Let’s talk about hollyleaf’s motives by Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw takes a closer look at Hollyleaf.

Art by Orielwing

Let’s talk about Hollyleaf! Other than being a problematic killer, is she anything else?
Spoilers for all books after POT

Hollyleaf is introduced in Power of Three and lets be real… wasn’t very interesting. To most. I was fascinated. She wants to become a medicine cat. Why? To be remembered! However she is really bad at her job and ends up swapping with her brother Jaypaw and she is apprenticed to Brackenfur. That is a bad mistake. Hollyleaf is bouncy and exited, and doesn’t care MUCH about the broken code. And when brackenfur steps in, he is an “honorable warrior” and “follows code at all cost” and a piece of cardboard.

But hollyleaf is influenced by Brackenfur’s do good attitude and become a strict code follower. This is interesting, because now she’s so sure that she’ll be remembered for good code following but she isn’t sure. So then hollyleaf tries to be someone else each different book

Hollyleaf and her brothers going after sol had SO MUCH POTENTIAL AUGHH however it slipped short. I don’t remember much of eclipse, other then hollyleaf seeing sol swear his revenge.
Now, time skip to the fire. SPOOKY!
Hollyleaf is shocked by the fact she was a medicine cat and AND windclan! Her very existence broke the code, no, shattered it. So she took revenge on Ashfur. She made her anger Starclan’s anger. She killed Ashfur in cold blood. She also went on a rampage that put her on top. She admitted the secret at the gathering and made everyone believe that she was the only one to tell the truth, but not Jay and Lion.

And after the deathberry stunt, hollyleaf left. She ran into the tunnels and faked her death. She also reflected and came out with nothing. She felt justified. When she dies, she dies for ivypool (lost cause) against evil, and its touching to see hollyleaf reunited with her mother one last time before she dies.

But this does not add up. Hollyleaf was very into the warrior code, and after the recent actions of TBC I wonder, does hollyleaf have something to do with it?

As we know, hollyleaf loves the code, and died for it TWICE (sort of) hollyleaf also had a boyfriend who was a ghost so, she must have learned in the afterlife how to roam in the real world. She could’ve spoken out at a starclan meeting, pointing out the code breakers and how they have NO PUNISHMENT. Many people talked about how Spiresight could be working with the imposter, Ashfur, but I think it’s hollyleaf. She could have told ashfur about true codebeakers and given him the knowledge to take action. After all, ashfur was working with someone. But that’s just a theory

Now, lets ask the ultimate question; do I like hollyleaf?
Yes and no. I don’t know about cannon hollyleaf, but I do like, Crazy, unpredictable, willing to murder a cat for her family’s gain, confused hollyleaf. But recognize that I do like hollyleaf for hollyleaf, not just for this theory that could be true, depending how The Light In The Mist goes.
But for now its just a theory. A WARRIOR CATS THEORY!!!

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