How Did Tigerstar Take Control of ShadowClan? by Flintstar

Flintstar recounts how Tigerclaw rose to lead ShadowClan.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

So, basically it all started with Rusty venturing the forest and joining ThunderClan. Redtail was killed by Tigerclaw because Tigerclaw wanted to be named the new deputy, but Lionheart was chosen. He later died of terrible wounds from a ShadowClan patrol that attacked the ThunderClan camp. Then Tigerclaw became Deputy, but Ravenpaw saw what Tigerclaw did to Redtail and told Firepaw about his suspicions of him wanting to take over ThunderClan by killing Bluestar. Firepaw told Bluestar of Ravenpaw’s suspicions. She never listened, thinking Tigerclaw was too good a deputy to be a traitor (Little did she know). Later, Tigerclaw brought in Brokenstar’s old band of rouge cats from ShadowClan. Tigerclaw said that he would kill Bluestar until all her lives were gone, while he didn’t know she was on her last life. Fireheart saved her life, which meant she knew the truth about Tigerclaw. Bluestar exiled him from ThunderClan. She was shocked to know that Firepaw and Ravenpaw had been right the whole time. Firepaw was made a warrior by saving Bluestar’s final life, turning into Fireheart. Bluestar also appointed him deputy later on. But over in ShadowClan, Nightstar, who took over after Brokenstar was droven away had become ill. It was revealed that he never got his nine lives, but when he died Runningnose convinced all the cats that his sickness was so severe that it took all nine lives at once. But no cat was ready or fit to take on the leadership duties in ShadowClan. Then Runningnose got a prophecy from StarClan that told him a strong leader would come to help rebuild ShadowClan. Of course that cat had to be Tigerclaw, and since ShadowClan told him to lead them, he was then Tigerstar. But Tigerstar wanted more power than being a Clan Leader. So he invited Scourge and BloodClan to take out the rest of the forest. But first Tigerstar would destroy ThunderClan. He led a dog pack to their camp, but the pack was destroyed when Bluestar pushed the leader off the gorge near camp, going with it. She died from the fall and Fireheart became leader. Tigerstar and Scourge wanted to kill Firestar and the rest of the forest. Tigerstar ordered BloodClan to attack, but Scourge said that BloodClan was his and he killed Tigerstar. Firestar ended up killing Scourge too. Double win for Firestar

I hope you liked this article! It’s also my first.

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