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Honeyfern MAPs, PMVs, and AMVs by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares some PMVs and AMVS about Honeyfern.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs

Since Honeyfern is my favorite Warrior cat, I’ve always loved watching MAPs about her, but since she’s pretty underrated there aren’t as many about her as some of the more major characters.
Honeyfern videos are pretty hard to find, but after some digging I found some good MAPs, AMVs, and PMVs about her, so I decided to share them in an article and hopefully help other Honeyfern fans find things to watch about this awesome cat!

Dango Daikazoku

I love this wonderful PMV! This is probably my favorite Honeyfern PMV MAP! It’s lovely and cheerful, and I love how much focus it gives to Honeyfern’s relationship with her parents and siblings, as well as her relationship with Berrynose! It shows many parts of Honeyfern’s life- both happy and sad- and I think her friendly and loving personality is portrayed through the illustrations. It’s very sweet that it ends with Honeyfern being reunited with her brother Molepaw in StarClan.

Safe and Sound

This is a great AMV about Honeyfern, and it shows a lot of events and relationships throughout her life- like how worried she was during Cinderpaw’s accident. I really like how the snake is animated- the animation is super smooth and it looks kind of like it’s swimming. The snake in this video is actually kinda cute. I think this AMV has really good emotion to it and the song fits it well.

Never Forget You- Berrynose and Honeyfern PMV

This is a nice PMV about Berrynose missing Honeyfern after her death. I really like the part where Honeyfern’s spirit is lying down by Berrynose’s side- it’s so sweet. And it has a wonderful ending- Berrynose and Honeyfern being reunited in StarClan.

Медобока и Ягодник (Honeyfern and Berrynose)

I really like this emotional PMV about Honeyfern and Berrynose! Honeyfern’s expressions are amazing and make it really easy to sympathize with her, and the music fits the scene well- especially the part about the snake. The starry heart is lovely! I think Honeyfern’s expression while she cries and looks down at Berrynose and Poppyfrost is perfect- it shows her mixed feelings of love, relief, and grief. That ending… the tear is just perfect and makes this PMV so sweet and sad as it lands on Berrynose’s paw.

Berrynose X Honeyfern Amv

This is a super emotional AMV that I love. It’s about Honeyfern and Berrynose’s love for each other- and how they miss each other after Honeyfern joins StarClan. I like the style- the animation is very realistic and the poses and expressions add to the emotion. I like the song and how it really looks like they’re singing. I think the parts showing Honeyfern’s StarClan spirit are super sweet and sad. Her tears at the end make it even more sad- they’re animated realistically and fall exactly on the lyrics “miss you.”

uwu – Honeyfern & Rosekit

This is such an adorable mini AMV! I was really excited when I discovered it! I loved it when Honeyfern took care of Rosekit during the greencough epidemic, and their relationship is super underrated, so I’m really happy there’s an AMV about their sweet interactions. This video is super, super cute!

I hope you had a good time watching about Honeyfern! I know I always enjoy these awesome videos about my favorite cat! 😀

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