My Favorite and least Favorite cats by Speckledpaw

Speckledpaw lists their favourite and least favourite cats.

Art by NatameSecrea

Hey! It’s Speckledpaw here and this is my very first article ever! And it’s about my least fave and fave cats in the warriors universe! Okay let’s start with the faves! (Btw this a rough glimpse of my faves and least faves, I have a lot of opinions so I can’t fit them all here, heh heh. )
#5 Daisy: She’s such a sweet cat! I felt like Daisy really represented the irreplaceable love in the TC. And no matter what she was always so content! She was okay with TC and the cats there. She’s definitely my favorite queen. She was empathetic, strong willed, protective all the qualities of a ideal mother figure. Her novella was so sweet and it shows how easygoing she is.

#4 Alderheart when we were introduced to Alderheart as a scared and insecure apprentice, I just immediately clicked with him. The way he felt awkward and out of place hunting and fighting totally made me relate with him. If i was a warrior cat I would definitely be like Alderheart. My Mentor: “come on! Your an apprentice go hunt, it’s what your supposed to do”. Me: “Uh.. but it’s a bird..”. Lol. Also Alderheart was so different then a lot of other toms which made a intriguing character.

#3 Leafpool Not much to explain.. she was just so amazing! I felt for her so much. Her sacrifices showed that she is a rare and strong cat, and just had so much love!. Her bond with her sister Squirrelflight, was also precious and rare as well as her other bond with Mothwing.

#2 Violetshine idk how to explain here.. I just really like her! I relate with her like I do with leafpool and Alderheart. But I also just think she is a logical she cat who’s very straightforward. And is strongly loyal. She reminded of Hollyleaf a bit which I enjoy since I enjoy Hollyleaf. If there hadn’t been Violet in Vos then I wouldn’t of read it.. her chapters kept me going. Her relationship with Tree is also cute, I like him to. She was more serious then her sister Twigbranch which again, I liked.

#1 So who is my favorite cat? Rainflower of course! The way she was so evilly taunted and cast out poor Crookedstar was so relatable! OF COURSE not. Jk. Never ever. No. She’s not my fave cat. My Real fave cat under that unamuseing Rainflower mask is Whitestorm. Yep. He was a lot like Firestar but in a better way. He possessed loyalty and valor but in his own unique way different from Firestar. He was a heroic cat but he has no intentions to be, all he wanted a average warrior status not a remembered and cherished deputy one. Yet he accepted the position with utmost honor. He also had two great apprentices Brightheart and Sandstorm.

Now for my Least faves

#5 Bumblestripe: He was a creepy stalker! He forced Dovewing into a relationship she didn’t want to be in

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