Controversial cats: My opinion *warning unpopular opinions* by Irinasplash

Irinasplash shares their thoughts on some characters from Warriors.

Art by Scourgeseer

Hi there! This is Irinasplash, back with yet another article! This article is about controversial cats. Prepare your anger-stoppers, because my opinion on cat #1 will cause you to get extremely angry.

Cat #1: spottedleaf
My opinion on her: overrated cat, Half Mary Sue
*Dodges flying arrows and fists*
Ok, this is just my opinion, but spottedleaf does nothing, dies in the first few books, and everyone starts thinking “spottedleaf you are so great”. Yellowfang actually does something instead. Spottedleaf liked thistleclaw, then likes firestar. The Firespotted ship is in the “high school crush” category, and Firesand is like the true love. Plue, spottedleaf get to die saving sandstorm, while sandstorm dies opening her wound on a fence. Technically, that’s the storyline’s fault, but I still hate spottedleaf.

Cat #2: Lizardstripe
My opinion on her: not as bad as they say, but still bad.
*Talking in front of confused and angry blogclanners*
So, lizardstripe is not that bad because, technically, she don’t want another kit. It’s not her fault she don’t like brokenkit, it is just that she wanna return to her warrior duties. Lizardstripe does not want the kit, so it is not all her fault. Not ALL her fault, but 90% is her fault. She is so mean! She does not make it to my most hated cat page, not even close, but she is pretty bad, and 90% of brokenstar’s villainy is caused by her

Cat #3: Millie
My opinion on her: BAD!!! I HATE HER!!!
*Blogclanners: you are overreacting*
Millie is the cause Blossomfall trained in the Dark Forest! I hate her! I relate it to seekers toklo mother. Why is briarlight so great? I understand her, but still hate her. She is too caring to briarlight, and not caring to other kits. The other kits(blossomfall) felt not understood, so she trained in the Dark forest. This concludes my rant on millie.

Cat #4: Mapleshade
My opinion on her: better than Ashfur
*Blogclanners starts quarreling*
Point 1: Ashfur is in starclan just because he is not successful in killing. Plus, Mapleshade did it to avenge her kits, and Ashfur only did it for a she-cat.
Point 2: Mapleshade lied to protect her kits, she want to watch her kits grow up peacefully. Yet ashfur did it just to spite squirrelflight and bramblestar.
Point 3: Oakstar broke the code by endangering mapleshade’s kits

Cat #5: Jessy
My opinion on her: Best cat
*Blogclanners think I am out of my mind*
I am just going to give some counterarguments
Jessy is a Mary sue=Jessy is a Natural Clan cat
Jessy volunteer for all patrols=Jessy is enthusiastic
Jessy have feelings on bramblestar: is that wrong?
Jessy is a hypocrite while leaving= jessy decided the right thing is to leave despite having feelings for bramblestar

This concludes my rant I mean article! Comment Below!
Irinasplash out!

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  • Spottedleaf: I love her, but I understand why people hate her
    Lizzardstripe: thanks to her, we had an antagonist. Well, its some her fault about brokenstar
    Millie: used to love, now dislike
    Mapleshade: shes a boring villain. Barely killed any cats
    Jessy: I forget everything about her/him and have no idea what book Jessy came in on

  • spottedleaf – ehhh, she’s alright but i don’t like her that much
    lizardstripe – i don’t like her at all she was pretty mean to brokenkit. i mean, she could have at least tried to be a bit nicer right ?
    millie – i don’t exactly hate her but she is definitely a bad mother
    mapleshade – mmmm she was an interesting character but i don’t like her that much. unless it’s in self-defense, murder is still murder no matter what your motive is
    jessy – i haven’t read bramblestar’s storm in a long time but i guess she was alright ? i don’t have a large opinion on her haha

  • Spottedleaf: she really did nothing
    Lizardstripe: even tho I hate brokentail/star lizardstripe literally told brokenkit he was stealing milk from her kits
    Millie: don’t hate her but she’s a bad mother
    Mapleshade: I feel like when she heard the voices of her kits she was going mad!I wanted her in starclan I feel bad for her and hate appledusk (I think that’s his name?)

