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Turtlepaw shares their opinion on Swiftpaw.

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*Warning: spoilers for The Prophecies Begin are ahead! If you don’t want to receive spoilers from that series, I would not advise reading this article!*

Hey, BlogClan! I’m Turtlepaw, and I’m back with another article!

Today I will be discussing why I think Swiftpaw is overrated. If you are a Swiftpaw lover, I’d advise against reading this article- it can be extremely upsetting to read an article hating on a character you adore. (I speak from experience.)

So, Swiftpaw. People talk about how ‘brave’ and ‘heroic’ he was. But I don’t think he was really that brave or that heroic!

Let’s start by taking a look at Swiftpaw, and analyzing his actions.

Swiftpaw was a ThunderClan apprentice. His mentor was Longtail.

Swiftpaw was angry that Bluestar wouldn’t make him a warrior. So he decided to prove that he was worthy of receiving his warrior name.

He tried to convince some other apprentices to come with him to Snakerocks, so they could fight whatever mysterious creatures that were hiding there.

Only Brightpaw came with him. In the end, Swiftpaw’s plan resulted in his own death, and Brightpaw losing an eye.

I honestly think that Swiftpaw is a bit oblivious. And I will explain why.

First of all, he thought that he and a small group of apprentices could attack unknown, mysterious, dangerous creatures- and win.

This is extremely foolish. Swiftpaw put two young cats’ lives- his life and Brightpaw’s life- in danger, just because he wanted a warrior name.

Swiftpaw isn’t very mature, because, like I said above, he’s kinda oblivious. Even if his plan succeeded, I don’t think he would be ready to be a warrior.

A warrior must be mature. Swiftpaw was… well, not mature. He was basically a foolish apprentice who came up with a plan that is- I’m so sorry, Swiftpaw lovers- kinda stupid once you think about it.

Not to mention, Swiftpaw didn’t even know what these creatures were! That makes his plan even more foolish. For all he knew, they could have been something even more dangerous than dogs! Badgers, for example.

Swiftpaw should have came up with a better way to prove he was worthy of becoming a warrior. His plan was definitely not a good approach, and just made everything worse.

Swiftpaw is one of the most overrated characters in Warriors, in my opinion. People act like he was so amazing.

But the truth is, he was a bit oblivious, foolish, and immature.

I really dislike Swiftpaw. And I think that people forget all of his flaws, and just focus on all of the ‘he wanted to prove himself to his Clan!’ stuff.

Also, I don’t only think that Swiftpaw is overrated. I think that BrightXSwift is overrated as well.

First of all, no romantic feelings were ever implied, not even slightly.

Second of all, Swiftpaw was only an apprentice when he died- that’s WAY too young to even be CONSIDERING a relationship!

Third of all, Brightheart has Cloudtail. Why do people think she’ll choose Swiftpaw in StarClan, when she’ll clearly choose a cat who, you know, WAS ACTUALLY HER MATE.

And that’s why I think Swiftpaw is overrated! And why I think BrightXSwift is also overrated.

Do you think Swiftpaw is overrated? Or do you think he’s a good character?

Is he a foolish apprentice? Or a heroic cat?

Feel free to share your opinions on Swiftpaw in the comments!

Goodbye, everyone!

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  • I think that he is overrated, but the “he was an apprentice, why would he consider a relationship?” part… Well, not exactly.

    First of all, he wasn’t that young. He was at least multiple days older than Cinderpelt and Brackenfur, and it is very likely that it was more than this, perhaps at least a moon older. While those were made apprentices early, Swiftpaw ‘s training lasted very long and he was definitely 12+ moons when he died. Longtail brings up the fact that he’s old enough for his warrior ceremony at the beginning of Dangerous Path, so three full books after his apprenticeship. Considering that it’s winter/beginning of winter in Fire and Ice and it’s early autumn in Dangerous Path, there were six or seven moons of training. Firestar also mentions that Brightpaw and Thornpaw (became apprentices about a book or a half later than Swiftpaw I guess?) are ready to be made warriors. So he was an adult by age terms.
    People often start to feel attraction towards others in middle school maybe, and it’s not something unusual if someone who is 14-16 is already dating. Swiftpaw was about 17-18, if not older. Apprentices younger than him had crushes on others and it was not unusual too. Honeyfern, Fernpaw, Lionpaw, Mousepaw… I don’t like BrightSwift, but it was possible to happen, talking about age of course.

  • I disagree with several of these points- not even because I like Swiftpaw, but anyway-

    He was already old enough to be a warrior because he was around Cloudpaw’s age (or older) when he died. And Blustar didn’t give him his promotion because she didn’t trust Longtail. And Longtail asked Fireheart about his warrior ceremony, and expressed annoyance at the palpable nepotism- (Cloudpaw being kin to Fireheart, and him getting his warrior name.)

    Same thing with the relationships- He was eighteen moons at his death. He clearly was old enough to be a warrior and to have a mate.

    And the messed up part is that he didn’t even get a warrior name before acsending to StarClan. So the very thing he died for, he’ll be living without for the rest of his existence-
    Not to mention at this point everyone was annoyed at Bluestar for whatever reason-

  • Hey! 👋I’m here to share my opinion on a point people in the comments seem to be bringing up: Swiftpaw’s age.

    I would just like to say that Swiftpaw’s age doesn’t make his plan any less dumb. No matter how old someone is, attacking an unknown, dangerous group of creatures is still extremely dangerous. Whenever Swiftpaw was a warrior, an apprentice, or even an elder, his plan was still extremely dangerous and stupid. There were so many other, less dangerous ways he could have proven himself to ThunderClan.

    That’s it! 🙂

    EDIT: Also people are pointing out that since Swiftpaw was actually old enough to be a warrior, that means Bright x Swift could totally work. But as I stated in this article, Swiftpaw was EXTREMELY immature. I doubt he was mature enough for a mate.

    🎵Keep scraping by🎵

  • Hi I know I’m late but I still want to share my opinion.
    Well Swiftpaw is my absolute number one. I love him. Firstly, it is MORE than understandable that he went insane when he saw Cloudtail become a warrior. I mean, Cloud Tail didn’t follow ANY rule and still gets everything.
    Second, he may have put Brightheartin danger, but he also saved her, and that makes him a hero
    Third: SwiftxBright is one of the best shippings out there, of course the two don’t appear that often, but that’s because they aren’t the main characters in the book. I think they must have been in love with each other.But Brightheart will have Cloudtail as a mate in StarClan (unfortunately)
    Cheers Roseshine

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