why starclan really is bad in some situations by Briarkit

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

Briarkit examines StarClan – are they really that good?

to answer this we have to look deeper into starclan. when the dark forest started attacking, starclan split up. and even when the living cats tried to get together and realized that they needed to work together, starclan didn’t see it, punished them, and made them suffer for seeing the truth and starclan not being able to come together!

another reason starclan isn’t fair is that they don’t send signs when the clans really need them and wait until someone does something evil, and then sends some cryptic sign that the medicine cat (or whoever gets the sign) can’t figure out until the very last minute! if you love the clans so much go and help them!

they say they love the clans and talk like they are so much better, but then they send a prophecy to save the clans that is super cryptic! like the prophecy in book one, fire will save the clan? how in the heck should the clan cats have known what that was supposed to mean! or how about the prophecy in omen of the stars and vision of shadows. embrace what you find In the darkness for only they can clear the sky? come on! the whole lake basically didn’t even know about skyclan at that point, much less be ready to have a prophecy about them and save them!

they give prophecies and choose cats to give special powers to, but they don’t do anything at all to actually help directly! if you’re so great and powerful, get off your butts in that wonderful Greenleaf forest and HELP!

and another thing. they give special prophecy’s about cats, or give them special powers, but don’t give them any instructions. if I had a special power like in power of three, I’d like to know how to use them! an instruction manual would be nice! or how about just go ahead and tell me how to defeat the dark forest so I can actually help!

also, I would like to know how they get prophecies. if they see trouble coming in the future, do they spend hours trying to come up with a cool-sounding and cryptic prophecy? or do they get sent a prophecy to tell the clan cats. and if they do get sent a prophecy who ends it to them? is there another higher, more mighty clan of cats higher in the sky?

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  • Yep Starclan is weird. There’s one hilarious scene in OoTS where it is confirmed that Starclan DOES know the Dark Forest is going to attack because Raggedtsar asks, “Can’t we just tell them?” And Yellowfang goes on a rant about how it would ‘only cause unnecessary panic’, as if them knowing something terrible that could wipe them out is going to happen BUT NOT KNOWING WHAT IT IS OR HOW TO PREPARE won’t make them panic more. Lol. Good job!

  • This is so true, that sometimes it makes me wonder if they really know what is in the future, whether they are just acting like a bunch of know-it-all

  • OH MY GOSH U R SO RIGHT!!!! And again, does Starclan really mean it when they say “I’m sorry I would like to tell u but I don’t know any more” to the med cats? I don’t think so. I agree almost completly, but I have to say that Starclan is better then the Dark Forest, and has the Clans’ best interests at heart, even if they ARE so cryptic and un-useful to the them.

  • I agree with this article- it reminds me of Mothwing’s quote about how some StarClan cats are just as foolish as they were when they were alive. Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re always right

  • Ya, this is good, although StarClan is StarClan, so it must do things like that LOL
    Oh wait
    We already did
    Also, they let Ashfur in
    Literally me when Ashfur is accepted into StarClan:
    *Slaps head so hard I think I have a mark on my skull now*
    Also, I forget if this was me or some other Briarkit that wrote this
    I think a different Briarkit
    Cuz I would have ranted about Spottedleaf

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