    Jessy : I like her but also but don’t like her (so conflicted)

  • Spottedleaf: I ship FireXSpotted so I’m cool with her
    Lizardstripe: eh, I feel like Brokenstar was more just plain born evil, so I’m neutral
    Millie: I like her more in Graystripe’s Adventure and Graystripe’s Vow than in the actual story
    Mapleshade: seriously. Murder is murder, deal with it.
    Jessy: BrambleXJessy all the way. I don’t have much opinion on her, but better than Bramble just abusing my precious Squilf

  • Spottedleaf: She’s okay
    Lizardstripe: I haven’t read her yet
    Mille: Walks out of the room
    Mapleshade: YES I LOVE HER AHHHH
    Jessy: havent read her

  • Spottedleaf: I like her a lot more if I don’t take Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer as canon- *is reminded of Thistleclaw* Oh, boy….

    Lizardstripe: We need more toxic mothers. makes things interesting.

    Millie: Meh-

    Mapleshade: We know she’s evil, stop defending her. She murdered three cats. (love her as a villain)

    Jessy- uh- She’s fine I guess- 🤔

  • Spottedleaf – She is like the most boring version of a Mary Sue- I don’t hate her, but the Erins could have done more with her other than smelling nice.

    Lizardstripe – I don’t entirely blame her for being so mean to Brokenkit, that wasn’t really her fault. She had made it very clear that she didn’t want anymore kits. Brokenkit was cursed, even Yellowfang said it on her deathbed. If Yellowfang hadn’t broken code, he would have never had to endure the abuse.

    Millie – I don’t like Millie, she neglected her children just because Briar broke her spine. It was Briars own fault she broke her spine, she should have never followed Longtail. As a matter of fact, Mousefur should have gone to get the prey herself instead of sending a BLIND cat to go get it for her because she wanted to be lazy and “not waste prey”. I blame Millie for Blossomfall 100%. Also, maybe if Millie spent a little more time with Bumblestripe, he wouldn’t have turned out like he did.

    Mapleshade – Overrated, yes. Good character? Yes. I honestly have a bad opinon on StarClan and I believe she should have went to StarClan after death. It wasn’t her fault that Oakstar broke code by endangering her kits when he exiled her. It was her fault however that she tried to cross the river. She could have went about that a smarter way. Like carrying each kit over the stepping stones herself? It would have been safer. It also wasn’t StacrClans fault that she went insane after her second exile and the loss of her mate and kits.

    Jessy – I stan JessyXBramble BUT, it would have ended in the exact way Bramblestar treats Squilf, so in a way I think she did the right thing by leaving.

  • Spottedleaf: LOVE her, will forever defend her.
    Lizardstripe: HATE her, she is my second least favorite cat, she is rude and was abusive to Brokenkit, PLUS you can’t blame Yellow bc all she did was fall in love, it’s not her fault.
    Millie: Neutral, she was a terrible mother, but overall wasn’t a terrible cat.
    Mapleshade: YES, LET’S GO MAPLESHADE! WOO-HOO! Best villain EVER!
    Jessy: Idk, haven’t read Bramblestar’s Storm, but she seems okay.

  • I’m Lizardstripe fan. I’m not joking, I really liked her character and can relate to her, I share her opinion about kids. She wasn’t right to treat Brokenkit like that, it wasn’t his fault he was born this way and thrown to Lizardstripe… But Lizardstripe is person too. She didn’t want kits at all, but got 3 her own and 1 extra, and was alone in queen’s den. That’s unfair. I think she could have interesting backstory and her relationship with Mudclaw is interesting and ignored by writers. I suspect that there is some drama between Lizardstripe and Mudclaw (unwanted kids, different opinions on things and it looks like after all that they had divorced)

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