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who is the most evil warrior cat? by Creekkit

Creekkit wonders who is the most evil character from the series.

Artist unknown

Hello, this is creekkit , this article will be about *drumroll plz*

Who is the most evil warrior cat. Contains spoilers for every series,

So, there will be different groups of evil. One is, the most unjust, 2 is the most dead or harmed cats, three is the worst intentions.

Round One,

Hawkfrost was never really accepted, except by his dad. I would say his actions were still slightly called for, so he is not gonna be the winner.

Tigerstar, he was ambitious. His father left when he was only a kit. His mentor taught him to be hard. He rose to the top. Not him.

Scourge. All i can say is: read the rise of scourge.

Did not know who his mom was and got bullied for it

Ashfur, he got rejected and then had big revenge for it.

So the winner for round one is:

1: ashfur, 2:Brokenstar 3: hawkfrost, 4: tigerstar and Scourge joint last.

Round Two,

Hawkfrost: in all his life and afterlife he made firestar lose a life probably killed some DF cats and some cats in the battle, and killed Hollyleaf

Tigerstar: *takes a deep breath*
Caused Graypool’s death
Caused Swiftpaw’s death
Caused Bluestar’s death
Caused Cinderpelt’s injury
Caused Firestar’s death
Caused Stonefur’s death
Caused Whitestorm’s death
Almost killed Bluestar and Tiny/Scourge
Caused Ravenpaw to leave

Wow, that was one BAD KITTY


Killed a lot of rouges,
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed tigerstar
Killed Firestar

Killed countless kits, including badgerfang, who died at about 3 moons old. Tried to kill bluestar, killed his father, then killed DF cats and cats in the battle agains the clans.was definetly very bad.


Killed firestar, stemleaf and several others
Attempted to kill squirrelflight, jayfeather, hollyleaf and lionblaze and sparkpelt and shadowsight and Squirrelflight again. Cut of starclan

So, one: scourge and tigerstar, i would say, 2:brokenstar 3: ashfur, 4: hawkfrost

Round three,

Hawkfrost, tried to kill firestar 9 times and take over all the clans.

Tigerstar: become leader, maybe even of all the clans

Scourge: take over the whole forest AND twolegplace

Brokenstar: I’m not sure, tbh

Ashfur: take over all the clans and become mates with Squilf or kill every cat she loves trying.

So, 1:scourge, 2: hawkfrost, 3: ashfur, 4: brokenstar

So, the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed, there will be a part 2 with darktail, mapleshade, clear sky, thistleclaw.

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  • Good article! Though for part two at least from what I’ve read, Clear Sky seems like a good cat just a very bad leader and an idiot sometimes. (First?)

  • great article but i disagree with you

    imo, brokenstar is the most evil because like you stated, he killed many kits. but he did worse: made them apprentinces at 4 moons old ( i think ) and i heard he made apps warriors when they were 8 moons old. he killed raggedstar to become leader, he exiled yellowfang, tried to take over windclan

    yes scourge did do alot of bad stuff but all he pretty much did was establish a dictatorship in the twoleg place, killed a rogue, and killed tigerstar 9 times and i forgot what else

    tigerstar killed many cats, attempted to kill bluestar and rose to power as sc leader and took over rc

    ashfur: yes he did alot of bad stuff but i wouldnt rlly consider him evil unlike hawkfrost, tigerstar, and scourge

    heres my ranking of how evil
    1. brokenstar

    great article tho!

    • Sorry but I disagree with your point of view on Ashfur. He indirectly killed many cats in TBC and is rude to Squirrelflight and her “kits”.

        • Ashfur literally tried to kill various members of the ‘Kin of Your Kin’ prophecy- Firestar- Squirrelf’s father- in a fox trap, also conspiring with Hawkfrost- Lionblaze- Squirrelf’s ‘kit’ during training. The original Three- in a fire, and then blackmailed Squirrelf.

          Not to mention he objectifies Squirrelf and throws a hissy fit when she tells him that they’re just friends.

  • Great article! I love the way you wrote it, it was very creative and logical! <3
    I personally think Brokenstar is the evilest cat, but that’s just my opinion!

  • Ashfur caused a lot of deaths indirectly in The Broken Code:
    One of Harestar’s lives

    That’s a lot…

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