The Forgotten: Evaluating Jaggedtooth’s Character by Snowpuff

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Snowpuff examines Jaggedtooth’s character

Jaggedtooth is a name among Warriors fans that is known, but not well known. People know him as an accomplice to Tigerstar. That’s it. But, what Jaggedtooth has brought to the Warriors lore is much greater than originally anticipated. As such, a dissection of his villainous actions and their impact shall commence.

A former rouge, Jaggedtooth was formerly known as Snag. No family, no forseeable companions beforehand. Whatever happened, he was taken in by Tigerstar and became one of his closest allies. Their relationship ran so deep, that Jaggedtooth was willing to pull out his own claw for his idol to become the leader he desired. The plan succeeded, and Tigerstar was planted as leader. Instead of Jaggedtooth however, Blackfoot was chosen as deputy. Jaggedtooth was made a warrior in return for his act, and was later granted an apprentice. He mentored Rowanpaw, who later became leader himself.

Now, as the story unfolded, he held minor roles in the story, but his impact with bringing out Tigerstar’s villain arc proves his importance as a villain himself. However, stopping it at just here would be underwhelming and unfair to such a character, so let us continue. From a somewhat weak and puny cat who got beat up by Clawface and multiple other clanmates of his, Jaggedtooth’s strengh slowly developed, both as a character and as a villain. The broad-headed, ginger tabby served as a guard to hold Mistyfoot, Feathepaw, and Stonepaw hostages for their heritage. However, he is easily tricked by Ravenpaw pretending to be a Riverclan cat.

Surprisingly though, there is one detail about Jaggedtooth’s character that brings all of the above into question. When Tigerstar is killed, Jaggedtooth almost immedietly flees with the killer and joins Bloodclan. Several reasons can be implied, but none are exactly confirmed. One reason could have been that he was forced to. Perhaps he secretly hated Tigerstar. Or, he could have noticed how weak Shadowclan truly was and joined Bloodclan as a result. Whatever it was that made him leave, it does put his loyalty into question. Regardless, after Bloodclan is defeated, Jaggedtooth is never heard from again.

I honestly feel as though Jaggedtooth may have more to offer in the future. He is likely long gone, but perhaps a Super Edition about him or another Bloodclan cat may have more to offer for his character, Despite that, he is an underappreciated villain that surprisingly tells the story of a no-gooder with a strong, shaky loyalty towards a main villain. Truly a great side villain that doesn’t nearly get enough attention.

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