestorm become a warrior! WHY? Because she died to nasty Twolegs! She died at such an early age! To make matters worse, she had to spend her time in StarClan staring down at her sister while she broke the Warrior Code, then had kits, then gave away her kits. So, in recap, she: Fell in love with a jerk-pants villian, was scourned by her own sister, gave birth to kits, died before she was able to see him become a warrior(Died EARLY, that is!), then had to watch her sister from StarClan break the rules. Lovely life.

1. Hollyleaf: Why again, am I putting her on the list? Let’s dive deep! First, we have the fact that she had to transfer akwardly from Medicine Cat to Warrior, which is weird for all of us. Then she had to be promised with this special power that was give to her two brothers, but apparently not to her! Then, after that, she learned that she was Half-Clan, which basically broke her in two. Then she had to make herself an outcast ’cause she knew that she had let her anger out on Ashfur, who, tried to kill her. WHEW! Wow, that’s a lot. But, wait, there is more!!! After she made herself an outcast, she met up with the love of her life, AKA, Fallen Leaves. Fallen Leaves promised her to meet up once more so the two of them can be . . . er, not sure, actually. In love? Oh, help me there. ANYWHO, after she came home, she was hated and totally zoned into this weird you-are-such-a-stranger-you-don’t-belong-here. (Did I mention that her best friend was going through a lot of trama, too? Sorry, just wanted to put that there :D) She finally earned her place again, just to die from the battle, not even able to see Fallen Leaves again, just to have him kneal down on her and WEEP! Alright, have I convinced you?

Thank you soooo much for reading my article! I wasn’t able to crack too many jokes ’cause I was totally in the mode for being serious. Whatever, at least you were able to bear with me!

Mistshade out!

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  • I LOVED the article! Two cats I think you should’ve included:

    1. Feathertail: I mean, even as a kit, she was scorned because she was half-Clan. And then, as an apprentice, just when she’s settled into RiverClan, Tigerstar orders her own brother’s mentor to kill her and Stormfur. (And her own leader is OKAY with it!!!) Stonefur refuses, and then she watched Blackfoot and Darkstripe kill her mentor’s brother right in front of her. She goes to ThunderClan, then comes back, and then she’s sent on the sun-drown quest. She meets the love of her life, Crowpaw, but before the two of them can even become mates, Feathertail sacrificed her life to save him. AND THEN HE TOTALLY STABS HER IN THE BACK and has kits with Leafpool and Nightcloud, two cats he didn’t even really love. (so, not COOL!)

    2. Crookedstar: Okay, yeah, I like Feathertail a lot more than him, but his life was pretty sad! Thanks to Mapleshade, he lost all the cats he loved and was hated for his jaw by his own mother!

    I agree, all of the cats you listed had a pretty sad life…

    • Crowfeather loved Leafpool, and he only had Breezepelt because he wanted to prove his loyalty

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Crowfeather DID love Leafpool, probably more so than Feathertail, in fact.

      • Okay, yes, he did love Leafpool, but definitely not Nightcloud. (And I’m still a Feather x Crow hardcore shipper). Sorry if that was a bit of a comment rant; I can get worked up when it comes to my favorite character…

        • Nah, it’s fine <3 I rant a lot too when it comes to characters I feel strongly about as well (cough, Mapleshade, cough)

  • I can’t feel sorry for Nightcloud. Of course, I get the fact her mate never loved her but I still believe that I shouldn’t feel sorry for her. Why? Here is the list of what she done due to her jealousy.
    – Hiss at Leafpool and push her away in the gathering
    – Encouraging Breezepelt to hurt Crowfeather (This include killing LEAFPOOL and Leafpool’s kits- does she even read the warrior code?)
    – Do nothing when Breezepelt almost kills Leafpool over the border
    – Blame Jayfeather for Flametail’s death
    – Hate Hollyleaf for returning to the clans after her disappearance
    – Sternly staring at her when she is treating Crowfeather (Not too bad, but she was even not mates with him!)
    – She sank her claws into Crowfeather’s pelt and dragged him away from Leafpool
    – Shame that their clan (specifically) for being filled with kittypets when in contrast she LIKED when she became a kittypet in Ct.

    • I don’t particularly defend Nightpool, but I would like to say something about two of your points.

      She did nothing when Breezepelt almost kills Leafpool and she sank her claws into Crowfeather’s pelt and dragged him away from Leafpool. These two are connected.

      If I remember correctly (and I may not so take all this with a grain of salt), Breezepelt, Nightcloud, Crowfeather, Leafpool, and Lionblaze accidentally met at the Thunder-Wind border, and Breezepelt started attacking Leafpool and Lionblaze for reasons I forgot :p. I’m pretty sure Nightcloud was either about to go back and get WindClan help or hissing at Breezepelt to stop. During this time, Crowfeather was at first just talking to Leafpool, but then grabbed Breezepelt by the scruff and basically tossed him to the side (he may have slammed into something as well).

