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Discussing Breezepelt’s Parents and Childhood by Fidgetypaw

Fidgetypaw analyzes Breezepelt.

Art by Silverzoul

Hello there BlogClanners! I’m Fidgetypaw and in this article, I will discuss Breezepelt.

Ok, so hear me out.

Breezepelt is a good character. One of my favorites. Why? Because I can understand his struggles. His parents were basically enemies and that should be incredibly traumatic to see happen between the two people who had you.

Enough about me though, lets get into Breeze’s parents.

We’ll talk about Nightcloud first. I will admit, I dislike both Crowfeather and Nightcloud, but I hate Nightcloud a LOT more than Crowfeather because she is ten times worse than him. Nightcloud is an abusive mate and a manipulative mother. She attacked Crowfeather and continued to tell Breezepelt that Crowfeather hated him, which wasn’t the case. Yes, Crowfeather was just using her to gain the trust of his Clanmates, but legitemately? You shouldn’t be putting your filthy claws on anyone without reason to Nightcloud.

Now, on to Crowfeather. I have a love hate relationship with Crowfeather. He pretty much neglected Breezepelt and left him to be manipulated by his mother. Crowfeather had plenty of chances to make things right with his son but didn’t take them. He probably didn’t even want Breezepelt, seeing as how he only used Nightcloud to regain his reputation in his Clan. He is selfish as well, being angry at Leafpool for taking Cinderpelt’s place after her death, and he disowned Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf upon finding out they were his.

Though, Nightcloud is WAY WORSE then Crowfeather, and since he saved Lionblaze from Breezepelt (which I guess is a sign he doesn’t disown them anymore?) he is still a great character to me.

Now, to conclude, I do not condone Breezepelt’s actions. He reacted poorly, but I can see why he did. He was manipulated into thinking his father hated him and his parents wouldn’t stop fighting like little kits. But then Breezepelt grew and learned that he could not react to things the way he had. Sure he is still a little… overreactive, but his heart is in the right place.

Thank you for reading this! Please leave criticism in the comments if you have some criticism to give! I’d really appreciate it as it helps me better my articles! Have a great day/night!

Fidgetypaw out!

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  • Cool article, now I understand a lot better about Breezepelt’s childhood.
    But he still has done bad things.

  • But still, when crowfeather becomes leader he will 100% make breezepelt his deputy and that means that either Breezepelt would die( Yay! Just because he had a traumatic childhood, he was still evil for a while.) or we get Breezestar(boooo)

    • As a Breezepelt fan, I would love to see Breezestar purely because he’d be a terrible leader and it’d be so funny to see

    • Breezepelt redeemed himself. Wishing death on him when he’s a good character now, just because he was blinded for a while as a teenager isn’t very nice, especially to Breezepelt fans *raises hand happily :3*
      Try to imagine yourself in his paws. A traumatic childhood like his is actually a lot worse than most people imagine.

        • 🍉 🄵🄴🅁🄽🄿🄰🅆/🄼🄸🅂🅃 🍉 can't wait for summer! 😎✨ Click my name for NTA rounds! 🌱 "If You're Going To Rely On Words Alone, Then They Better Be Incredibly Powerful." - Todoroki says:

          OMG you… you have the same name as me!

  • Nowadays his character is kind of relegated to a normal background character which is disappointing I wish he hadn’t gotten redeemed in crow feathers trial cuz maybe then we could’ve had a breezepelt novella which would’ve been interesting

  • This is a good article. Breezepelt only trained in the DF for some similar reasons to Ivypool: they both felt they were being cast aside, in the dark. However, Breezepelt’s case was worse. He felt like Crowfeather didn’t care about him, and he had to stay with Nightcloud forever. Breezepelt and Ivypool are very similar, but Breezepelt’s life has been worse.

  • Yes, I agree with you so much! This is a very well-written article and you have strong points! 😀 Great job! <3

  • I loved this article! It is well-written, and I agree. I am HUGE Crowfeather and Breezepelt fans! I think it’s really tragic how Breezepelt is viewed as a bad guy, but he’s really not. He’s just lonely and feeling neglected, that’s all. And if you’ve ever read Crowfeather’s Trial, you’ll see that Crowfeather is still struggling with forgiveness, but he wants to forgive his son really badly. Neither of them are bad guys, but simply cats who have tragic backstories. One more thing: I think Crowfeather deserves to be leader, after losing two mates (NOT including Nightcloud, but she doesn’t really matter), going through the heartbreak of losing his mother, and having a difficult time in WindClan.

    • 🍉 🄵🄴🅁🄽🄿🄰🅆/🄼🄸🅂🅃 🍉 can't wait for summer! 😎✨ Click my name for NTA rounds! 🌱 "If You're Going To Rely On Words Alone, Then They Better Be Incredibly Powerful." - Todoroki says:

      you sound like me… maybe you are!/j 😛

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