4 Best Things About The New Prophecy (and 3 Worst) by Fallowheart

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Fallowheart lists some iconic moments in the second Warriors series

Hi everyone! This is Fallowheart and I’m going to be explaining the four best things about the first series, and my three least favorite parts about it. Hope you enjoy!

#7 (Best): The Destruction of the Forest
I thought that this plotline was so interesting and creative, and it was so different from the problems that the Clans faced in the first arc. Ferncloud losing almost all of her kits was so sad, but I love reading the sad parts.

#6 (Worst): Squirrelflight and Ashfur
I know a lot of people don’t like Squirrelflight and Bramblestar together, and currently I don’t, but in TNP, I was rooting for them and I was so sad when they kept breaking up. I really didn’t like Squirrelflight’s relationship with Ashfur. She just didn’t seem happy with him!

#5 (Best): The New Characters
I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy looking at the allegiances of every new series to see what changed. I was so excited when Firestar’s daughters were introduced, I loved that Brightheart and Cloudtail got a kit, and Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s family was so cute! I was surprised but intrigued when I found out that Brambleclaw was one of the protagonists.

#4 (Worst): Onestar’s Downfall
In the first arc, I loved Onewhisker. He was kind, empathetic, and a good friend. I was pretty happy when it was announced that he would be the next leader of WindClan, but once he became Onestar, his character was ruined. He was no longer the sweet warrior who was friends with Firestar and wasn’t afraid to ask for help. No, Onestar was now an irritable, impulsive leader with no trace of the great character he had once been. It was disappointing to see his character change like that.

#3 (Best): Cinderpelt’s Death
Hear me out. I am NOT saying that I’m happy she died. I am saying that her death was so sad that it was amazing. Do you know what I mean? I almost cried when Cinderpelt died, she’s one of my favorites. But her death scene was really well done and… I’ll stop talking now.

#2 (Worst): Those Random Stormfur Chapters
I was so confused when I started reading Moonrise, expecting a Brambleclaw pov, and instead got Stormfur. Who else thought that because six cats went on the journey, and there were six books, that each book was going to focus on a different one? I did after I saw Stormfur’s pov. Anyway, that’s not important. I get that Moonrise introduced the tribe chapters, and Stormfur joins the tribe, but I feel like it was pretty random. And then Feathertail got thrown in there with like three chapters of her own towards the end and… yeah.

#1 (Best): CrowxLeaf
YES I LOVE THIS SHIP! Is forbidden romance overdone? Definitely. Am I one of the few people who still loves it? Of course. Now, forbidden romance wasn’t overdone at the time, and I was so shocked when Crowfeather was like “Leafpool I’m in love with you!” Then I did what I do best: spoil things for myself. So the entire Power of Three series I was like “Jayfeather are you blind? Leafpool is obviously your mother!” And then I was like “oh wait he is blind oops.” Anyway they were so cute together and I honestly wish they went through with running away together, because they both would have been so much happier if they did.

Honorable Mentions: Tribe of Rushing Water! I thought it was cool how another culture was introduced.

Those are my opinions on The New Prophecy! What are yours?

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  • 🌨️🌨️Blizzardsong🤍Blizz🤍Bizzard🤍Blizzardpaw 🌨️🌨️ who is waiting for winter so she can unleash her evil wrath onto blog clan >:D says:

    AMAZING, a good read, and I agree with most things, and leafxcrow is SO CUTE, I was so sad when they broke up but I knew it had to be done.

  • The Destruction of the Forest
    I agree that this plot is exciting, and I liked the New Prophecy series. But imagine if you were one of these cats at this time! Oh, gosh, that would be overwhelming, seeing your home destoryed and going through all of that!

    Squilf and Ashfur
    I agree with you that Ashfur was being pushy, and Squilf wasn’t comfortable, but we can all agree that at the start, it was kind of cute. Ashfur was defending Squilf and it was kind of cute that he was doing that for her.
    The New Characters

    Onestar’s Downfall
    I have nothing disagreeing to say about this one. I completely agree that Onestar totally changed, and it was horrible. I don’t know why the Erins even thought of doing that, maybe just to add a plot twist? I don’t know…

    Cinderpelt’s Death
    I see your point on how you thought that Cinderpelt’s death was a good moment, but I was still sad to see her die. Cinderpelt has been through a lot, and she’s survived it, and pushed through it like the true warrior she was. I was very sad to see her die, and I don’t think that moment was good at all.

    Those Random Stormfur Chapters
    Yeah. Stormfur jumping in was kind of boring. However, it was nice to hear from a RiverClan cat. I know you were expecting Bramblestar, but I thought it was awesome to finally hear from a RiverClan warrior!

    I have no disagreeing about this one. Beautiful. Amazing! This might be my top shipped ship ever!!!!

    • I agree on almost everything. I loved Onewhisker’s character; WHY did he have to become so… ignorant of his old relationships/allegiances? As for the Stormfur/Feathertail chapters, I liked having a sample of RiverClan (especially FEATHERTAIL, she’s my favorite!), and you could say the same ‘random’ thing for Squirrelflight too. And then… Crow x Leaf… NO!!! Crowfeather NAMED himself after Feathertail, Feathertail visited Leafpool in dreams telling Crowfeather not to grieve, she sacrificed herself for him, the ship’s well developed, the two of them loved each other so much… I could go on, but Leaf x Crow seems rushed and slightly there for no reason. (I mean, it seems like the authors just threw that in for another main character forbidden ship…) But yeah! It was really sad when Cinderpelt died!

  • I LOVE LEAFXCROW!!!! Forbidden relationships are awesome. There is so much suffering lol i like that it makes it interesting. And betrayal… but they were so happy together!

  • Interesting article, Fallowheart! It was a really great read! 😀
    Here are my thoughts:

    Destruction of the forest: I really really disliked this part. You’re right, it’s a creative plot line, but I still hate it. You know I’m the planet protecting nerd, and a whole ancient forest getting ripped up isn’t my idea of a good story. The forest territories felt like home, and I was really sad when it was destroyed

    Squirrelflight and Ashfur: I agree with you! But I dislike Bramble x Squirrel as well, so the relationship Squirrelflight chose in the end wasn’t much better in my opinion.

    Onestar’s Downfall: I agree with you so much!! Some good people do go crazy after being handed a lot of power, though. Maybe that happened with Onestar too. After reading Winds of Change, I think Mudclaw would have been a better leader than Onewhisker.

    Cinderpelt’s Death: I disagree. Any good cat dying is bad, in my opinion, and not a good moment. However, I do see your point. (Also, I love Cinderpelt 😛 )

    Those Random Stormfur Chapters: I agree with you so much!! It was so borning and dull and the only thing it illustrated is how terrible Feather x Crow is, and how amazing and smart and brilliant Stormfur is.

    Crow x Leaf: I’m sorry, I disagree on this one. I just…don’t think it’s a very healthy and thought-over couple. I respect your opinion, though! 🙂

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