Analyzing and rating ancient leaders: Morningstar by Leafsky

Leafsky analyzes Morningstar!

Hello! Leafsky here! Today I’m wanting to talk about ancient leaders, and I”m rating them on two things: Impact and Leadership, and the leader I randomly chose was… Morningstar! Let’s get into it.

Morningstar is an ancient ThunderClan leader. He is a grey tom with pale blue eyes. One of his deputies was Leafstorm, who died due to sickness. His successor was Redstar. His mate was Songbird, who was the mother of their unborn kits.

In the brief info we’re given of him, we know a few things about what happened during his leadership. First thing- his mate, Songbird, died before she could have their kits. Second thing- it’s also mentioned most of the info we’re given takes place during a harsh leaf-bare. Third thing- his deputy Leafstorm, died.

Leafstorm was a ginger she-cat with green eyes. She spoke her opinion freely, much like Squirrelflight. In an interaction between Morningstar and Leafstorm, Leafstorm is urging Morningstar to go into battle with WindClan due to prey theft, and Morningstar refusing, due to the fact that the clan was weak. After a failed attempt at the Gathering for peace with the other clans, and wanting to exchange prey to help them all survive, Morningstar was shocked to know Leafstorm had gotten greencough, and even though she had it, she kept hunting in the brutal days of leaf-bare for her clan. She soon died from it.

Songbird is a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and yellow eyes. She was the mate of Morningstar, and she died in battle from a ShadowClan warrior after ThunderClan had accused ShadowClan of chasing a fox into their territory. Songbird later appears to Morningstar, offering advice to him after Leafstorm dies. Here is part of what she said: “Leafstorm wanted to die in battle. At least I had that chance.” That encouraged Morningstar to go into battle with WindClan, him stating that “If my warriors were to die, it would be for an honorable cause.”

From what intel we’ve been provided with, we can see that Morningstar made some mistakes. His first was to ignore Leafstorm’s advice to go into battle with WindClan, leading to her demise caused by sickness instead of in battle, which she would’ve prefered. His second and final major mistake was to openly expose his clan’s weakness at the Gathering, which even though he was desperate, he shouldn’t have done. This leads to my final rating of Leadership: 6/10. And my rating for Impact is 2/10, because honestly, this just seems like a normal leadership. It’s honestly nothing compared to what Bluestar, Firestar, or Bramblestar went through. So overall, out of 20, my final rating is 8/20.

Thank you for reading!

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