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Times Past, Lives Lost: 5 First Warrior Cat Deaths by Snowpuff

Snowpuff lists the first five deaths in the written history of Warriors.

Art by Blaukralle

Death in the Warriors series is nothing new. In fact, it is to be expected. It is a plot device intended to boost character development. push the plot forward, or kill off unnecessary characters or those who’s use has run out. Every series has death. But the amount of deaths is just as convoluted as the amount of characters, minor and major, and the series history itself. The clans originally started as a tribe, and chronologically, while not first released, The Sun Trail is the start of the Warriors history. Here, we can find some of the earliest deaths. These are the 5 earliest deaths in Warriors. This will be in a specific order.

But, before this list starts, I have to list an honorable mention. One death I could not put on the list due to time confusion that could put the death before or after the number 1 spot. That character is Petal and Fox’s mother. She is likely one of the first deaths in the series, but I am unsure whether it was after or before the last cat dies. That being said, she is an honorable mention. She happened to have been killed by a badger.

5. Storm and 2 of Her Kits

Cause of Deaths: Crushed by Debris

These 3 characters share the spot for 5. Both being unfortunately crushed as a result of twolegs destroying her home. Former mate of Clear Sky, she delievered their kits and tried to separate herself from both Gray Wing and her former mate. Gray Wing tried, but failed to save her. Only one kit survived. He was later named Thunder and raised by Gray Wing as his own son.

4. Fox

Cause of Death: Throat Slit by Gray Wing

Orphaned along with his sister after their mother’s demise, Fox and Petal desperately try to find prey to eat. They encounter Misty, who is extremely cruel to them. They later run into Clear Sky after almost drowning. Eventually when they are more grown, Fox and Gray Wing get into a scuffle over prey. This scuffle turns into a fight, and in the fight, Gray Wing ended up clawing Fox’s throat and slitting it. This kills him, and ends the brotherhood between Gray Wing and Clear Sky for a while.

3. Shaded Moss

Cause of Death: Hit by Twoleg Monster

A loyal and responsible member of the tribe, he led the travellers with great effort. Fatherly and gentle to those he travelled with, he proved to be a great leader up until his death, trying to escape by a pack of dogs. After he passed, the group needed a new leader, to which Tall Shadow took over. Shaded Moss, despite his early death, played a larger part in the story as a spirit. He left behind a lovely daughter, who missed him dearly. Gray Wing also mourned his death.

2. Bright Stream

Cause of Death: Carried Away by an Eagle

The first death to occur on the travel to a new land, Bright Stream was taken while trying to hunt an eagle. She was mates with Clear Sky, and was expecting his kits. She later delivered them healthily in Starclan. Gray Wing and Clear Sky both blamed themselves for her death, and this likely started the degregation of their relationship as brothers.

1. Broken Feather

Cause of Death: Starvation

An extrordinarily minor character, one that doesn’t appear in the story at all. In fact, he is only mentioned. All that is mentioned about his appearance was that he was a tom, and that he was likely old. Misty Water seemingly had a good relationship with him, seeing as how his death left her emotionally crippled and without appetite. It is mentioned that Broken Feather thought that Misty Water was one of the best trackers he had known. Nothing much else is known about his character. However, he is the first death that would be mentioned in the entirety of the series.

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