What I want to see in the next series by Whisperpaw

Whisperpaw shares their hopes for future Warriors books

Wassup everyone! It’s your favorite whisper, Whisperpaw! As you know, a while back I asked for suggestions on my next article, and you guys gave me so many wonderful ideas! But, the one that really stood out to me was “Theories for the next arc” suggested by Pinestripe. I can’t expand on how much I loved this idea! It felt so right due to the new book coming out! However, quite sadly, I have not read The Broken Code. Gasp! I know, I know, it’s tragic, but because of this I have absolutely no theories for The Starless Clan. So instead of theories, I’m going to be doing the three things I would like to see in the upcoming arc. Let’s get started!
Mystery of Starclan
It is official. No one can get it out of my mind that Starclan is just as bad as the Dark Forest, just fighting on the right side. There’s something there with Starclan that just feels…off. Why do there need to be five clans again? Where do these mysterious dead cats get their prophecies from? What are their powers other than, dream walking, weather, and walking on Earth as a ghost? There’s a whole Moonkitti video on this topic if you want to look that up, but Starclan really is the biggest mystery in Warriors. And the fact that the only cat ever to question the will of Starclan was Jayfeather-who later was all like “oh yeah, Starclan’s awesome and stuff. You disappoint me Jay, you really do-is incredibly, agonizingly insane! So, in the next arc, I want it to be from the perspective of a cat who does not believe in Starclan or questions their actions all together. It just feels right to have these “all knowing” and “all powerful” dead cats be challenged for once.
Death to the leaders
Everyone saw this one coming. I want every leader except Tigerstar ॥ to die(don’t judge me, he has some great development going for him). Everyone can agree that Bramblestar deserves an awful death with no remorse from anyone very, very, very, very, very soon. Let’s face it, Bramblestar; we hate you, go live in the Dark Forest and eat crowfood and foxdung for the rest of your life. Moving on from that arrogant furball, I want Harestar dead so we can get Crowstar already! Harestar, nobody cares about you, hurry up and use your ninth life already. And Mistystar, oh Mistystar, I love you, but you’re oh, so old(so is Reedwhisker so let’s kill him too). Mistystar needs to die for the development of other characters. That’s all. I’m probably gonna make an article on how each leader should die(put on your seatbelts, Bramblestar’s is gonna be bloody) and who I want to be the next generation of leaders and deputies. But that’s for another time.
Fall of the code(well, not all of it)
The code is dumb. While there are some rules like “The clan comes first” and “You have to help every kit in need” that make sense, there are others like “No cross-clan relationships, it’s awful for your clan and proves you’re an unworthy piece of crowfood” and “The leader is a dictator so his word is the law and if you go against his word you’re an unworthy piece of crowfood”. Excuse me…WHAT? In my mind, the leader’s “word” is just a bunch of words. Half the time, there’s a few people that don’t care and disobey anyways and the leaders just like “apprentice duties for two moons and you’ll be fine”. Then the cross clan relationships thing. NOBODY WILL EVER STOP HAVING CRUSHES ON CATS IN RIVERCLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just a fact of life, deal with it. That shouldn’t even be a part of the code. Oh and the Med Cat code is just…pointless. I really don’t understand. If it’s like the clans now, every clan has at least two million Med Cats. You don’t need to keep saying “NEVER FALL IN LOVE” to your apprentices if you fell in love *cough, Cinderpelt, cough*! Most of the code is ridiculous and I want to see part of it die or…at least get rewritten so it makes more sense.
So yeah, that’s all. Now that I have my inspiration back, I can finally start writing again. Yay! Remember, I may be a whisper, but I have a lot to say, I’ll see you all later! Bye!

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