Myers Briggs Personality Types In Warriors by Fallowheart

Fallowheart assigns some Myers Briggs Personality Types to Warriors characters!

Hey y’all! I have recently become obsessed with MBTI, so I decided to do an article where I would predict some of the characters’ personality types! Because there are so many characters in warriors, I decided it would be easiest to just work with the main
characters from Omen of the Stars. Here it goes!

Before we begin, remember that the definition of an extrovert is someone who recharges by being around other people, and an introvert is someone who recharges by being alone. An extrovert can be shy, and an introvert can be outgoing.

Lionblaze: Lionblaze is an extrovert. That is a fact. He was hardly ever shown by himself, thrives around others, gives up his alone time to be with his friends… you get the point. His first letter is E. I think he is probably more observant than intuitive. He never seemed to care about finding out the mysteries of the universe, like Jayfeather was. So let’s go with ES. Now, is Lionblaze a thinker or a feeler? I’m going to say he is most likely a feeler. Prime example of this is when he attacked the ShadowClan patrol just so he would get hurt, so Cinderheart would want to be with him. He wasn’t being logical when he made that decision. He was going off of his feelings. So far we have ESF. Last thing to determine is if Lionblaze is prospecting or judging. Again, he seems to make spontaneous decisions based on how he’s feeling in the moment, so I’m going with prospecting. Alright. My guess for Lionblaze’s personality type is ESFP.

Jayfeather: I think Jayfeather is an introvert. Making small talk and being around a lot of cats made him grumpy, and appeared to tire him out. He also seemed to crave alone time. His first letter is I. Jayfeather is also definitely intuitive. He felt the need to discover the secrets of the universe and the past. So far, he is IN. Again, no question that he is a thinker, not a feeler, and judging, not prospecting. He made decisions based on logic, and always had a plan. My guess is that Jayfeather is an INTJ.

Dovewing: Dovewing is a bit tricky. I would guess that she’s an extrovert because she seems to feel comfortable with new cats (examples: when she joined ShadowClan and when she was staying with the Guardians), gives up her alone time to meet up with Tigerheart, and was unaffected by being around others all the time. She didn’t really show clear traits of being intuitive or observant—that I remember—but I feel like I remember her daydreaming a lot (correct me if I’m wrong) which is a common trait for intuitiveness, so I’m going with she’s intuitive. Now thinking or feeling. To me, Dovewing is a clear feeler. Her decisions are made based on her heart, not her head (prime example here is Tigerheart). And finally, judging or prospecting. Dovewing seemed to make plans up as she went, so I’m going with prospecting, which would make her an ENFP.

Ivypool: Last one! Ivypool is an introvert. She liked her alone time, and she appeared to be drained after being with other cats for a while. I think she’s observant. She seemed pretty focused on what was happening “now” instead of dreaming about the future. I also believe that she is a thinker. She made most of her decisions off of logic, especially as she grew older. So far we have IST. I think that Ivypool is judging. She was organized, and had a plan for solving problems, again more as she got older. This would make Ivypool an ISTJ.

Keep in mind that these are simply guesses. They might not be completely accurate. If you had to guess, what do you think each character’s personality type is? Do you agree with my guesses, or do you have something different in mind?

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  • This is so cool, Fallowheart!! 😀 Super creative and really clever! <3
    I have the same personality type as Dovewing :3

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