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Lionheart Fan lists the saddest deaths from the series.

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Hello! Today I will be telling you my top saddest Warrior cat deaths. Let’s get started!

Some people might not like Lionheart but he is my favorite cat in all the books. I feel so bad when he was in battle, fighting for his Clan he had to die! And, he was ThunderClan’s depty too! How sad is that! He was always loyal to his Clan and followed the Warrior Code. He was a great metor to Graystripe too! He would have made one of the best leaders of the forest! His death is so sad!

I have always been a fan of Beatlewisker from RiverClan. When he was training in the Dark Forest when he slept, he thought that he was doing training for his Clan! No, he was wrong. He was doing the training with other cats from other Clans for the battle with the Dark Forest and the Clans. Then, when he wanted to leave one night after finding out what the battle training was really to fight agnest his Clan! Once he was going to leave, Brokenstar, ( Of course) had to kill him!

Though I hate Ashfur his death is sad. Ofcourse, he needed to die! He was such a nice cat untill he found out that his crush picked a diffrent cat! Then, when he finds out that his crush’s kits aren’t really hers he thertens to kill them on a branch with fire! Then, one day Hollyleaf killed him at the river, fighting him and then drowning him so he would never give away the secret. Then, on a way to a gathering, Firestar finds Ashfur’s unmoving body in the stream. Hollyleaf hoped it would wash away down the river, but no, it stayed in it’s spot.

Firestar was a great leader to ThunderClan even though he was a kittypet once. I am sad once he died, after killing Tigerclaw’s spirt, a tree over him had to set on fire and take away his last life. I also feel bad for him when Mapleshade killed Spottedleaf’s spirt, after all, she promised Firestar she would be there in StarClan when Firestar died. He wa a brave warrior.

Bluestar was a great leader to ThunderClan even though she could be a little you know- moody and stuff like that. Her death was sad when she gave her own Clan her life to save them from the dogs. ( She was on her last life.) She saved the Clan though. Then, Firestar was so dissoponted and so was her Clan and kits.

Spottedleaf was a great medcene cat in ThunderClan. Of course, Clawface had to kill her. That was a bad idea! She never did anything wrong! Poor Spottedleaf.

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  • I went to Firestar’s and the last sentence was: He wa a brave warrior XD. Also I call Clawface, Stupidface, cus he stupid LOL!! Hollyleaf was also to mad, shes like, “HE WILL REAVEAL IT SO HE BETTE DIIIIIE!!!” rip him, and THEN NOW HOLLYLEAF IS DEAD FROM HAWKFROST!!! Who is related to her 😱!! But she went out protecting Ivypool, also I just wana say, if Tigerclaw became Tigerstar, and Lionheart became Lionstar, and then Leopardfur became Leopardstar, then we will have the names of all the LionClan, Tigerclan, and LeopardClan leaders XDDD. Also in an rp, somebody kept calling me Mistpool, not MistYpool lol.

    • Cheetahheart!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) Claw (rogue/loner) tell me if i missed any names! says:

      Yes hawkfrost kills a relative, buuuut

      Firestar killed his half-brother, scourge

      Firestar killed his brother-in-law, Tigerstar (ew)

      Brambleclaw killed his half-brother, Hawkfrost, TWICE

      this is weird

    • Firestar was a brave warrior, doing the first arc he actually made mistake and was wrong sometimes. Going throughout the other arc until his death just straight up ruined his character.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of sad deaths. Especially Beetlewhisker.
    Not a fan of Ashfur though, but his death was a bit sad (in my opinion).
    But, cool article!

  • i want to add a death to this sad story here Whitethroat Whitethroat soon died when Tigerstar and some rogues attacked a ThunderClan patrol and as Whitethroat was fleeing from the fight, a monster had killed him on the Thunderpath. so sad since he just got over the sickness😭 and think about whitestorm he was killed in the battle with scrouge bone killed him then the apps chased bone off

  • Lionheart: I personally don’t think much of this cat. No offense, since you love Lionheart, but I really don’t see his death as “sad”. I mean, It’s probably sad for you, but I never get all too sad over side character deaths.

    Beetlewhisker: Same with Lionheart. His death was brutal, but I never think too much about him. Maybe I feel a bit bad for him, but again, side character deaths don’t make me sad.

    Ashfur: I actually like Ashfur a little. I mean, I think that he deserved better than to be murdered by Hollyleaf. His death was a little sad, I suppose, but he has a bigger part in the books when he’s dead.

    Firestar: I just hate this character! I mean, I used to like him, before I took a good look and saw that he literally does everything PERFECTLY! Firestar beat a fully grown and fully trained warrior (Longtail) when he was just a kittypet who couldn’t even leap over a LOG! I mean, this character is so unnatural, and he’s always noticed as “legendary” and he always “dies for a reason”. I think Hollyleaf should have been the fourth cat. She sacrificed herself for Ivypool, killed by Hawkfrost, and I think Hollyleaf not only deserved better, but her final death should have been more noticed instead of Firestar’s “heroic” death.

    • I agree with Firestar. Hes way to PERFECT. He literally makes splits second descisions that are ALWAYS right. #1 on my least favorite list. Im not at the Great Battle yet but Ill probably smile when he dies lol

  • I had to split this into two parts! Sorry!

    Bluestar: Bluestar’s death was sad! I’d say that it’s the saddest death on this list in my opinion. Bluestar was an amazing cat, but giving Brightheart the name Lostface is NOT cool. I just see that she died for her Clan, and she saved Firestar’s life. Bluestar maybe was a little off for a few books, but she was just old, and that should be respected. Bluestar was a really cool and good leader, and she, in my opinion, is the best leader out there.

    Spottedleaf: I know I repeatedly said “no” when she died for the final time in the Last Hope for one full minute, but I think that Spottedleaf’s first death wasn’t all that sad because we didn’t really get to know the character because she literally lived for only half a book. But her last death was way sadder than her first one.

    I’m sorry if I offended you or hurt your feelings, I just wanted to put my opinion in. Thank you for reading this comment, if you currently are!

    Frapple out!

  • Nice article but I think Hollyleaf should be on there she died saving Ivypool and she hade been missing for seasons and she just reunited with her clan.

  • I have a death to add to this list, greywings it was long and sounded painful and he was flipping out about his kits while he was dying.

  • ok im saying this now. Ashfur did NOT drown. Hollyleaf killed him and then he FELL into the river. that is NOT drowning. Other than that, I agree on the cats, except maybe Beatlewhisker.

  • Ok firestar’s death was sad but spottedleaf deaths 1 and 2 made me sad. But by far the saddest death was bristlefrost. she and rootspring were meant to be together like why did she have to die!? ik it was to kill ashfur(again), but whyyyy did she have to dieeeeeee!? like it’s so messed up! third was badgerpaw. i loved the way his mentor gave him his warrior name before he died like ugh. and last but not least, brokenstar. ik he is hella bad, fighting kits, but the way yellowfang said im sorry to her messed up son like it made me cry.

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