Defending Shadowclan by Smokeflower

Smokeflower defends ShadowClan. Is their reputation accurate?

Hello! You may or may not know that I am a Shadowclan Warrior. And today, I am going to try to open the hearts of those whodislike Shadowclan.
If you haven’t read Yellowfang’s secret, I reccommend that you do.
1. Okay, so . We enter the Warriors world with Brokenstar as Shadowclan leader and Blackfoot as his deputy. At the first Gathering that we see, Windclan does not arrive because Brokenstar claims to have driven them off. Pause! Just because Brokenstar is evil does not mean that his clan is. As the Warrior code states: a leader’s word is law. Even the cats that were good were forced to obey the bloodthirsty Brokenstar. And they were probably scared not to. It is unfair to judge the whole of Shadowclan by a few cats.
2. Shadowclan doesnt exactly eat rats becuse they like to. In Yellowfang’s Secret, Cedarstar declares it as a source of prey. I’m pretty sure it’s the middle of leaf – bare when they start going to the carrionplace to hunt for rats. These cats were probably desperate enough to eat anything, even rats that could fight back. In Rising Storm (?), Whitethroat and Littlecloud are sick with a disease that rats carry. “An apprentice brought a rat back. He was too small to remember.” So, apparently, somewhere during one of our time skips in Yellowfang’s Secret, Shadowclan stops eating rats.
3. That whole ” wind chills their heart” thing? It’s not their fault. Sure, Shadowclan might be proud and stubborn, but they didnt have a choice in the location of their beloved marshes.
4. Shadowclan is only proud and stubborn because they have been the weakest clan numerous times. Like when the whole clan was sick from that nameless disease (Seriously, though. Someone ought to name it.) , or when Darktail took over. I theorize that Shadowclan is proud and stubborn because they are afraid they might be driven out like Skyclan or Windclan. That could very possibly be the entire reason why they allied with Skyclan: they want a strong ally beside them to bring them back, if need be. ( And yes, I do remember Thunderclan sheltering Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart temporarily. Thank you, Thunderclan.)
That’s all I have for today. Bye!!

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