Top 10 favorite she cats by Echocreek

Echocreek lists their favourite she-cats from the series.

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Hi! I’m Echocreek and this is my first article! I’m going to be discussing my top 10 favorite she cats from least favorite to favorite, and why I like them. (Also spoilers for a lot of series except DOTC)
10) Mistystar
Despite being the oldest cat in the history of cats, Mistystar is very noble and understanding. She was willing to let Jayfeather speak with Mothwing in the Last Hope even after he’d been accused of murdering Flametail. Only the discontent in of the clan made her send him away early.
9) Mousefur
Mousefur generally comes off as the grumpy elder with a sharp tongue and a hot temper. But if you look underneath all that, she’s got the biggest heart and really cares for her clan. An example of this is in Sunrise after Honeyfern gives her life to save Briarkit from being bitten by the snake, Mousefur is beside herself and saying that it should have been her that was bitten instead of poor Honeyfern.
8) Spottedleaf
I mainly like Spottedleaf for her gentleness. She’s very compassionate to every cat in her care, and even dead, helped cats work through pain or other troubles. For instance, Jaykit when he fell over the edge of the hollow in The Sight, and Leafpool when she was trying to decide between her clan and Crowfeather.
7) Leafpool
Leafpool in general is awesome. 🙂 True, she made so many unforgivable mistakes in taking a mate and having kits while she was a Medicine Cat, but she learned from them and became stronger for it… even bearing losing her place as a medicine cat and the love of both her mate and her kits. (That was one super long sentence… sorry. :3)
6) Cinderpelt
The thing that made me love Cinderpelt was in Twilight when Leafpool remembers the friend her mentor has always been to her. I love how open and friendly Cinderpelt is to every cat, and how she inherited some of Yellowfang’s temper at the same time. Honestly, if Cinderpelt was a warrior instead of a medicine cat, she’d be the one I’d want for my mentor.
5) Yellowfang
Last female medicine cat in the list, promise! Yellowfang’s temper is my favorite part about her. She’s a very headstrong and resilient medicine cat, and that’s awesome.
4) Sandstorm
After getting through her hostility in the first book to Firepaw, Sandstorm becomes a motherly figure to the whole clan. I love how Bramblestar relies on her for sensible and understanding advice in Bramblestar’s Storm, and how she helps Alderpaw in Apprentices Quest.
3) Echomist
First of all, I love her name. :3 And I don’t really have much to say about her except that I love how kindly she treated Crookedkit after Rainflower rejected him.
2) Ivypool
I know there’s been a lot of debate between Ivypool and Dovewing, but I personally really like Ivypool.

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  • Mistystar: I’m nuetral on her as a leader, but I think her story in The Prophecies Begin was great! She’s a great deputy.
    Mousefur: Mousefur a great kick butt elder that we can all apreciate!
    Spottedleaf: She’s. . .useless.
    Leafpool: Yes! I love Leafpool. Leaf x Crow 4EVA!!!
    Cinderpelt: Definately better than Cinderheart, who has almost no character except for being Cinderpelt’s clone. I do think she is little over rated, though.
    Yellowfang: Right now Yellowfang is my No.1 favorite character. Yellowfang’s Secret totally won me over, and I highly recomend it.
    Sandstorm: Agreed, a very cool character who had a lot of development.
    Ivypool: Also one of my favorites! IVYSTAR! IVYSTAR! IVYSTAR!

  • FINALLY, someone who likes Yellowfang! I’ve recently noticed a lot of hate directed towards her. I really don’t like Dovewing. She’s a whiny ungrateful cat who doesn’t deserve such an amazing sister like Ivypool. Last thing: Echocreek, have u read the Broken Code? I think that may or may not change your opinion about Mistystar. I liked her a lot too until that series. Other than that, awesome article!

  • I agree with you especially on the Ivypool or Dovewing thing because Dovewing is a kinda spoiled, oblivious, and doesn’t really care for her sister(or so I’ve heard) until Ivypool is useful to her

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