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Rosefrost lists their favourite characters from the series.

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Hi BlogClanners! I’m Rosefrost aka Rosie, and this is my first article. I’ll be talking about my 5 favorite cats. By the way, I have only read up to Dark River in the PoT arc, so I know only so much. Anyway, let’s start with my favorite cats.

5. Bluestar- I though Bluestar was a really good clan leader (until she rebelled against StarClan…) And I thought it was really kind how she took in Rusty, even though that meant another mouth to feed during Leafbare. To think about it, without Bluestar taking in Rusty, we wouldn’t have the three, or Tigerclaw would have become leader! Good job, Bluestar.

4. Cinderpelt/ Cinderheart- I hated when Cinderpaw/pelt got run over by a monster! She had to go to the life of a med cat when she wanted to be a warrior. I feel so bad for her! But she is still one of my favs because she adapted to being a med cat and lost her life to defend Sorreltail while she was kitting. Cinderheart is technically Cinderpelt, with the whole spirit-joining-body thing. Still, they are two different cats in my book. Cinderheart is very energetic and I love that about her. She also was very positive when she ended up in the medicine den for a few moons. She didn’t complain that much and tried to have fun. That’s being a good cat.

3. Crowfeather- Crowfeather is kind of grumpy, just like his son, Jayfeather. In the end, I think he still loves Leafpool, even though they had to part ways to be loyal to their clans, and I think that’s true loyalty. He treats his kit, Breezepelt, like fox dung, but treats Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf better. This has to be the only reason I dislike him.

2. Jayfeather- As I said above, Jayfeather is grouchy all the time. He gave up his dreams of being a warrior because StarClan said so. He also can travel into cats’ dreams and visit the ancient Tribe. So… that’s pretty cool. I think Jayfeather would give his life for his littermates, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. That’s so sweet! Wait… Don’t let Jay hear that. He’ll claw my ears off!!

1.- Squirrelflight- Squirrelflight has to be my favorite cat ever in the entire warriors series. She adopted her sister’s kits (I know they aren’t her kits), and said they were her and Brambleclaw’s kits which is super nice. She is trustworthy and has a great relationship with her family. She’s very energetic and I loved how brave she was when she went to save Brambleclaw in the waterfall on the Great Journey.

I hope you like my article, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I understand that my opinions are different than yours, so please don’t give me hate. Have a great day!

Byee! 🙂

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  • For Bluestar, I do love and respect her character, but I wanted to point out some of her greatest flaws in Bluestar’s Prophecy. First, she is such a hypocrite, and tries to do everything to cover her mistakes up instead of admitting them and getting it off her chest. A perfect example of this would be her relationship with Snowfur. She and her sister were close friends, but when Snowfur fell in love with the ambitious warrior Thistleclaw, she decided to take it way too personally by accusing her of mating with a villain, instead of trying to understand how Snowfur felt about Thistleclaw. This technically makes Bluefur a hypocrite, especially when she broke the warrior code, mating with the RiverClan warrior Oakheart, and lied about it by breaking Thrushpelt’s heart and trying to cover her relationship up. Still, I do respect Bluestar, and I love how she turned from a fierce and ambitious warrior into a noble and compassionate leader, one who sacrificed her own life for the sake of her beloved Clan.

    • Hi, I love the article! There’s nobody on the polls page who’s responding to this, so…

      I’m going to make an article about October’s Cat of the Month, and there’s only been one vote so far. Please submit the cat you want to be based on these rules.

      1. Has to be ThunderClan: I’m doing these by Clan, and first up is ThunderClan.

      2. Cannot be a medicine cat: I already made an article all about this, so no. Maybe later, though.

      3. Timeline: The character you submit MUST be from the time from Bluestar’s Prophecy to the end of the Darkest Hour.

      4. No Firestar and Graystripe – we know them well enough!

      Thanks, please vote!

    • Yes, i do agree with what you’re saying, Mistheart. This is one of the reasons she was #5 not, for instance, #3. I like Bluestar’s character, but i totally agree with you saying she is a bit of a hypocrite. Overall though, she is a great character. Thank you for sharing your opinion with me!!

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