All my favorite warriors and why by Silverstorm

Art by HollyHeart22

Silverstorm lists their favourite characters. What do you think?

Hey bloggers😎! So Silverstorm here and today i’m going to tell you about all of my favorite warriors and why they’re my favorites!

So number one:Silverstream well i like her because number one she saved Greystripe’s life (when he was drowning) number two she was Greystripe’s first mate numer three she was very brave like for example if she wasn’t brave she wouldn’t have met Greystripe in secret (expecially when she was expecting kits) ok so that’s my favorite.

Now for my second favorite…Sandstorm! So I didn’t really like her when she was Sandpaw because she basicly treated Firepaw(star) like he was a worthless pile of dirt. But enough of why I didn’t like her. I like her because she was loyal like for example she didn’t like Fireheart(star)’s plan about WindClan because she didn’t want to disobay Bluestar but she went with them anyways because of her loyalty to Fireheart(star) and because she is Firestar’s mate.

Ok so my third favorite is… Bluestar! Ok so a lot of people don’t like her because she was insane after Tigerclaw tried to kill her and because she gave her kits Mistyfoot and Stonefur to RiverClan but i like her because she excepted Rusty into the Clan and mentored him and she made him her deputy and she was brave like for example when she died she saved Fireheart(star)’s life and gave him a life she died bravely at least.

Ok so my fourth favorite is Cinderpelt and i like her because well when she was Fireheart’s apprentise she didn’t listen to him but she was loyal like she got permanently injured on her leg because she was sending a message from Bluestar (because she had greencough) that Fireheart was going to send and then she became the apprentise medacine cat and then after Yellowfang died in the fire she became medacine cat and even tho Bluestar said not to she cured Littlecloud and Whitethroat.

My fifth favorite is…Cloudtail! So at first I didn’t really like him because he did not follow the warrior code but then i started likeing him! Why? Because after Brightpaw/Lostface/Brightheart was attacked by the dogs and lost an eye and part of her ear he still loved her and when she saw herself in a puddle he told her that she’s still beutifull there is a lesson there right kitties? Looks dont matter!

Ok and last but not least is…Princess! So i like her because she is Firestar’s sister she is kind and she gave her firstborn son, Cloudtail to ThunderClan! Ok so thats it for this article my kitties see you next time but untill then Silverstorm out!

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