Favorite and Least Favorite Cats by Mistheart

Mistheart shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by AnnMY

Hello, Mistheart here with an article! So today I’ll be talking about my least favorite cats, and of course this will contain spoilers for those cats… hope you enjoy reading this!


10 – Feathertail – Feathertail is a sweet, kind, warm-hearted, compassionate, and spirited cat. She helped calm down the enraged Crowpaw in the journey to the sun-drown-place, and she sacrificed her life for him, which was super sweet! Feathertail also helped give Graystripe some encouragement when all hope seemed lost to find the Clan’s new home.
9 – Leafstar – Leafstar is such a fair and just cat, and I think she is really the model of endurance. She helped her Clan survive in several treacherous dangers, including Darktail’s attack. I also like how she believed Rootspring in Place of No Stars, even when all the other Clans didn’t.
8 – Ferncloud – Queens deserve to be honored! They help make a new generation of cats survive, and Ferncloud is a perfect example of this. She helped so many young and helpless kits survive, and the sad (and odd) thing was, she had to watch every one of her own kits die while she tried to help the others.
7 – Icecloud – I don’t really have much reason to like her, but I like how she was really determined to stalk and fight well even though her white pelt made it difficult to do so. Her love for Foxleap is also pretty cute.
6 – Graystripe – Graystripe is such a sweet, bubbly, cheerful, compassionate, and adventurous cat. I could really go on listing all his amazing roles in the story. He welcomed Firepaw with open paws. He traveled with Fireheart on the quest to bring WindClan back. He did an awesome job of leading the Clan when Firestar was on his quest to rebuild SkyClan. He helped train Millie and WarriorClan (heh they were so funny) to hunt and fight. He led the Clan when Squirrelflight was missing in the Dark Forest.
5 – Firestar – I don’t need to explain. He did so many awesome things, even though he was born as a kittypet. He discovered Tigerclaw’s cruelty. He hunted for RiverClan when the river was poisoned. He brought WindClan back home when they were chased out by ShadowClan. He formed an alliance with WindClan and RiverClan to drive BloodClan from the forest. He led the Clans on the Great Journey. He found and rebuilt SkyClan. He defeated Tigerstar one last time in The Last Hope. Also, Firestar is super brave and loyal, and he always tries to solve the problems and conflicts in his Clan. He is definitely the perfect cat for the “Fire will save the Clan!” prophecy.
4 – Mapleshade – This cat had a tragic backstory. She accidentally fell in love with a RiverClan warrior named Appledusk and gave birth to his kits. She had to watch her kits drown in the river. She had to get banished from two Clans. She had to watch her seemingly loyal mate reject her and choose someone over her. She had to die trying to get her revenge. Still, Mapleshade is a villain who did some unforgivable things, and she deserves the Dark Forest. I still admire her courage and I still feel bad for her because of her horrible backstory, though.
3 – Ivypool – Ivypool is a brave, adventurous, and fair cat. She faced a bad backstory, like Mapleshade. Her sister, Dovewing, got all the attention and love, while she was overlooked and depressed. Ivypool thought the Dark Forest was her only hope to get enough attention, but it turned out to not be. I also liked how, unlike Mapleshade, she had the courage to love and reunite with her sister again.
2 – Hollyleaf – Hollyleaf is an awesome cat! Even Cats of the Clans says that she was “the politician, thinker, sensible and aware of all the different consequences that could come from the result of a single action” or something like that. Hollyleaf is smart, sensible, and clever. She was obsessed with the Warrior Code, but how is that a bad thing? It keeps her out of (most) trouble. Some people criticize her for killing Ashfur and then revealing the Leaf x Crow secret anyway. But Hollyleaf had reasons to kill Ashfur. First, instead of helping his Clanmates during a wildfire, he blocked the only escape and tried to kill Squirrelflight and her “kits.” Second, he aggressively forced Squirrelflight to reveal the Leaf x Crow secret. Third, he planned to reveal it at a Gathering. Of course, these events shocked the Three, but it had the most impact on Hollyleaf, who now believed that she should’ve never existed as her birth broke the Warrior Code. To prevent chaos and disaster from spreading in the Gathering, she killed Ashfur. But then, she realized she was wrong. The Clans shouldn’t live in a cloud of lies, even if the truth may be dangerous. So she revealed the secret. And about Ashfur? It tells the reader in Hollyleaf’s Story. Hollyleaf admitted to herself that Ashfur’s death had been for nothing.
1 – Spottedleaf – I love Spottedleaf! She’s really kind, sweet, compassionate, and warm-hearted. However, as Spottedleaf’s Heart says, she wasn’t always like this. Like Bluestar, she had ambition. She wanted to be the best warrior she could the moment she was born. When she was six months old, Sunstar apprenticed her to Thrushpelt. Not long after, Spottedpaw grew a relationship with another warrior named Thistleclaw. But when Thistleclaw showed her where his heart was really like, she turned her back on him, but wasn’t sure how her warrior life was going to turn out. A few moments later, Featherwhisker offered Spottedpaw a chance to become a medicine cat. This was a big decision. As a medicine cat, she had to give up all her dreams of becoming a warrior. Becoming a medicine cat was like moving to a different place with a different culture, etiquette, and food. Spottedpaw agreed, but it wasn’t easy. She had to memorize every herb in the forest, and know how to treat every disease, fever, infection, and wound. I’m actually surprised that she was able to do this, to transfer from a warrior to a medicine cat. It’s a big, difficult event. Soon, Spottedpaw received her medicine cat name of Spottedleaf, and when Featherwhisker died, she became the only ThunderClan medicine cat. That’s when StarClan sent her the “Fire will save the Clan!” prophecy. When Firepaw came, he almost immediately fell in love with Spottedleaf. Then Clawface killed her, and she went to StarClan. What’s even sweeter is that Spottedleaf guided Firestar even when she was in StarClan! Then, she sacrificed her life for Sandstorm, and as the Ultimate Guide says it, this was “her last gift to her beloved Firestar.” Of course, Spottedleaf wasn’t picture-perfect. If she was, she would’ve never trusted Thistleclaw in the first place. If she was, she would automatically know that her destiny was to be a medicine cat. If she was, she would’ve never fallen in love with Firestar.


