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What Would it Take for the Clans to be Destroyed? by Rockpelt

Rockpelt lists ways to take down the Clans.

This is the unofficial guide for how to destroy the clans, for all you evil, blood-thirst, vengeance-seeking cats out there!
So this is exactly what it looks like. I was just thinking about an article idea and I thought “Wow! So many threats to the clans yet none of them succeeded. I wonder why that is?” One idea evolved to the next and now I’m making an article on the best way to destroy, not only the clans, but their culture. Say farewell to the warrior code!
-Spoilers or all Arcs-
The first thing we’ll need to do is figure out which type of threat would be more effective to eliminate the clans. A mental threat or a physical threat?
Let’s go through the arcs and see what types of threats are most effective through the series.

1. Tigerstar/Bloodclan: Physical threat. Resulted in the clans coming together (in the end) and fighting Bloodclan.

2. Twoleg expansion: Physical threat. Resulted in the clans coming together and moving to another territory.
(I’m going to come back to the smaller book-by-book threats later, which is pretty much what PoT is.)

3. Dark Forest. (Mostly) Physical threat. Resulted in the clans banning together and beating the Dark Forest.

4. Darktail. Mental/Hybrid threat. I know some of you are thinking: “Darktail gathered an army! He fought the clans! How is that a ‘Mental threat.’” I consider it a Mental threat because, while he did gather an army it was destroyed, but the mental aspect of his attack carried on to high tensions in Shadowclan, which was a completely mental threat. Result: Shadowclan’s near destruction.

(I’m going to, mostly, skip over the last arc because we don’t know the true aftermath.)

Now more minor book-to-book threats that still majorly affect clan life.
5. Greencough: Physical/Hybrid threat. Result. Lowered morale and weaker cats. Possibly death.

6. Sol: Mental threat. Sol destroyed faith in Starclan and was what I consider the closest a cat ever got to destroying clan culture. Result. Heightened tensions and near-destruction. A large-scale battle involving all four clans.

7. Ashfur (PoT): True Hybrid threat. He first threatened to kill the O.G. three. A physical threat. Then he threatened to reveal their secret. A mental threat. Result. Heightened tensions and murder.

8.Prey loss. Physical threat. Result. Lowered morale hunger and weakened cats. Heightened tension.

That’s all the information I’m going to gather for now. Let’s take a look at this data. We can see for many of the Physical threats the clans actually ended up coming together to fight their opponents. That is the opposite of what we want! From the later books we can gather that when a clan is in a state of high-tension it begins to fall apart.
Examples: Darktails reign of terror. Sol’s destruction of faith. Starclan splitting in OotS. Even in the newest Arc when Thunderclan is faced with an era of high-tension some of the most loyal cats temporarily leave the clan (including Graystripe!) Some never come back, but instead join kittypets! We can see some of the same things when Bluestar, while unstable, almost led Thunderclan to crumble. Only when a head-strong leader began to rule did Thunderclan’s “Golden Age” begin.

I think from all that we can determine that a mental assault is probably the best type of attack followed by a more physical assault so that the clans won’t join together. We can also determine that the best timing to attack the clans would probably be during leaf-bare when tensions are already high due to little prey. Using all this I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to destroy the clans.

1. Gather an army of rogues who would like to see the clans fall.

2. Study the Clans and pick one with a leader who will allow you into their clan yet a leader who has dealt with hate from the clans. (For Sol Blackstar was the perfect leader because he was insecure because of his previous position as Tigerstar’s deputy.)

3. Wait until leafbare.

4. Let yourself be seen by clan borders near a gathering. The clans will begin accusing each other of stealing prey due to short supply. This will heighten tension.
Go to your chosen leader’s clan. Begin to befriend them while subtly feeding them lies and twisted truths that will feed their hate for the other clans.

5.Find a way, any way, to cause distrust and general chaos within the group. I’ve found that the clan’s most dangerous enemy has been chaos in the past. Be careful! Be subtle or else a cat will say “All this trouble started when you got here!” That could cause your entire plan to crumble.

6. The clans have a type of domino effect. When the clan becomes angry and mistrustful the others do too.

7.Note that the damage has been done to the trust of the clans. Coordinate your band of rogues in attacking the clans with the anger of your clan. Don’t be afraid to cross borders. The scent of the clan you’re staying with will get on other clans territory. Pretty soon a whole battle will begin.

8.Commit to a full attack on the clans. The clans will be too angry at each other to ask for help. That’s when they fall.

That’s pretty much it! Comment on how you would destroy the clans. Anyway, I’m done here. Thanks for your time.

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  • Good job! Very interesting. Y’see however what you also need to do is learn from the clans where you can find Midnight, then send a cat who doesn’t join the clan with you to go find her and take lessons to learn how to speak badger. Then you rally the support of the badgers and you go kill them all! Death, carnage, etc.

  • Nice… heh. Not objecting, but I would do this.
    1. I would join the clans by making a part true sad story.
    2. hunt a reasonable amount of prey for the time you have been out first, (not right after joining though) then kill the most trusted and respected warriors.
    3. Put the bodies together like they have been fighting each other.
    4. Wipe your blood stains off your claws then gasp, produce fake tears, make a miserable face, and yell out to a patrol that cats have died. ( If you have been injured, say that you tried to prevent the fight but they didn’t listen and clawed you, too. And when you were trying recover, they killed each other)
    5. Feed sweet comments about your leader and other cats from your clans too, and gain trust.
    6. Say part true lies about other clans ( to the other clans too, by gatherings. Also, make it seem like an other cat told the other clans their weaknesses.)
    7. Find a cat that also hates the clans and become mates with them. ( I know. Weird. TwT)
    8. Make your kits hate the clans and tell your kits to do the instructions I told you to other clans. ( number 1 -number 9)
    9. Then just sit back and watch the clans dissolve in to hateful cats then cold-hearted rogues.
    (woah my instructions are pure evil)

  • my ideas: 1. VOLCANO!
    2. kill the leader of a clan, then tell the clans that the deputy did it, do that for each clan but slightly different, get an ally from a clan, then drag one of the leaders into battle with the clan, have said ally kill the leader in private, tell clan that the leader of a clan did it, drag other clans into battle, get rogue group to destroy clan 1 but let the leader live, ask leader if they want to avenge clan, have leader try to kill the rest of clan 2, deal w/ the rest, repeat.

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