Putting Darkstripe on Trial (The Prophecies Begin) – By Blackavar

Artwork by Lithestep

Blackavar puts Darkstripe on trial for his crimes

“Once you show someone your true colors, it is impossible to paint over them.”
―Matshona Dhliwayo

(Notice: There will be spoilers from The Prophecies Begin up until Omen of the Stars)

Calling the defendant to the stand, as the one being accused today is none other than Darkstripe–son of Willowpelt, and half-brother of Graystripe, Sorreltail, Sootfur, and Rainwhisker. Following the full process of law, he shall be charged with the following crimes:

Attempted murder
Offences against public morals

As procedure dictates, Darkstripe will not be convicted until there is evidence. And naturally he will deny committing any crimes of the sort, so may the witnesses be called to the stand: Longtail, Graystripe, Sorreltail, and Firestar.

Longtail accuses Darkstripe of blackmail, which is the act of forcing one to comply to another’s demands through threats. According to him, Darkstripe was his mentor, so therefore he knows him almost as well as he knows himself. Longtail claims that Darkstripe once coerced him into eating a squirrel that was meant for a sick Poppydawn. As a result of this, Poppydawn succumbed to her illness and died. Longtail says that Darkstripe admitted to him that Poppydawn was “old and weak” and that only the “important cats” like themselves should eat first. And when Longtail retaliated against this, Darkstripe blackmailed him into keeping quiet by threatening to reveal the fact that Longtail himself also partook in eating the squirrel.

Graystripe accuses Darkstripe of conspiracy, which is an agreement between two or more individuals to commit an illegal act. Being Darkstripe’s half-brother, he has sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Graystripe claims that Darkstripe had been conspiring with Tigerstar and ShadowClan since the former ThunderClan deputy was exiled by Bluestar. In spite of vouching to stay with his birth-Clan against Tigerstar’s requests, it appeared as though Darkstripe was lying just so that he could leak vital ThunderClan information to the enemy.

Sorreltail accuses Darkstripe of attempted murder. She would know, for she herself was once on the receiving end of it. Being Darkstripe’s half-sister, she has sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Sorreltail claims that, when she was a kit, she had followed Darkstripe out of the ThunderClan camp and witnessed him talking to Blackstar, who was then the ShadowClan deputy. After Darkstripe found out about her, he fed her deathberries so as to silence her, but was fortunately rescued by Graystripe and Firestar in the nick of time. (Firestar also adds that Darkstripe attempted to murder Stonefur back when ShadowClan annexed RiverClan, but it was Blackstar who finished the job).

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