10 – Smoke – I don’t necessarily despise Smoke, but it was her fault that Onestar’s son became the treacherous Darktail. I suppose Onewhisker should’ve tried to explain, though.
9 – Needletail – Needletail isn’t a very good cat. Sure, she had a bad backstory. She had no siblings. Her “friends” betrayed her. However, she shouldn’t have turned on her own Clan and sided with the horrible, cruel, battle-hungry Darktail. She shouldn’t have manipulated her “only hope” Violetpaw to come with her. I suppose she was okay in The Apprentice’s Quest, but after that she was horrible.
8 – Raggedstar – Like Needletail, Raggedstar wasn’t a very good cat. He teased and bullied Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit when they were kits. He was blind to his Brokentail’s obvious cruelty. He turned on his mate Yellowfang. If it weren’t for Raggedstar, Brokenstar would never have become leader of ShadowClan.
7 – Yellowfang – Yellowfang is just as bad as Raggedstar. I guess she was okay when she was alive, but in StarClan she became terrible. She was aggressively forcing Squirrelflight to take Leafpool’s kits. Yellowfang told Hollyleaf to do something but then said it was her (Hollyleaf’s) fault she did it, when Yellowfang told her to do it!
6 – Millie – She was such a brave and determined cat in Graystripe’s Adventure, but when she had kits she wasn’t so great. Millie started acting as though Briarlight was her only kit, which made Bumblestripe depressed and Blossomfall go to train in the Dark Forest. Some people defend Millie and say that “If Bumblestripe or Blossomfall get hurt, Millie would also turn her attention to them. Millie is just showing concern for Briarlight’s injury!”. I disagree. I forgot which book, but somewhere in Omen of the Stars, Blossomfall got hurt climbing a tree. Millie blamed Blossomfall for not catching a single piece of prey for Briarlight, when it was clear that Blossomfall was hurt and had bleeding wounds on her body. But Millie didn’t care if she got wounds. All she cared about was Briarlight.
5 – Rainflower – Sure, it was Hailstar’s fault that Stormkit became Crookedkit, but Rainflower was the one who persuaded him to change the name. When Stormkit twisted his jaw, all her attention was on Oakkit. Poor Stormy!
4 – Ashfur – This cat is the one who was obsessed with Squirrelflight and then got rejected. This cat is the one who held a grudge against Squirrelflight for years. This cat is the—wait spoilers for Darkness Within—This cat is the one who stole Bramblestar’s body, manipulated Shadowsight, and forced almost all his Clanmates to abandon ThunderClan.
3 – Hawkfrost – In my opinion, Hawkfrost isn’t cool. He deceivingly ripped off a moth’s wing to get more attention, when clearly he could just talk to Leopardstar about the problem. Okay, so Mothpaw was a medicine cat apprentice, and Hawkpaw was getting more attention. Problem solved. But no, Hawkfrost was greedy. He wanted not only attention, but also power. So, he became Mudclaw’s biggest supporter to get that. This worked, and I’m also 100% sure that he changed Mudclaw’s ambition from good to evil. But these are not Hawkfrost’s only crimes. Instead of being loyal to his Clan, he followed his treacherous, cruel, bloodthirsty father Tigerstar. He manipulated Brambleclaw into thinking he was good, then revealed his true colors in the end. He plotted with Ashfur to trap Firestar, and in the end he got one of the flame-colored leader’s lives. In the Dark Forest, he manipulated more depressed and lonely cats like Ivypool and Blossomfall and Birchfall into following him. In the Great Battle, he almost killed his biggest follower, Ivypool, but killed Hollyleaf instead.