      That’s why Nightcloud grabbed him, not out of jealously, but because Crow had just kinda thrown their kid to continue talking to his previous mate. I don’t think Crow was described as feeling pain from this action, and it wasn’t written that she broke skin or made him bleed (those details could have been left out to save page space,though). I saw it more as someone sharply grabbing someone’s arm, something Night couldn’t have done because she’s a cat :p


  • For Millie, I totally agree! I’m like, wow, she is literally such a jerk to her kits, but then again, I feel so bad for her. Now, we all know that Graystripe had two litters of kits, one with Silverstream and one with Millie. It’s like, Silverstream is so spoiled and beautiful, and yet her cousin dies to save her kits. Meanwhile, Millie is totally not spoiled, yet she decided to abandon her soft life to be a warrior with Graystripe. Yet, does Briarlight get fussed over by the Clan when she gets hurt? No. Do Featherpaw and Stormpaw? Yes. Now, for Goldenflower, I think she deserves a novella. How did GoldenTiger even begin, and did the two ever feel true love for each other? Did Tigerstar regret his decision of mating with Goldenflower, when Tawnypelt refused his training and Brambleclaw rebelled against his ambition? Did Goldenflower ever regret her decision of mating with Tigerstar when he became the cruel cat we know now, or did she still have some admiration for his courage and determination to succeed in his ambitious plans? Please, Erins, I repeat, please can you make a novella for Goldenflower? Her life in Bluestar’s Prophecy and The Prophecies Begin was just too confusing, and none of us ever had a chance to truly understand her feelings for Tigerstar. So, we really need a little book, if only five chapters or so, to explain Goldenflower’s decisions in her life, the truth behind them, the dark path they led her and her kits to, and the better decisions that redeemed her. That would be great, and if you decide to make a novella for her, I promise you won’t regret it. ~ Cloudy

  • Great article, Mistshade! I love how you explained your reasoning behind them. Although I have to disagree on what you said about Nightcloud, I completely support your reasoning with Snowfur and Hollyleaf. Snowfur is my 11th favorite character, though, I have to admit, it was technically her fault that she died. She chose not to understand the fact that her sister didn’t have experience with true loves and being in the nursery. She chose to lash out with a not-very-thought-out comment about BlueOak, when Bluestar never said anything about falling in love with Oakheart. Then, she decided to run away without any strong reason, and she decided to fight a whole patrol of ShadowClan cats when she that that she herself was not in the state for fighting and winning a battle. Later, she chose to be careless and step into a roaring Thunderpath for the sake of fighting the whole patrol and thinking that she would win, and that ultimately caused her death. Not long after, Thistleclaw blames Bluestar for the death of his mate, causing her to become guilt-tripped and constantly worried, when really, everything about Snowfur’s death was caused by her own decisions, not Bluestar’s. I have to admit, however, Bluestar was a bit harsh on her sister, but I still like the fire of both Bluestar and Snowfur. Wow, how did I not realize this… both Bluestar and Snowfur really have some FiRE in them! Bluestar is ambitious and bold, while Snowfur is brave and fierce, and both were in some… interesting relationships. ~ Cloudy

  • Wonderful job! I loved the humorous spin you put on it and I found the way that in many cases (Millie, Goldenflower, etc.) you looked at not the main victim of the problem (Bramblepaw/Tawnypaw, Briarlight, etc.) you looked at someone who was deeply affected by their dilemmas very interesting. Can’t really feel so very sorry for Nightcloud though, Crowfeather was a jerk and didn’t love her, but I don’t think she really loved him either. Great article! 😀

  • I also feel bad for Sagenose. His father died before he was apprenticed, his mentor – and mother – disappeared between SkyClan and the Stranger and Hawkwing’s Journey.
    When Darktail came, the really bad things started. His daughter (still a kit) drowned and Mintfur, his sister, decided to stay at the Gorge.
    Later his son Fidgetflake (Fidgetpaw at that time) and his mate Birdflight got captured by twolegs and his other daughter Curlypaw decides to become a kittypet.
    At this time, he has literally no family left. I don’t remember anybody else with such a situation.

    Luckily, Mintfur, her kits and Fidgetflake came back and he even had two apprentices, the first being Mintfur’s kit Gravelnose, the second one Kitescratch (off-topic: one of my favourite characters, really shipping him with Needleclaw).
    But still a very rotten luck, let’s hope it never gets that bad again.

  • Amazing article! I really enjoyed it 😀

    Also I would add Ivypool because she was tricked by Hawkfrost into training with the Dark Forest and Dovewing was being secretive and horrible about her powers (Don’t come at me for that), and then after she finally realized the Dark Forest was a terrible thing, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing showed up and they were like, ‘Hey, we’re going to use you now and you should spy on the Dark Forest cats and risk your life!’ And then while she was spying, Brokenstar (I think it was Brokenstar?) forced Ivypool to murder a cat. And then afterward she has to live through crazy imposter-Bramblestar (although lots of cats had to, too), and to top it all off, Dovewing decides ThunderClan is trash and just ABANDONS HER for a ShadowClan cat (Tigerheart/star).

    Also she should’ve become leader and she didn’t.

    What? No, I’m not biased at all. Ivypool’s just my favourite cat of all time and I will be very mad at anyone who questions her : ‘ D.

    N o t B i a s e d A t A l l .