Why I don´t like Dovewing and Tigerheart by Otterpaw

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Otterpaw explains their positions regarding Dovewing and Tigerheart

Hello! This is my own opinion, and please tell me your own thoughts in the comments! (Warning : Bad grammar and spoilers for most of the books)

Dovewing :
She betrayed her clan, had kits with Shadowclanś deputy and soon leader, and left her clan for moons. You might be thinking : ¨Didn´t Leafpool have kits with Crowfeather? Plus, she was one of the three.¨ You are correct, but heres a huge difference between Leafpool and Dovewing. Leafpool knew their would be consaquences and was ready to take insults and such for her actions, and plus a Starclan cat, Warrior cats gods, Spottedleaf told her to follow her heart, and too Leafpool, that meant Crowfeather. So she was partly forced too because of Spottedleaf. But Dovewing? She made those choices by herself, and didn´t think about what would happen if she had kits with Tigerstar II. Also, being a special cat doesnt matter when it comes to loyalty and mates! I think that it was infact her fault for running away and all of that. I was super suprised that Ivypool forgave her, If I have to say, Im like a mini-Hollyleaf myself since from time to time, I like to stick to the code in a deep level. But never mind that, Kin doesnt really matter, even though in Darktailś series, it really did. Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw/star are kin, does that make them forgive each other for ever sin they made? No. Same thing for a lot of other cats in the books. But I also feel like Tigerstar II did kinda manipulate her, since he was randomly to a random cat he didn´t know : We´re friends, arent we?
But Of course, this is my opinion, but I hope this shows another side of the story. Dovewing also as I said, ran away to have her kits, might I add, a starting potion for panic.

Tigerstar II, also known as Tigerheart :
After all Dovewing code-breaking, she still gets accepted and forgiven like everything is back to how it was but sheś now in Shadowclan because her mate has power over every cat in Shadowclan for no good reason. If I was Rownstar, I would have chosen a different cat as deputy. Here are my reasons :
It might send the wrong message making your son deputy. Tigerheart was stubborn. Tigerheart left his clan for a few moons. Tigerheart had a mate and kits outside of his clan. He came back for no real reason but just to be leader. He brings random rogues, everyone is now going to trust for no reason. He makes rogues warriors. He demands for everyones trust the moment he gets his nine lives with a speech saying hes now the leader even though he left for a few moons and broke the code.
Those are all my reasons. Remember, these are only my thoughts, please don´t hate on it, but as I said before I would love to hear others and their opinions!

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  • Great article!
    I kind of disagree though, I like Tigerheartstar and Dovewing, as loyalty to the code and Clan isn’t everything, but they are loyal to each other and there family, and in TBC, ShadowClan. Dovewing was willing to go against a rule in the code that she believed wasn’t right, and she is now showing undying allegiance to ShadowClan and her new family, and she’s so much happier there than she was in ThunderClan, and when your really think of it, her being happy is more important than her following an immoral rule in the code.

  • I’m just going to lay somethin’ out for ya-

    Sometimes people aren’t too friendly sharing their opinions or opposing yours.

    -Also Dovewing had known Tigerheart like her entire apprenticeship- they went to save the lake from the beavers together. Meanwhile, at ThunderClan, everyone is pressuring her to get with Bumblestripe, which she doesn’t really want. So running off to the guardian cats (not rogues) is understandable.

    And Tigerheart left to not only be with Dovewing but to let Rowanstar actually lead his own clan instead of being undermined at the end of every sentence he spoke. (hence the ‘shadows’ vision that what’s-his name had-)

    Dovewing likely left ThunderClan because of her pressuring Clanmates and Bumblestripe. And Tigerheart isn’t as bad as you’re making him out to be from a typical Warriors ethical standpoint.

    (I just read all of Omen Of The Stars in a day and a half and also recently read Tigerheart’s Shadow. Correct me if I have any facts incorrect.)

    I don’t understand why Leafpool is better from an ethical standpoint, she did basically the same thing and broke an additional code. We don’t know if StarClan told Dovewing to go with Tigerheart. Leafpool also dragged Squirrelflight into this, (by letting StarClan guilt-trip her and tell her she was unable to have kits-) and we still see the reprocussions to the current arc.

    Anyway just my opinion, Dew out-

  • Yes!!! I totally agree. IVYPOOL IS THE BEST! Leafpool was trying, at least, to put her Clan first, but still, I feel bad for her kits, thinking Squirrelflight was their mother. Bluestar was noble as well! I feel like Dovewing just ran away for her life to be easier.

  • I’d disagree on your statement of Dovewing not thinking there would be consequences for her actions. The entire reason Dovewing left was because she didn’t want her kits to pay the price for her mistakes, so obviously she’d go to the clan where they’d receive less judgement.
    She was clearly thinking of the consequences of her actions, and running away might’ve been the best option. Not for her, but for the lives of her kits.

    Other than that, great article.

