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Why are there so many cats in Thunderclan? by Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw wonders why ThunderClan is so big.

Characters in warriors. There are SO many characters in warriors. There are 44 cats counting in ThunderClan by Darkness Within and… I can’t even name most of them. Here’s a hint of how many cats there are. There were 26 cats in ThunderClan During the Sight. That means the population almost doubled! In fact, there’s so many cats that Important characters like Ivypool and Jayfeather have just… faded into the background. There are hardly any relevant cats in ThunderClan other then Squirrelflight and Bristlefrost an Bramblestar… If you count him. So WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CATS?

I think the major reason is that There are a lot of warrior cat books, that every fan couldn’t have read them all. But The Prophecies Begin is safe to say the arc everyone’s read. The cats from the first series up to omen of the stars are safe to say the most popular and loved. So to make sure that fans stay attached, it’s good keep the older generation alive and in focus. However you can’t stay with the same cast, so a new cast grows! Sounds good right? While with ThunderClan’s cats of 48 characters, you’re left with 16 of them untouched. For example: Graystripe’s vow was a perfect way for him to go. But it ended with him just going home. Why? Because he’s a popular character. Another thing is kits. Almost every cat has kits… even if there’s no reason to. Which is annoying, as she-cats are always getting pregnant and having kits. Do you know who Sorrelstripe’s mate is? I don’t!

But there’s one book that fixed a huge hole in the Thunderclan’s character fabric.

And that book was Spotfur’s Rebellion
From Spotfur’s prospective, we learn so much about Spotfur and everyone around her. Here I’ve compiled a list a character traits from this book, that was also and amazing book, and I will write an article on, I promise anyway, let the list begin!
Spotfur- bold, responsible
fernsong- actually spends time with kits?? Woah
stemleaf- doesn’t like to hurt anyone, but will speak his mind
shellfur- bossy, thinks he knows everything
snaptooth- general sense of humor
whitewing- responsible mentor- believes in punishments.
dewnose- responsible mentor- believes in punishments, learned from whitewing, but genuinely remorseful when makes mistakes.
thriftpaw- try harder and feels bad when she messes up. will do anything to make it right.
flippaw- a brave spirt, but a softy at heart. hates being left behind
leafshade- a cool headed mentor- but stated to not want to be leader
bumblestripe- pretty chill?
which gives us more insight on who thunderClan’s characters are. But as more and more cats come, the whole gets bigger. I hope for the future that Thunderclan drops it’s POVs.
NOW FOR SOME MATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man am I bad at maths.
So there are 44 cats in ThunderClan currently. 20 of which are she-cats. 2 are already in the nursery and one is in the elders den. 11 of which already had kits, and 9 don’t have kits. out of the She-cats who’ve had kits, 4 of them have had their mate die and won’t likely have anymore kits, and Brightheart (elder) and Squirrelflight will be probably not be having more. So that means that maybe like, 2 more she-cats won’t have more? So there are 12 She-cats who could have kits. The average litter is about 2 kits, so If we do 12 x 2, we’ll get 24. So there are approximately 24 kits in Thunderclan’s future, about 2 which will be Important. Yeah….
Goodbye… and always remember, don’t have or adopt another 24 kittens!

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  • Sorrelstripe’s mate is Dewnose btw. Also another reason that I think that. Thunderclan has so many cats is because personally I think Thunderclan is the main clan or the most popular (Nobelist) But your article is a question I have had for a while so great job.

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