The Many Kind Deeds of Honeyfern by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares some of the kindness Honeyfern displayed in the series.

Art by DrakynWyrm

My favorite Warrior cat Honeyfern is, in my opinion, the kindest character in the series.
There are a lot of scenes where she shows herself as a kind cat, and those are the scenes that make me love her so much!
In this article I’ll list Honeyfern’s considerate actions -both big and small- to show just how kind and caring this cat is.

-When Honeykit and Molekit are scolded for getting in the way of Warriors while playing, Honeykit doesn’t even consider blaming it on him and defends her brother as well as herself.
-As a kit, Honeykit was concerned about Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit, because Squirrelflight didn’t have milk to feed them.
-When Cinderpaw breaks her leg, Honeypaw is concerned about her sister, and asks Leafpool is she is okay- making it obvious that she really cares.
-Honeypaw stood up for Lionpaw when Mousepaw was teasing him.
-When Lionpaw missed a catch during hunting practice, Honeypaw comforted him, mentioning that she also missed a catch recently so that he would feel less embarrassed.
-Honeypaw then found a mouse and pointed it out to Lionpaw so that he could catch it.
-Honeypaw brought fresh kill to Lionpaw’s nest when he woke up in the morning, thinking he might be hungry.
-When Lionpaw was worried, Honeypaw noticed and was concerned, asking if he was okay.
-Honeypaw admiringly asked Icepaw if her piece of prey was her first catch- making Icepaw feel noticed and accomplished.
-Before Berrypaw, Mousepaw, and Hazelpaw’s Warrior ceremony, Honeyfern is seen congradulating the excited Hazelpaw.
-When Poppypaw calls Tribe names weird, Honeypaw stands up for their traditions, saying that they’re just different and that she shouldn’t be so rude.
-Honeyfern and Poppyfrost both cheered for Cinderpaw during their Warrior ceremony, encouraging her that she would have her turn soon, too.
-Honeyfern saw through Berrynose’s boastful attitude to his good qualities within, being one of the only cats who accepted him despite his arrogance.
-When a thorn scratched Poppyfrost’s eye, Honeyfern was concerned, and she told the others what happened to her sister, so the injured Poppyfrost didn’t have to explain.
-During the Greencough epidemic, Honeyfern -despite also being sick- reassured Daisy that she would take care of Rosekit while at the abandoned twoleg-nest.
-When Millie becomes too sick to feed Briarkit, Honeyfern comforts the kit, offering her a mouse to eat.
-While Firestar loses a life to Greencough, Honeyfern -along with Brightheart- sits by his side, giving him soaked moss to drink from.
-Honeyfern is one of the cats who were reluctant to jump to the conclusion that Ashfur was killed by WindClan- showing that she doesn’t want to blame anyone without evidence and risk accusing innocent cats.
-Honeyfern was quick to volunteer to help build Sol a nest, despite him being a cat ThunderClan didn’t particularly trust.
-Honeyfern offered to bring Mousefur a some fresh-kill, and then quickly delivered it to the elder.
-Honeyfern died a noble death, sacrificing her life to save Briarkit’s from a snake.
-When Poppyfrost and Berrynose became mates, Honeyfern wasn’t jealous and was instead delighted that they found happiness in each other after her death.
-Honeyfern saved Jayfeather and Poppyfrost when Breezepelt and Brokenstar attacked them at the Moonpool.
-Honeyfern was concerned about Poppyfrost’s feeling of guilt and wanted to comfort her, so she asked Jayfeather to tell her that she approves of Poppyfrost’s relationship with Berrynose.
-Honeyfern loved Poppyfrost and Berrynose’s kits -Molekit and Cherrykit- as if they were her own.

Honeyfern has shown so much kindness throughout her life! Each of these scenes has made me love her even more! <3

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  • Wow! Honeyfern did so many kind things in her life! I flew over most of these while reading the books, and I’m so glad you wrote this article to bring light onto her underrated amazing moments! Go Honeyfern! I must admit, she’s starting to move into my top ten favorite characters now! The article cover is really cute, by the way! :3