[Appledusk and Reedshine walk together while a ghostly Mapleshade watches]

Appledusk and reedshine’s family tree and what I think of the cats by Mintfeather

Mintfeather shares their opinion on Appledusk and Reedshine’s family tree.

Art by SunClaw (Warriors Amino)

Hello blog clan!
Today I will be talking about appledusk’s family tree and what I think of all the cats! THIS WILL NOT INCLUDE MAPLESHADE ONLY CATS FROM APPLEDUSK AND REEDSHINE! So let’s get to it!

Gosh I hate this cat. First thing I hate about him! He thinks he can do what he wants with no consequences. If you don’t know what I mean, what I mean is he was with mapleshade AND reedshine AT THE SAME TIME! And he thinks he can get away with it! Second thing! He made a mistake with mapleshade yes I know, but he could’ve tried to convince the leader to let her see her kit’s, and then go with her and apologise? Oh no! He would rather watch his ex mate get banished and fall into deep depression!

Next cat!

Reedshine! So with her, I don’t hate her, because she did nothing wrong! Yes, the was mates with appledusk but she had no idea about mapleshade! And when she backed up appledusk in the clan meeting, because he is her mate, and she isn’t going to sit back and watch her mate, the cat she loves be shouted at, and possibly exiled!

Time for the next cat!

Applefrost! Kit of reedshine and appledusk. I’m guessing they were named after appledusk! But we know nothing of them! Not even their gender!


Shyheart! Kit of reedshine and appledusk! We know nothing of them! Not even their gender!


Willownose! Kit of reedshine and appledusk! We know this cat is a she, and is the mother of shellheart!

Now these cats actually matter! 😛

Shellheart! Oh I love this cat! Reason 1: he backed up crookedkit/paw/jaw/star forever and always loved him no matter what rainflower thought! Reason 2: he broke up with rainflower when she insisted on the renaming of stormkit (crooked kit) which was so good of him! Yeah I love him.

Now onto…

This cat. I hate. I know she is not family by blood but she is crookedstars mother and he is family to appledusk and reedshine by blood. Reasons I hate her 1! I am like lots of others, and hate her because she neglected storm/crookedkit/paw/jaw/star and made him feel like he was useless to the clan. Reason 2! She spoiled oakkit/paw/heart which make crooked (I’m just going to say crooked from now on) feel really bad about himself, and made him feel like a failure and made him feel worse and more upset then he already did from breaking his jaw!

Next up is…

Oakheart! He is amazing(not as good as shellheart or crooked tho) He is so much like shellheart and he loves crooked! He be amazing! And even after bluefur said she would raise the kits alone, he understood and respected and loved her no matter what she did. And when she came to him saying he had to raise them because she couldn’t, he didn’t say no, and say how she had insisted on raising them alone, he had just taken them, and made them into warriors riverclan could be proud of! (cross clan mates = 2 in this family right now)

Next up…

Crookedstar! 2nd best riverclan leader! Wow, such a great cat! he kept going no matter how hard things were. He had the corauge to leave his clan at a very young age to go see the moonstone, without traveling herbs. He almost got there but was tricked by mapleshade, so he turned back, and that’s when he found the barn. Here, he was kind to the cats who let him stay with them, and he played with the kits and enjoyed it there. But he knew that he was a clan cat at heart and made the right choice to go back to riverclan. He ignored the cats doubting his loyalty, and carried on helping his clan. He always tried to make rainflower proud, even thought he knew what she thought of him. He stood up against mapleshade and had a family of his own, and all these reasons are what makes me love him, and make him my second favorite riverclan leader.


She is a very nice cat. She saw past crooked’s face and saw a kind, loyal, sensative cat she loved. That’s about all for her 😛

Next up…

Well… She isn’t my favorite. SilverXgray is cute, but I don’t like her because she has got some traits from appledusk. The thought that she can do what she wants without punishment. {see appledusk paragraph to see what I am talking about} silverstream knew that seeing graystripe was wrong, but she carried on going and seeing him, and in the end, had his kits, and sadly died when she was giving birth. But she seemed to think that she could do what she wanted because crooked was her father. So yeah, she isn’t my favorite.

Next up!

Who couldn’t love this floofy tom!? He is an amazing cat but I hate millie >:( [no I am not including millie or her kit’s in this] but anyways that’s not important. Graystripe took a while to find where he truly belongs, but found it in the end. This is all I’m really gonna say about him!


Ahh. Amazing cat. She died one of the most heroic deaths in warriors. I like the way she kept going after everything. Almost being killed, seeing stonefur be killed, having her father exiled, finding out sasha’s secret, and having to see a mini tigerstar every day. She loved crowpaw which was very cute as well!

Now onto…

I like the way he kept going after everything. Almost being killed, seeing stonefur (his own mentor) be killed, having his father exiled, watching his sister die, being exiled from the tribe of the rushing waters for trying to help. He Is a very amazing cat and I love how perseverant he is! Can’t wait to read more about about him in GV!


Brook where small fish swim!
I don’t have much on her, but from what I do know, she sounds like a nice cat!

The next ones are very smol. (nearly done!)

Lark that sings at dawn
I don’t know anything about other than that they are brook and stormfur’s kit

Pine that clings to rock
I don’t know anything about other than that they are brook and stormfur’s kit

Breeze that rustles the leaves
I don’t know anything about other than that they are brook and stormfur’s kit

Feather of flying hawk
I don’t know anything about other than that they are brook and stormfur’s kit

Wow that was fun to write! I hope you enjoyed if you got this far! (uploaded on 24/06/21 will it eve get posted?)

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    • He was heartbroken and wanted to be around the only thing that reminded him of his love, and he is loyal because he knew he was going to get exiled when he stopped leopardstar from killing Firestar(heart), and he chose Fireheart and his birth clan over his kits which sounds pretty loyal to me, plus he sacrificed himself by getting caught by the two legs for all the cats caught in the cages including Cody Russetfur and Leafpool(paw).

      but then again u can have ur own oppinion.

  • Cool article, I dislike Appledusk so much (cheating on Mappleshade with Reedshine) and Rainflower (I don’t try using the word hate). Not saying it’s Reedshine’s fault, though!

  • You forgot Bluestar, Mistystar, and Stonefur. Bluestar was mates with oakheart and their kits are kin of Shellheart, and by extension, Appledusk. Other than that, great article!

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