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Significant Characters: Power of Three by Brambleheart

Artwork by Lithestep

Brambleheart examines the roles of other important characters in Power of Three

Hello! Today I am continuing the Significant Characters series of articles. In installment number three, I will do arc three: Power of Three! So the same rules apply as the other articles. No main characters, so this excludes Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Sol (since he’s the closest we get to a main villain). So let’s get started!

Number 5: Millie
Millie was first introduced in book one of the arc, so it makes sense that she is an important character. Millie is introduced to give a new love interest for Graystripe, who returned to the Clans with your help. In fact, Millie is so important that she even gets a tie-in comic that develops her character. Millie is important because she gives Hollypaw a lot of development. Hollypaw was at first concerned and against a kittypet joining the Clans because she follows the warrior code strictly. This is important to develop her trait of being extremely cautious and strict about the rules, which is ultimately the cause of her downfall. Millie also has kits, one of which catches greencough along with her, and ultimately gives Jaypaw a reason to time travel. It’s because he projected himself while taking care of Millie.

Number 4: Blackstar
Blackstar is integral to this arc because it shows the shift that ShadowClan and WindClan go through. You see, in arcs one and two, ShadowClan was portrayed as the main antagonist Clan. But in arc three, although there still are tensions, ThunderClan and ShadowClan start to calm down a bit compared to before, and WindClan starts to be the annoying, battle-hungry Clan. Blackstar decided to ally ShadowClan with ThunderClan during the eclipse battle, which would be unheard of in previous arcs. Further, it is his gullibility that leads ShadowClan into darkness when Sol convinces him to ditch StarClan. It shows how delicate a leader and Clan could be.

Number 3: Onestar
Just like how Blackstar shifted ShadowClan’s role in the story to be a little more friendly, Onestar shifted WindClan to be more hostile. It was his harsh, impulsive decisions that put all four Clans in danger in Eclipse. Further, he escalated missing kits to almost be a full blown war between his Clan and ThunderClan. However, these tensions were important to develop the mysterious roles of the tunnels and their characters for later roles in the story arc. The tensions that Onestar created both inside and ouside of WindClan further intensified the reveal that Crowfeather was the father of the Three. Hollyleaf was not only ashamed to be half-Clan, but she was half WindClan, who at the time was ThunderClan’s main rivals!

Number 2: Rock
Rock is high on this list, and most likely will be for Omen of the Stars, too. Rock gives vital guidance to Jayfeather throughout the arc, and also his beloved stick. Rock helps Jayfeather time travel and discover that he is in fact the reincarnation of Jay’s Wing. He also helps save the three and the missing WindClan kits, preventing Clan war. He still remains mysterious at the end of Sunrise but gives clues of his further importance later on. He also gives insight on the pre-Clan history, which introduces Fallen Leaves.

Here are a few runner-up cats before we get to number one!
Fallen Leaves

Number 1: ASHFUR
Ashfur wsn’t just an antagonist in the last two books. His villainy was built up during the whole arc! He was Lionblaze’s mentor, and looking back, he did seem kind of distant and cold to him sometimes. In fact, when Lionblaze became a warrior, he wanted to battle train with his mentor again, and when it happened, Ashfur was really rough. So rough, Firestar had to intervene. But by far the most important scene was the famous fire scene. the one where the bombshell reveal happened that the three were NOT Squirrelflight’s kits. After that, Ashfur was murdered, which set the stage for the mystery book that was Sunrise. Ashfur’s legacy was not one, but TWO mysteries. One of them was who murdered Ashfur (it was Hollyleaf). The second mystery was the real parents of the three (They are Leafpool and Crowfeather).

I hope you enjoyed this article, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments. May StarClan light your path!

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