Why I don´t like Dovewing and Tigerheart by Otterpaw

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Otterpaw explains their positions regarding Dovewing and Tigerheart

Hello! This is my own opinion, and please tell me your own thoughts in the comments! (Warning : Bad grammar and spoilers for most of the books)

Dovewing :
She betrayed her clan, had kits with Shadowclanś deputy and soon leader, and left her clan for moons. You might be thinking : ¨Didn´t Leafpool have kits with Crowfeather? Plus, she was one of the three.¨ You are correct, but heres a huge difference between Leafpool and Dovewing. Leafpool knew their would be consaquences and was ready to take insults and such for her actions, and plus a Starclan cat, Warrior cats gods, Spottedleaf told her to follow her heart, and too Leafpool, that meant Crowfeather. So she was partly forced too because of Spottedleaf. But Dovewing? She made those choices by herself, and didn´t think about what would happen if she had kits with Tigerstar II. Also, being a special cat doesnt matter when it comes to loyalty and mates! I think that it was infact her fault for running away and all of that. I was super suprised that Ivypool forgave her, If I have to say, Im like a mini-Hollyleaf myself since from time to time, I like to stick to the code in a deep level. But never mind that, Kin doesnt really matter, even though in Darktailś series, it really did. Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw/star are kin, does that make them forgive each other for ever sin they made? No. Same thing for a lot of other cats in the books. But I also feel like Tigerstar II did kinda manipulate her, since he was randomly to a random cat he didn´t know : We´re friends, arent we?
But Of course, this is my opinion, but I hope this shows another side of the story. Dovewing also as I said, ran away to have her kits, might I add, a starting potion for panic.

Tigerstar II, also known as Tigerheart :
After all Dovewing code-breaking, she still gets accepted and forgiven like everything is back to how it was but sheś now in Shadowclan because her mate has power over every cat in Shadowclan for no good reason. If I was Rownstar, I would have chosen a different cat as deputy. Here are my reasons :
It might send the wrong message making your son deputy. Tigerheart was stubborn. Tigerheart left his clan for a few moons. Tigerheart had a mate and kits outside of his clan. He came back for no real reason but just to be leader. He brings random rogues, everyone is now going to trust for no reason. He makes rogues warriors. He demands for everyones trust the moment he gets his nine lives with a speech saying hes now the leader even though he left for a few moons and broke the code.
Those are all my reasons. Remember, these are only my thoughts, please don´t hate on it, but as I said before I would love to hear others and their opinions!

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  • I can see both sides of the argument and I really haven’t decided which side I’m on usually I’m all for forbidden love BUT in this case I think it went a step to far. 🤔

  • I agree, both left their Clans when they were needed the most, especially Tigerheart. Because of him ShadowClan had to join SkyClan and Leafstar had to handle them instead. Not only that Tigerheart is the one who made Dovewing like him in the first place. I also don’t like Dovewing because she literally disappointed Ivypool(she had kits at that time so she had no time to worry about her sister!) and her family and Bumblestripe when she left, and the worst part is that when she did come back she’s like, ‘oh bye everyone I’m going to go to shadowclan thanks for everything you did!’ Just one word, ‘ungrateful’.

  • Personally, I always enjoyed Dovewing and Tigerheart’s relationship. While slightly shallower than, say, Bluestar and Oakheart, Graystripe and Silverstream, or Leafpool and Crowfeather, I think that’s only because it’s less tragic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In my opinion, it’s refreshing to see a forbidden relationship that actually plays out properly, and for the most part, I’d argue is fairly healthy. Sure, things get pretty messy for them in OOTS at times, but I think a lot of that can also be accounted to the timing and the terrible coinciding circumstances of that series. It doesn’t change how the two feel about each other, and it definitely doesn’t serve as being enough to keep them apart, as sparks almost instantly reignite when Tigerheart is temporarily living in ThunderClan following Darktail’s attack. I actually also think it’s quite sweet that Dovewing chose to stay with Tigerstar in ShadowClan to raise their kits with him. It’s nice that this is the direction the newer books have opted to go in, where Dovewing and Tigerheartstar can be a bigger focus. My biggest issue with the newer books is that mostly, after the Last Hope, I feel like the Erins did almost a ‘deep cleanse’ of all the Clan cats – particularly ThunderClan, the primary focus of the books – and cats like Hazeltail, Foxleap and Icecloud who have been there for a while, but that never really got to do anything or show any true character, for the most part, were basically killed off by little things, like injuries, and that bout of greencough that conveniently swept the Clan immediately after the battle against the Dark Forest with barely any context. We as readers never even see it happen, they just hear about it immediately after starting AVOS– unless you read novellas like Dovewing’s Silence, which takes place in between and does touch upon I also think the whole Ashfur ‘Impostor’ thing was just psychotic and weird. (1/2)

  • I just think the books have gone on for wayyy too long at this point… the only way they can make this work is if they find a way to engage audiences with the newer cats just as they did the older ones– without completely ruining them!! Bramblestar hardly feels like the same cat he was in The New Prophecy, although I guess you could account this to age and maturity…. but don’t even get me started on that whole bizarre romance with Jessy in his super edition… sigh… hopefully one day I’ll grow to tolerate the direction the newer books are going in, because I truly loved Warriors at one point. Until then, I personally feel it’s nice to read about Dovewing, Tigerstar and the new life they have created together in ShadowClan, stemming from a cute little romance that just began to bud in the Fourth Apprentice, when the two journeyed to the beaver dam together, that has now blossomed into something beautiful and (almost) three dimensional. These two share history, adventures, and, well, drama. Despite the highs and lows, it’s always been evident that they’re extremely attracted to one another, and always have been. It’s certainly a much more compelling pairing than seeing Dovewing as a brooding damsel in distress with Bumblestripe (who I’m really praying doesn’t turn into Ashfur 2.0). And actually, regarding storytelling purposes, I actually think a somewhat central focus on these two will further increase the odds of having greater ‘POV Clan diversity’ in the books, having Dovewing – member of the Three, and a former POV character in OOTS – being a ShadowClan warrior alongside her mate, ShadowClan’s leader Tigerstar. (2/3)

  • Plus their three kits, particularly Shadowsight. The five of them, coupled with Violetshine and Twigbranch, give lots of opportunity for the other Clans – or at least, a Clan besides ThunderClan – to become far more relevant to the main storyline(s) than merely ThunderClan and/or whatever Clan the cat that the ThunderClan POV cat is inevitably engaging in a forbidden relationship with is from, which has sort of been a running theme in the books since the very beginning. Not complaining though, many of the best relationships have been born out of forbidden love. Including, in my opinion, Tigerstar and Dovewing!
    Sorry I sorta went into a bit of a rant >.< I'm sure you noticed (or maybe you didn't) that I also ended up modifying my paragraph count after the time had passed for me to be able to change it in my first comment. Lol. Anyway, thanks for reading!!

  • I completly agree. I’ve always felt that Dovewing was so much different from the other forbidden loves, and she’s nothing but a whiny, ungrateful cat who just keeps abandoning people! (She also kinda replaced Hollyleaf in my opinion.) And Ivypool deserves better. She forgave her sister for everything. And what does Dovewing do to repay her? Stabs her in the back and leaves her! Who does that? Anyway, that was an awesome article!

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