Why Rainswept Flower Is AWESOME! by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw shares why they like Rainswept Flower

*Warning: spoilers for Dawn of the Clans are ahead! If you are uncomfortable with spoilers from that series, I’d advise against reading this article!*

Hey! I’m Turtle, and today I’m going to explain why I think Rainswept Flower is a really great character!

Rainswept Flower is an amazing cat, and I love her a lot. Let’s get started on listing reasons she’s great!

1. She’s a great friend.

When Jagged Peak injured his leg, Rainswept Flower was there for him, and helped him gain confidence, such as in this scene in Thunder Rising:

Before any cat could move, Rainswept Flower turned to him, with a sidelong glance at Jagged Peak. She’d worked harder than any cat to free his brother from the collapsed tunnel.

“I think Jagged Peak should lead the way back, don’t you?” she asked.

That’s mouse-brained, Gray Wing thought, then a heartbeat later realized how clever Rainswept Flower was being. Taking the lead will give Jagged Peak his dignity back.

“Good idea,” he agreed. “Jagged Peak, we all dashed here so quickly, we’re not sure of the best way back. Can you show us?”

Jagged Peak struggled to his paws, and gave his pelt a shake.
“I guess so,” he muttered, as if he was reluctant, though Gray Wing could see his eyes brighten and his tail begin to rise with pride.

“Thanks, Rainswept Flower,” Gray Wing murmured into her ear.

“It’s the least I can do,” she responded.

Rainswept Flower is a caring and supportive friend- and not only to Jagged Peak. She was also a great friend to Gray Wing, and was shown comforting him after the death of his mate, Turtle Tail:

As the paw steps eventually padded away, one pelt remained pressed against his flank. Rainswept Flower had settled beside him, the warmth of her fur seeping into his as he comforted the kits.

“Turtle Tail was happy that you loved her,” Rainswept Flower whispered.

“I wish I’d loved her sooner,” Gray Wing murmured.

“It’s enough that you loved her at all,” Rainswept Flower returned.

2. She’s kindhearted.

One example of Rainswept Flower being kindhearted is when she supports Gray Wing’s choice to raise Thunder as his own kit:

The cats glanced at each other. Rainswept Flower gave a decisive nod. “What sort of cats would we be if we refused to help him?”

Another example of Rainswept Flower being a very kind cat is when she offers to watch Turtle Tail’s kits for her so Turtle Tail and Gray Wing can hunt together or something. She’s a really good babysitter.

But one of my personal favorite moments where Rainswept Flower is shown to be kindhearted is when she welcomes my favorite Warrior cat, Turtle Tail, back to the moor:

“Turtle Tail!” Rainswept Flower exclaimed, dashing over to touch her nose to Turtle Tail’s ear. “Shattered Ice, she’s not just a cat,” she added, annoyance in her voice as she gazed at the white tom. “She’s our friend.”

3. She’s a loving daughter.

Rainswept Flower was a loving daughter, and cared for her father, Shaded Moss, very much. I loved the relationship they had, because they were very close, and you could really tell how much they loved each other. I felt so bad for Rainswept Flower when Shaded Moss died!

Overall, I think that Rainswept Flower is an awesome cat. I admire her kindness and bravery, and she will forever be one of my favorite characters!

What is your opinion on Rainswept Flower? How did you feel when Clear Sky killed her? Would you like to see Rainswept Flower receive her own super edition/novella/manga?

Feel free to tell me your opinion on Rainswept Flower in the comments!

I hope you have a great day, everyone!


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