Did you know that StarClan started evil by Wolfgaze

Wolfgaze takes a look at StarClan.

Art by ninetail-fox

Hello again. It’s Wolfgaze and back with another article. I will be talking about how StarClan started all evil.

Well, there’s Tigerstar who was a very murderous cat and ruined life everyone. I consider him as villain because those things he did to hurt the Clans. But it all started way before he was alive. StarClan caused all evil.

You see, StarClan sent an omen to Ravenwing, a ThunderClan medicine cat of washing three water reeds into ThunderClan but water reeds do not belong in ThunderClan territory which represent Patchkit, Larchkit, and Petalkit. So, Ravenwing tells Oakstar and kick Mapleshade and her kits out of ThunderClan. So that made her kill Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk and of course, she went to the Dark Forest.

During the time she is there, she trained Thistlsclaw into blood cat. Then Sunstar makes Thisleclaw the mentor of Tigerstar who was a bad influence. Soon, Thisleclaw makes Tigerpaw attack baby Scourge. So, Scourge makes his life into getting revenge on Tigerstar. When Tigertsar was leader of ShadowClan and needed help from BloodClan to defeat ThunderClan, Firestar tells Scourge all the crimes that Tigertstar made, and Scourge decides not to battle that day. Tigerstar gets upset and orders BloodClan to attack but does not listen. Then Tigerstar attacks Scourge and dies and goes to the Dark Forest. Then Darkstripe, one of Tigerstar’s most loyal followers blames Firestar for Tigerstar’s death but is killed by Graystripe.

Just like Mapleshade, Tigerstar trains his son, Hawkfrost and he makes Brambleclaw kill Firestar but refuses and Hawkfrost dies because of Brambleclaw. Of course. But Ashfur was working with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar so he could force Squirrelflight to be his mate.

It is also StarClan’s fault because they made two of Yellowfang’s kits die and let Brokenstar survive, and he murdered a lot of kits. He did and before the Great Battle he said that should kill the kits, so the mothers have nothing to fight for. That is just cruel.

So, all the cats I listed (except Scourge, sorry Scourge) trained cats to finish there evil plot or to fight in the Great Battle which were Ivypool, Mousewhisker, Blossomfall, Thornclaw, Birchfall, Brambleclaw, Lionblaze, Ratscar, Redwillow, Tigerheart, Applefur, Beetlewhisker, Hollowflight, Minnowtail, Icewing, Crookedjaw, Breezepelt, Antpelt, Sunstrike, Furzepelt, Larkwing, Harespring, and Whiskernose. But most of them are good cats. Next time you about a villain in Warriors, blame StarClan.

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