  • I like Tigerheartstar and Dovewing because their relationship is a really loving one now, but back in OotS, I didn’t like them, at least, back when Tigerheart used her to get the herbs. And back in OotS I thought their relationship was a lesson that the first person you love isn’t always the right one, and I like that lesson.

    But then they turn Bumblestripe into an Ashfur and that just kinda made me upset. But in the end, Dovewing and Tigerstar have a loving relationship and a nice family which is something you don’t often see in warriors, and I think that what happened with Leafpool and her kits is what convinced Dovewing to do what she felt was right and made her happy.

  • I agree! I hate both. Dovewing is bratty and niave and Tigerheart is reckless and annoying. Leafpool was different because she knew what she was doing, and in the end chose her own clan over her love. But Dovewing? Nope! A selfish mouseheart. Ivypool is better. Sorry if you like Doveing, this is just my opinion.

    • But- didn’t Leafpool do basically the same thing? Dovewing was thinking of her kits when she ran away for the guardian cats in the city. Leafpool was also the only medicine cat and felt obligated to stay because there would be literally no one to help the clan. She was preparing to run away with Crowfeather forever. She really only came back because of the badgers. Ivypool was brave for spying in the Dark Forest but was generally terrible and jealous to Dovewing. (Please do correct me if I have facts incorrect-)

      • That is a fair arguement but Dovewing had no reason to think anything would happen to her kits besides a dream that never came true. Dovewing is not a deputy, leader, nor medicine cat and should have known better. A theory of mine is that sne was desperatly gripping onto being a prophecy cat, thinking that her dream was a vision because of subconsuosly wanting to feel special once more. And Leafpool was thinking of her clan, not her favored family members. Dovewing never thought of her sister, parents, or clan through the whole thing! For the second part, you also have a good point. But, I still totally disagree. Ivypool was jealous and ‘terrible’ to Doveing because Dovewing didn’t tell her about the prophecy (that isn’t Dove’s fault though because the Three). When Ivypool confided in Dovewing (unlike how she did to Ivypool), Dovewing got angry at her for being disloyal when she was seeing a Shadowclanner, which is obviously against the code. Ivypool got even more angry and told Dovewing that Tigerheart was also training in the dark forest. Because Dovewing doesn’t want to see any bad in herself or her love, she announces that Ivypool is just jealous. This is such a mousebrained thing to say, I can’t stand it!

        • Good points-

          I mean if Ivypool is being a jerk, and she tells Dovewing she’s been training in the Dark Forest and then Dovewing calls her a traitor (which is true- at least at first-), and then she whips around and tells Dovewing that her boyfriend is training there too, I would think that she was lying to change the subject to how Dove isn’t supposed to be seeing Tigerheart. And even before she got knew her powers weren’t normal, Ivypaw was jealous. And (not to be rude to your point) Ivypool and Dovewing aren’t attached at the hip. They should both be able to make their own decisions. It seems to me that Ivypool is being a bit- clingy? I suppose-? I’m pretty sure they had a falling-out before Dovewing left-

          Agree to disagree- 🙂

    • Dovewing is only “bratty and naive”(When?!) as an apprentice. Ivypool as an apprentice is jealous, rood, and selfish. At least dovewing was a good sister.

      • IVYPOOL WAS MISGUIDED. And Dovewing wasn’t exactly bratty. And Dovewing was IN NO SERCUMSTANCES A GOOD SISTER. She just up and left Ivypool and abandoned her Clan! Not to mention taking Hollyleaf’s place and breaking the Code over and over again. If I’m counting, (which I am,) Dovewing broke the Code like four times! Ivypool only broke the Code once, and she repented for it, where Dovewing just kept breaking it!

  • I don’t care when people break the warrior code because it’s stupid, and you barely talked about how the word relationship was actually bad.

  • I really love their relationship, but this was a really good article! You also made a lot of good points. Tigerheartstar is my favorite character, which means I must change everyone’s minds.

    Dovewing was not happy in TC. In one of the books, (I can’t remember which) she wanted to go live in ShadowClan to be with Tigerheart , and she reached out her hearing thingamabobber and heard Flametail and Tiger’heart playing and was a lil bit jealous.

    Second, Dovewing believed she was having dreams from StarClan, which was the only reason she was going to leave. She DID try to force Tiger to go (kinda?) but you can see why. Would you want to leave your home, pregnant without your mate who you thought didn’t love you enough to come?

    Third, Dovewing didn’t feel welcome in TC. Her own sister, Ivypool (I still love Ivypool tho) was really mad at her all the time for things she really couldn’t control, like her powers, and then she was mad at Dovewing for falling in love. Can you really help how you feel sometimes?

    Fourth, Rowan had like no choices for deputy. Basically the only cats who supported him were Tawnypelt and Tigerheart and they were his son and mate! Even his own daughter chose Darktail, so how many choices would that leave him for deputy. Tigerheart was also a lot stronger then Rowan at the time. And when he came back, ShadowClan was basically nothing! He helped by bringing more cats honestly.

    I hope I changed your mind, and there is no offense meant in this. Again, great article!

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