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To ship or not to ship! (TPB) by Ambersplash

Ambersplash shares their opinion on several ships from the series.

Art by Alangelai

Why hello, fellow BlogClanners! I’m here to analyze some ships in the first series of Warriors, The Prophecy Begins. Hopefully I don’t make a complete fool of myself trying to write a shipping article… :p Maybe if you guys like it, I could turn it into a series and write a shipping article for each series of the Warriors books.


Spottedleaf x Fireheart
Ahhh, the classic forbidden love ship… I think this is the first (?) ship in the series, and personally, I’m not a huge fan. I feel like this is more of a middle school crush. Firepaw goes on and on about Spottedleaf’s scent, to the point where it gets a little weird. He barely knows her at all, and she dies in the first book… Maybe if she had stayed alive, this ship could have had potential, but Firepaw having a ghost girlfriend? Creeeeeepppyyyy…. You could argue that she would have been a good mate. After all, Spottedleaf still loved him after death. She sent him dreams, etc. But what if she had stayed alive? Firepaw might not have become leader if he mated with a medicine cat and broke the warrior code.

Here’s my verdict- NOT TO SHIP

Graystripe x Silverstream
This is a very disputed ship in the fandom. You either love it or hate it, and I for one am one of the few who don’t love it or hate it. I used to be obbsessed with this ship, but after reading some BlogClan articles on this subject, I don’t know what to think anymore! Just like Spotted x Fire, this ship’s a little rushed… However, they both sacrificed a lot for each other. In the end, Silverstream died in a result of their love. I cried so hard when that happened ;-;. (Although it was pretty awesome to see Cinderpaw/pelt bossing the almighty Tigerclaw around XD) Their kits grew up to be honorable warriors- I won’t go into that, because that would have spoilers for the next series! I really just can’t say no to this classic ship sooo…

My verdict- SHIP

Cloudtail x Brightheart
Okay, I’ll just go ahead and say it- how could anybody not ship these two? This ship is so heartwarming and wholesome that I want to SQUEAL anytime it’s mentioned! When Brightheart’s face is malled by the dogs, Cloudtail still loves her. His love is unconditional… That’s something so admirable that it warms me from head to toe!

My verdict- SHIP

Cinderpelt x Fireheart
Yep, another Fire ship. Our boy’s a popular guy! XD
This ship is pretty cute, but again, it’s forbidden love, and if it had happened, Fireheart might not have become leader of ThunderClan. Besides, if Cinderpelt was found out, she might not have been able to continue being a medicine cat! She can’t be a warrior, and who would want to take away anything else from our brave baby? *okay, I’ll stop now* This ship just wouldn’t have worked out. 🙁

Verdict- NOT TO SHIP

Fireheart x Sandstorm
Okay, this ship is just…. 👌! In the beginning, Sandpaw was so mean and spiteful to Firepaw, but in the end, they ended up being mates. I love how their personalities compliment each other. Sure, some people would go with Fire x Spotted, but I’m not here to write a defense article :p

My verdict- SHIP

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed reading over my very cringey article ;p <3

What do you think of all these ships? Which one is your favorite?

Well, I’m Amber, signing out 😎

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  • SpottedFire: SINK!!!
    I really don’t like this ship. Basically I can say the same thing you just did! *Copies and pastes*

    GraySilver: SHIP!!!
    I smelled this one coming! GraySilver is really cute! I usually don’t like ships that go against the code cuz I’m secretly a gamer Hollyleaf, (ignore that!!! lol) But this one is cute!

    CloudBright (Uh… That looks good on paper, but sounds odd…): SINK!!! Okay, okay, let me explain. Cloudtail… I mean… I really don’t like him. He’s kinda dumb and he’s always talking back to everyone. I LOVE BRIGHTHEART! I have the plushie of her!!!! AnD the plushie of Jayfeather AnD the plushie of Squilf! So I really don’t like this one because I don’t like CLoudtail.

    FireCinder: SHIP!!! Maybe this one’s kinda random, but I think the IDEA of it is really cute! I like fake ships more than the actual ones!!! lol

    FireSand: SINK!!! Eh… Firestar’s better off alone. :< He literally is only thinking about Spottedleaf, (who I hate by the way), and I'm only sinking this one to protect Sandstorm!!!! :<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • I like your article!
    I totes agree with Brightheart x Cloudtail and Sandstorm x Fireheart!
    (I play roblox)
    ( I said that because on roblox there is warrior cats rp game)
    ( And I normally play as a cat named Koipaw )
    ( For some reason I always gtg before Koipaw becomes warrior lol)

  • So, I really like Graystripe X Silverstream because they are really cute together and the way they met is hilarious.

  • That was great. SpottedFire is a hard no. It is creepy.

    Graystripe and Silverstream are adorable and I will ship them forever.

    Cloudtail and Brightheart… I don’t really know, Cloudtail annoys me. Brightheart is a nice character. Maybe.

    Fireheart and Sandstorm are the best and will last forever, I don’t see why Spottedleaf even has to exist.

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