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Most surprising deaths in warriors by Irinasplash

Irinasplash lists some of the surprising deaths in the series.

Art by therealbramblefire

I am gonna do an article about the most surprising deaths in warriors. This is my first article!

#5 Feathertails death
Like, in feathertails death, everyone is expecting stormfur to come up with a plan and fight, and turns out the cat is feathertail. Very surprising. And also, I thought “stormfur should save the tribe because he is not in the starclan prophecy” but it turns out that the final saver of the tribe is feathertail
#4 Brokenstar’s second death
Like, In the great battle, Yellowfang, a medicine cat, killed brokenstar. The surprising part is that yellowfang is also the cause pf brokenstars first death, so it is funny. I suppose the Erins keeps on making yellowfang kill brokenstar is for a reason. Yellowfang is the mother of brokenstar.
#3 Badgerfang’s death
The killer of Badgerfang is ruthless. He should end up in the Dark forest. Firepaw, an apprentice, knows how to handle kits brokenstar appointed in battle, so the full grown warrior should too. Badgerfang is probably the smallest cat to recieve a full name(second is goosefeather). Badgerfangs death is so sad. The smallest cat to ever die in a battle. Badgerfang. I really want that killer in the Dark Forest.
#2 Sun Shadow’s death
Simply, How did Quick Water get in starclan when lilywhisker and brightflower did not? Slow Water simply cause a full blown battle between the clans. That cat killed sun shadow. Murderer. He lied to thunderstar. Liar. Sun Shadow’s death is so sad. Sun Shadow probably can be a great leader if not killed. I really like sun shadow and Hate that murderer liar quick water.
#1 Mapleshade’s death
2 points.
1: Do not blame me for shipping MaplexMyler
2: I am a mapleshade fan
Mapleshade is so funny. Like, He murdered experienced warriors, and got beaten by an APPRENTICE. Seriously? I think mapleshade went to Dark Forest and Ashfur went to Starclan only because that Mapleshade successfully killed his victims and ashfur did not. Plus, mapleshade did it for her kits, not for herself. She turned into a bad cat AFTER she ended up in the Dark Forest, not before. Mapleshade, a mass murderer, got beaten by perchpaw. kinda like Russia vs Denmark in european cup

So this concludes my article.
Irinasplash out!

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