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Honeyfern Deserves a Novella by Pinestripe

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Pinestripe argues that Honeyfern’s story should be continued in a novella

As Honeyfern is my absolute favorite Warrior cat, I really long to see more of her.
Personally, I would be delighted if Honeyfern gets any appearance in a future book- even if it’s just a tiny scene about her.
But if she got her own book… that would be so amazing!
I can almost guarantee it’ll become my ultimate favorite Warriors book if she does.
Unfortunately, I think it would be unrealistic to expect a Super Edition for such a minor character who doesn’t really have a long enough arc to fit one.
But a novella on the other hand could be possible. And the more I think about it, the more hopeful I get.
In this article I will discuss the possibilities of Honeyfern getting a novella.

Novellas don’t always have to be connected to the main plot. The main point of them is sometimes to tell a separate story or delve deeper into a subplot- making it possible that Honeyfern’s story could be told through one.

I think Honeyfern would actually be a perfect candidate for a future novella.
Her character arc is small but developed- from her crush on Berrynose, to her death, and later to her approval of Berrynose being with her sister.
Despite being a minor character, Honeyfern has a lot of personality. She’s also experienced a lot of emotion, which is good for a potential POV character.

Honeyfern often gets a lot of the love she deserves among the fandom and is more remembered than many minor characters. Her being a popular character contributes to the chance she will get a novella, especially if fans will be given a chance to give input- which has happened with some novellas.
Her painful, plot-device death that was written only for a reason to include deathberries might contribute to the chance as well, as the authors sometimes make things up to characters who have suffered by giving them more spotlight.

Another thing that gives me hope is that Daisy -who is also a minor character- has a novella. That means Honeyfern could be given one as well.

Now, novellas often answer unanswered questions and show things from the main series from a different perspective or in more detail.
There is no shortage of things that could be revealed in Honeyfern’s novella to make the book interesting.

It could reveal things about Honeyfern herself:
-What did Honeyfern see in arrogant Berrynose? What made her love him?
-During her death Honeyfern tried to say something but couldn’t. What would her last words have been?
-How did Honeyfern feel when Berrynose and Poppyfrost became mates? It would be nice to have her POV as she accepted their relationship.
-And Honeyfern’s feelings when Poppyfrost feels that she stole Berrynose. Honeyfern was shown to feel sad for her sister, and it would be nice to see her emotion from her POV.
-Honeyfern’s heartbreak at not being able to talk to Poppyfrost would be an emotional scene.
-It was because of Honeyfern’s death that deathberries were brought into camp, allowing Hollyleaf to threaten Leafpool. I think something that could be interesting to show would be that although Leafpool couldn’t save Honeyfern Honeyfern still felt sorry for her.
-Honeyfern and Hollyleaf were close friends. How does Honeyfern feel when she learns in StarClan about Hollyleaf’s struggles? She would probably feel sympathy for her former denmate, maybe even more so than the other StarClan warriors.
-Honeyfern’s feelings when Briarlight -the cat she saved- gets permanantly injured.
-Honeyfern’s feelings when she finds out her sister Cinderheart has Cinderpelt’s spirit.
-Honeyfern’s disappointment at the way Berrynose behaves during TBC.

It could also reveal things connected to the main plot:
-It would show StarClan watching the “Three,” who are Honeyfern’s friends. How much does StarClan know about them? Are they worried the three might fail?
-How does StarClan react to Hollyleaf giving out the secret at the Gathering? This would happen shortly after Honeyfern joins StarClan, so there’s a lot of possibilities in how it could be shown.
-I think it would be nice to have a StarClan POV in general. We could learn a lot about them.
-Maybe Honeyfern would bring up the concern that StarClan could give better guidance to the living cats. These sorts of doubts have been brought up a lot by fans.
-Honeyfern could struggle with her feelings about the sometimes unfair judging process in StarClan- she seems like the compassionate cat who would beg them to let someone in.
-We could learn the details about StarClan’s decision that both Hollyleaf and Ashfur should be let into StarClan. Hollyleaf was Honeyfern’s friend- so could it be that Honeyfern was the one to speak up for her?
-There’s been a lot of confusion among fans about the Cinderpelt/Cinderheart reincarnation. Honeyfern’s perspective would be an ideal opportunity to dive deeper into that topic and explain some things about it since Honeyfern herself is probably pretty confused about what happened to her sister, and other StarClan cats could explain it to her.
-Honeyfern was the first cat to fight a Dark Forest warrior during the time of the upcoming battle. Was Brokenstar’s attack a surprise to StarClan? Did they see it coming? Honeyfern’s POV would be a good one in this scene.

And these are only some of the ideas that such a book could cover!

We’d also get a chance to see some older characters as Honeyfern meets them in StarClan.
Major characters like Spottedleaf or Yellowfang could be included.
There are also some minor characters who have been thrown away by dying too early, and Honeyfern’s interactions with them could give them a chance to show their personality. Molepaw is a perfect example of this- he was never really shown and since he’s Honeyfern’s brother there could be a lot of interaction between them. Same goes for her uncles Rainwhisker and Sootfur.
And there’s a chance to see some of our favorite StarClan kits since Honeyfern loves kits and might spend time with them in an attempt to get over the grief of never being able to become a mother.

Now I’ll make some predictions of what a name for this novella might be.
“Honeyfern’s Heart” seems perfect, but we already have Spottedleaf’s Heart, and names don’t really get repeated.
Some other ideas are Honeyfern’s Sacrifice (her saving Briarlight), Honeyfern’s Pain (during her death and then in StarClan when she misses her sister and her former mate), Honeyfern’s Kindness (because kindness is probably her best quality), or Honeyfern’s Love (for Berrynose and for Poppyfrost).
I personally like Honeyfern’s Kindness the best out of these- it’s simple but it represents her really well.

A Honeyfern novella has the potential to be really interesting, and I think Honeyfern would make a really great protagonist!

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