Firestar’s family tree by Starlingwing

Starlingwing lists Firestar’s family tree.

Art by FeysCat

Hi guys it’s Starlingwing and today I’m gonna tell you Firestar’s family tree.

Let’s start!
Firestar’s only littermate that we know of is Princess. Princess’s kit was Cloudtail. But we’ll get into his family later. Firestar’s mate was Sandstorm and they had two kits named Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Leafpool had three kits even though she was a medicine cat. Their names were Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. RIP Hollyleaf. Lionblaze’s mate was Cinderheart and they had Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, and Fernsong, and later Snaptooth, Spotfur, and Flywhisker. Jayfeather had no kits cause he was a medicine cat and Hollyleaf had no mate or kits. Let’s go into Squirrelflight’s family now. Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw had two kits named Alderheart and Sparkpelt. Alderheart had no kits cause he was a medicine cat. There is a LOT of medicine cats in Firestar’s family! Sparkpelt had kits with with Larksong. Their kits were named Flamepaw, Flickerkit, and I forgot their last kit so yeah. Their kits have no kits cause their apprentices. The line end there. Actually it doesn’t. Sorrelstripe has kits with Dewnose. Their kits are named Myrtlekit and Baykit actully they’re ‘paws so… Myrtlepaw and Baypaw don’t have kits cause they’re apprentices so yeah.
Now let’s go into Cloudtail’s family.
Cloudtail’s mate is Brightheart and their kit is Whitewing. Whitewing’s mate is Birchfall and their kits are Dovewing and Ivypool. Ivypool has kits with Fernsong. Their kits are named Bristlefrost, Thriftear, and Flipclaw. BTW I hate the name Bristlefrost, Ivypool and Fernsong should have named Bristlefrost some thing happier like maybe Joyheart. I love that name!! None of them have mates but Bristlefrost does have feelings for Rootspring. They aren’t together yet. Oops I forgot Dovewing!! Dovewing’s mate is Tigerheart(star)ll. They have their kits in the city with the Guardian Cats. Their kits’ names are Shadowsight, Pouncestep, and Lightleap. Shadowsight’s a medicine cat. Wait!! Hold up! This means Tigerstar ll is very, very, distantly related to Firestar!! Crazy! So Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are related? OMG!! Here is why: Tigerstar l, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Dawnpelt, Flametail, Tigerstar ll, Shadowsight, Pouncestep, Lightleap, and they’re all related to Dovewing, well some of them and so Tigerstar ll is related to Firestar and Brambleclaw and Leafpool and Squirrelflight. So in conclusion, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are related. I didn’t know that till I was writing this!

See ya later
Starlingwing out!

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    • Only comment too lol.

      Ok, down to business. There’s not much to discuss here since it’s a fact article rather than an opinion article so yeah… Anyway yeah, this article was perfect and yup Bramblestar and Squirrelflight are distantly related like most real-world couples, just most likely a bit closer than the average couple.

  • Technically dove and tiger are related, but not the way you think. Tigerhearts mother was tawnypelt whose mother was goldenflower whose brother was lionheart whose daughter is brightheart whose daughter is whitewing whose daughter is dovewing. Tigerheart and dovewing are second cousins once removed

    • Squirrelflight is related to Scourge, Silverstream, Spottedleaf, Bluestar, Crookedstar, (not BLOOD related) Crowfeather, Rainflower, if Bluestar is related to Mapleshade than she’s related to Mapleshade, etc.

      Also related to Yellowfang and Tigerstar and Darkstripe. There’s a LOT more cats she’s related to where that came from!

  • Good article! You forgot to mention that Firestar’s parents are Nutmeg and Jake and his half siblings are Socks Ruby and Scourge. Also i like the name bristlefrost

  • This article was THE BEST and hilarious.It was a great read since I’ve read all the books in the series (not going to tell spoilers) I didn’t realize Squirrelflight and Bramblestar are distantly related!🤣

    • actually, Squirrelflight and Bramblestar weren’t related when they became mates, but Dovewing and Tigerstar 2 became mates after they were related, because when Bramblestar became mates with Squirrelflight, they tied together
      Firestar’s family, and Bramblestar’s family.

      • Not exactly. . . Squirrelflight’s mother is Sandstorm, Sandstorm’s father is Redtail, Redtail’s sister was Leopardfoot, Leopardfoot’s son was Tigerstar, Tigerstar’s son was Brambleclaw. They were related all along. . .

  • technically, aren’t probably all the warriors related? exept Hawfrost, Mothwing, Tree and Violetshine,ect.

  • Not exactly. . . Squirrelflight’s mother is Sandstorm, Sandstorm’s father is Redtail, Redtail’s sister was Leopardfoot, Leopardfoot’s son was Tigerstar, Tigerstar’s son was Brambleclaw. They were related all along. . . It’s strange, isn’t it? That the Erins can barely keep up with family trees?