My favorite things in Warrior cats by Cloudwing

Cloudwing shares their favourite parts of the Warriors books. Do you agree?

Hello, BlogClan. I am Cloudwing and this is my first fan article.I have read The New Prophecy and I will start the next book as soon as I can. I have also read super editions. I decided to do lists about my favorite things in Warrior Cats.

Let’s start with my favorite cats:
1. My favorite cat is Leafpool. I like her composure, but she can still act quickly when needed. Leafpool is also kind.

2. Second I like Yellowfang, Although she was sometimes grumpy. She probably saved Thunderclan by becoming it´s medicine cat. Her special ability was also difficult to herself but it could help a lot in her medicine cat´s duties.

3. Tallstar. Cooperative especially with Thunderclan. He wanted to avenge his father´s death, but still did right decision when he heard what had really happened. He took good care of his clan and made good decisions.

4. Bluestar. She wanted to do everything for her own clan. She got Rusty to the clan and was always able to trust him. She was friendly and nice with anyone she worked with.

5.Cinderpelt. A long-term medicine cat who was quick to learn.She died defending her clan. She saved Brightheart´s life.

Those are my favorite cats but what I would like to be in clan. I would be medicine cat because they have skills what no one else has. For example, they know how to use herbs and have the ability to connect with the StarClan.

In my opinion the three most important rules of the Warrior Code and changes to them.

1. ´Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders.´Why not also medicine cats and queens feed before students and warriors.Medicine cat´s skills are needed if there is not enough food and kittens die if they do not get their mother’s milk.

2. ´The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies or retires.´ But if the deputy does not want to be Clan leader then she or he is forced to the position.

3. ´No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if that kit is from a different Clan.´ But what if the apperentice is in danger and needs help or another warrior,queen, leader, deputy,medicine dat or elder.Shouldn’t he or she be helped then or should he or she just go past and think it’s useless to help him or her.

My three favorite super editions are:

1.Yellowfang´s secret because Yellowfang is becoming warrior but understands that is not what she wants to do.

2. Bluestar´s prophecy because I already liked Bluestar and this added more information about her youth. Her dream was leadership and she managed to achieve it.

3. Tallstar´s revenge.Tallstar left his clan but realized that he belonged to Windclan.

This was the first, but hopefully not the last time when I do this. Comments can also include suggestions of what I would write next.

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  • I used to love yellowfang, but you have to admit that yellowfangs ghost is HORRIBLE AND I HATE HOW THEY CHANGED HER CHARACTER AROUND COMPLETELY! AAAAAAAAAGHHH!

    • I AGREE! THEY CHANGE HER SO MUCH URGHHHHHH. That’s one of the things I hate about the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yellowfang in OotS was so unhelpful to Jayfeather. and just generally terrible. I did like her when she was alive though.

    • Tell me about it! Yellowfang has always been grumpy-yes, but she is such an annoying cat in PoT she drove Jayfeather (paw) away from StarClan and she was never annoying in TPB!!

  • I love this! I agree with everything you have said.
    I loved all the super editions because it really took insight into the past or between series. Some of my favourites are Bramblestar’s storm, Yellowfangs Secret, Bluestar’s prophecy or whatever it was called, and Tallstar’s revenge.
    Yellowfang was ONE OF THE BEST FREAKING CATS IN THE WHOLE 6 OR 7 SERIES!! Her ghost though… *cough cough*
    They made her so different.
    Anyway I love this article, you should make more!

  • In number 2, you say how its unfair that deps have to become leader, but they can step down from deputy-ship. And they become dep knowing that they WILL become the next leader (unless they die)

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