Warriors Timeline 2: When Do ALL the Books Take Place? by Brambleheart

Brambleheart attempts to organize all the Warriors books into a timeline

Hey everyone! You may remember my Warriors Timeline article from last year. If you haven’t already, you can read it here: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2020/12/06/how-old-are-the-clans-by-brambleheart/

Anyways, I am doing the AMBITIOUS activity of using this timeline as a reference to organize ALL of the Warriors books on what year they take place, down to the season. Here we go!

So we start with Dawn of the Clans. The Sun Trail begins in Winter of 1920, the beginning of that year. This book takes place for an entire year and a bit, so Thunder Rising begins of Spring 1921. The First Battle takes place that summer, and The Blazing Star takes place that fall. Finally, that winter in late 1921/early 1922, A Forest Divided and Path of Stars takes place, with the Clans forming in Winter 1922. Moth Flight’s Vision takes place for the majority of the rest of that year, meaning Medicine Cats were introduced in spring 1922.

Between this and Cloudstar’s Journey, the majority of Code of the Clans takes place during unknown times.

Cloudstar’s Journey, and the driving out of SkyClan takes place in spring and summer of 1977. 7 years later, in 1984, Mapleshade’s Vengeance takes place. (Please put 80’s music in your Mapleshade fan videos!)

Pinestar’s Choice starts in 1987. Gosefeather’s Curse begins in 1993. The Great Hunger takes place in winter 1994, with Pinestar becoming leader that spring.

Tallstar’s Revenge takes place in winter 1996, with Yellowfang’s Secret starting that spring. Crookedstar’s Promise begins in Winter 1997, and Bluestar’s Prophecy starts spring 1997.

Because a lot of these books span many years and overlap, here are some significant events of this time period:

Winter 1997:
Crookedstar and Oakheart are born. Tallstar goes on his journey with Jake.

Spring 1997:
Crookedstar’s accident happens and he leaves RiverClan. Tallstar gets his first apprentice. Bluestar and Oakheart are born.

Summer 1997:
Yellowfang becomes a warrior. Crookedkit comes back to RiverClan.

Fall 1997:
Crookedpaw is apprenticed.

Winter 1998:
Yellowfang becomes a medicine cat.

Spring 1998:
Bluefur, Snowfur and Crokedjaw earn their names.

Summer 1998:
Tigerstar, Leopardstar, Scourge, and Whitestorm are born. Pinestar becomes a kittypet.

Fall 1998:
Tiny leaves his house and is attacked by Tigerpaw.

Winter 1999:
Brokenstar is born.

Summer 1999:
Crookedjaw becomes deputy, Raggedstar becomes leader, Rainflower dies.

Fall 1999:
Redtail’s Debt starts.

Winter 2000:
Spottedleaf’s Heart takes place. Crookedstar becomes leader. Bluestar has her kits and brings them to RiverCan.

Spring 2000:
Bluefur becomes deputy.

Fall 2001:
Silverstream is born.

Summer 2002:
Brokenstar becomes deputy.

Fall 2002:
Brokenstar becomes leader.

Finally, we get to Prophecies Begin. Into the Wild starts in spring 2003. Fire and Ice starts in fall 2003 and ends in Winter 2004.

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