Saviors Beyond the Border: Mitzi, Fleck, and Their Impact on Crookedkit by Snowpuff

Art by TheWrathofEnvy

Snowpuff examines Mitzi and Fleck. How did they affect Crookedstar?

Two minor characters, in a Super Edition, featured in the first few chapters. Are Mitzi and Fleck really worthy of an article? I’d say yes, as they have a huge impact on Crookedstar in his life, and I would say played a huge part in how he was able to successfully lead the clan to success. Because of them, Crookedstar was able to forgive his clan, and learned how to accept and adapt with his deformed jaw. But, their impact on the story runs deeper. This is a dissection of the relationships formed, and how they impacted Crookedstar throughout his time growing up. And what ultimately saved him from Mapleshade.

First, let’s start with what exactly led Crookedstar to leave Riverclan in the first place. That blame goes to his less than decent, and frankly unstable mother Rainflower. The abuse went so far as to rename the kit, and disown him. Despite Shellheart’s efforts as a father, Crookedkit at the time ran away. He still had yet to accept his broken jaw, the thing which caused all of his problems in the first place. Despite being out of the clan, Crookedkit would learn lessons, and make friends that would impact him for a lifetime.

While Crookedkit tried to contact Starclan via the Moonstone, a fluffy, ginger, slightly chubby cat attacks him. However, the fight was extremely short and gave way to playful bantering. The mysterious tom, actually named Fleck, describes a tom that he knew by the name of Domino. He also had a broken jaw, and used that knowledge to help Crookedkit along the way. Growing fond of the young tom, Fleck taught Crookedkit how to hunt, a skill that would prove to be essential in his later life. He also introduced him to his sister, Mitzi. He teaches Crookedkit how to win Mitzi’s favor, and both of them take care of her and her 4 kits.

Mitzi herself had a big impact on Crookedkit too. Boosting his self confidence, Mitzi keeps Crookedkit company. Her main impact on him happens when the farm monsters have come near the farm. Saving Soot from dying, Mitzi thanks Crookedkit profusely, licking the blood from his chin. However, he eventually goes back to the clan that he was from. He promises to never forget them, and leaves for Riverclan. He later runs into Soot as an apprentice, and the two have a nice chat. Soot promises to update her family, and they depart.

The impact that these 2 minor characters had is quite astonishing compared to how insignificant others typically are. The rouges taught Crookedstar how to love himself, and gave him family instead of the broken one he had. They helped him lead, taught him how to live, and restored his broken confidence. This boost of positive energy was eventually what allowed Crookedstar to break free from Mapleshade. It is a subtle impact, but a tremendous one nonetheless.

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  • Finally Mitzi and Fleck are getting the hype they deserve! I loved their part of Crookedstar’s Promise so much. I really wish we got to see them in the main series. But hey, what about a nice little theory that Soot, Mizti and Fleck’s kit, is the parent of Barley.

    • That’s an interesting theory but I must prove it wrong. 1. Soot is mitzis kit, not flecks, Mitzi and Gleck are siblings. 2. Barley was born in bloodclan.

  • Mitzi was so sweet and kinda like Crookedstar’s adoptive mother for a little bit which I thought was sweet.

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