My Favorite and Least Favorite Cats by Smokeflower

Smokeflower lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by Shadow-Ku

Hi! Today I will be listing my favorite and least favorite cats.
I’ll start out with the cats I dislike.
#5 – Rainflower- she turned away her own kit, and when he was injured!! She couldnt see past his marred face and let her horror contaminate her motherly love. She even had him renamed Crookedkit, blamed him for his broken jaw, and lifted up Oakkit, saying: he will never be as good as you, Oakheart.
#4 – Foxheart – Cedarstar named her well! She constantly antagonized Yellowfang and brought herself between Raggedstar and Yellowfang. She was so full of herself and she was just… awful!
#3 – Brokenstar – he was so bloodthirsty and evil! He killed innocent kits, murdered many cats, and killed his own father, his biggest supporter, just to get a chance to attack Windclan! He was horrible and never stopped killing, even after he was dead.
#2 – Tigerstar. He killed and injured cats from his own clan, just to become deputy, and eventually leader. I was really suprised that I wasn’t sad when he died. When he died for the second time, though, that was a different story! I was relieved and grateful when he faded away forever!
#1 – Hawkfrost. He faked out caring about his half brother, made his sister lie to get Stormfur out of Riverclan, and set a trap to kill Firestar, just so his half brother could become leader before his time came! He also turned Brambleclaw against Squirrelflight, one of my favorite relation ships!
Now, on to my favorite cats!
#5 – Leafstar. I just love Leafstar. She is one the greatest influences on me. She chose love and leadership, even though she understood what pressure she would be under.
#4 – Sandstorm. She was so strong and stubborn. She was a perfect balance to Firestar’s open – minded-ness . She was so empowering and smart. She stuck to her promises and decisions and was a dedicated Thunderclan warrior to the end.
#3 Silverstream. She was so sweet amd nice, and was always open to new ideas. She never seemed afraid of death or defeat for a moment, because she had faith and hope.
#2 – Spottedleaf. She was always so humorous , kind, and selfless.
#1 Mosskit. She was sweet, helpful, and curious.
That’s all for now, thanks for reading!
Smokeflower out, have great day! And dont forget to have fun!

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