who is the most evil warrior cat, part 2 ? by Creekkit

Creekkit takes another look at the antagonists from the series.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

I promised a part 2 and I have delivered!Here it is! If you haven’t seen my part one then you can go and check that out. I am creekkit and today i will be finding the worst warrior cat villain. Again it will be split into three categories of evil, unjust, how many cats dead or injured and also last but not least, intentions. So, without further ado, here it is!

Round one!

Clear Sky
This tom wanted to defend his borders and got (just a bit) carried away.


Yeah, well his father abandoned him. His mother taught him to hate the clans. All his siblings died.



He was trained by the DF and other than that i honestly have know idea. YAY!

1: Clear Sky and Thistleclaw
2: darktail
3: mapleshade

Round 2:

Clear Sky :

He kicked out his brother and frost. Caused a massive battle. Killed Rainswept Flower. Made Falling feather and Jackdaw’s cry( two of my fav characters) kill each other( i cried at this bit) and so many other cats died at his orders! Fox, Fircone, Frost, Misty, Storm’s other kits.


HE KILLS NEEDLETAIL! Needletail, for Starclan’s sake!
He drowns Dawnpelt and so many others. Drives out Skyclan and kills of half of them. Takes over Shadowclan AND Riverclan. Kills so many Riverclan cats, kills ONESTAR. makes Violetshine’s life a misery-


She kills three cats, I believe, And trains a load of DF cats, indirectly killing even more as well. Kills loads in the battle against the clans, also.

Trains Tigerclaw and teaches him how to kill. Trains a load of DF cats and teaches THEM how to kill. Kills loads in the battle against the clans. VERY evil.

1:darktail 2: Clear Sky 3: thistleclaw 4: Mapleshade

Round 3:

Clear sky:
Ummmmm he intended to protect his borders.

Darktail: he intended to take over all the clans and kill any cat that disagrees.

Mapleshade: kill any cat that ever wronged her. And then, while she’s at it, kills all of the riverclan and thunderclan, except the ones she can train.

Thistleclaw: again i’m not sure. Evil.

1:darktail 2: mapleshade 3: thistleclaw 4: clear Sky

The winner is


There may be a part 3! I’m on a roll now, ain’t I??!?!?!

Who do you think is most evil, darktail or scourge?

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  • Hey first comment?!
    Anyway, that was pretty great! The only thing I disagree with is that for Round 2 I felt it should have been Darktail, Mapleshade, Clear Sky, and Thistleclaw. Not much of a difference, but still one I feel is needed.

  • Nice article! I also believe Darktail was the worst, but Thistleclaw was Tigerstar 1’s mentor and (alongside the Dark Forest) basically MADE him a villain…

    Also, I need votes for Cat of the Month
    Must be ThunderClan
    Must be from the time of Bluestar’s Prophecy to the time of the end of the Darkest Hour
    No medicine cats (I already made an article on these cats)
    No Firestar/Graystripe: we know them well enough!

    Vote by commenting on this page or in the polls!


  • I think Scourge and his Bloodclan members are more evil than him to be honest. They kill cats and dogs just to put on collars so they look edgy, and then kill our antagonist, who Ravenpaw and Barley will most likely be throwing a party, and then tries to take over the forest, and if he won, Great Starclan he could kill Twolegs! Jake is like, “UH OOOOOH FIRESTAR TAKE SOME CATS AND LETS GOOOOOO!” XD. They could also kill, badgers, foxes, and even wolves, and maybe Dark forest????

  • Thistleclaw is definitely the most evil warrior cat ever.
    A. Spottedleaf. not going into detail for obvious reasons.
    B. He (and pinestar too ig) are the reason Tigerstar is evil.