2 – Jayfeather – Jayfeather is grumpy, grouchy, rude, annoying, and almost constantly irritated over the slightest thing. Some people say he has this personality because Leafpool forced him to become a medicine cat, but if you read The Sight, it basically tells you that Spottedleaf told him to follow his destiny. Also, Jaypaw had the choice of whether or not to stay a warrior or become a medicine cat. He chose to be a medicine cat, and he shouldn’t be grumpy about it since it was his own choice. Also, it’s been years since he made the choice. He started training as a medicine cat in Arc 3. Right now, it’s Arc 7. Shouldn’t he have gotten over it by now? Plus, Jayfeather is pretty judgmental. In his kit and early apprentice days, Brightheart had experience and was showing concern for him. What did Jayfeather do when she tried to help him? Get grumpy and annoyed. Somewhere in Power of Three or Omen of the Stars (I forgot which arc), he said that Mousefur was cranky and stubborn, so once she became nice and sweet he’ll take her to a doctor. This is not a good way of thinking. First of all, it’s rude and very impolite. Second, you can’t just say someone’s cranky and stubborn, and then assume that’s their only trait.
1 – Dovewing – I just don’t like Dovewing. She was determined to be the best warrior she could, and then she received Lionblaze as her mentor. Her sister, Ivykit, received Cinderheart as a mentor and then became Ivypaw. Dovepaw and Ivypaw often trained and hunted together, but Dovepaw succeeded in almost everything, and then Ivypaw became jealous. So, the latter felt as though her only hope was the Dark Forest, where she trained to fight in an almost cruel way. It was Dovepaw’s fault all this happened. Also, Dovewing is really whiny. She has a superpower and she whines all day about how terrible it is. Dovewing is also a hypocrite. She blames her own sister and father for wanting to become better warriors and breaking the code, when she broke the code herself! Then, she abandons her own Clan for her mate. And after that, she abandons her own mate for her kits. I know I almost never wish that someone would just die, but honestly right now I’m wishing that Dovewing died in the Great Battle. It would be a good a heroic ending for her, plus it would be a “brave death,” and then we could just all get over with her.

Whew, that took a while… thank you all for reading! If you agree or disagree with anything, please tell me in the comments (Wait how is one sister my third favorite cat and the other sister my least favorite cat?)! ~ Cloudy

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    • Thank you! I know that you likely disagree with Millie and Dovewing, so just for your information, this article was written a long time ago. I am currently rewriting my favorite and least favorite characters lists. So far, my favorite characters are Twigbranch, Whitestorm, Daisy, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Leafstar, Bramblestar, Sandstorm, Leafpool, Brackenfur, Honeyfern, Snowfur, Feathertail, Oakheart, Ferncloud, Icecloud, Graystripe, Firestar, Thrushpelt, Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Spottedleaf. So far, my least favorite characters are Rainflower, Goosefeather, Violetshine, Brokenstar, and Hawkfrost. I’m currently deciding who should or should not be on my least favorite characters list, which will hopefully consist of 22 cats! ~ Cloudy

  • My favorite Warrior cat list:
    #20 Gorsepaw
    #19 Russetfur
    #18 lionheart
    #17 Bluestar
    #16 Alderheart
    #15 Whitestorm
    #13 Oakheart
    #12 Crookedstar
    #11 Tallstar
    #10 Cedarheart
    #9 One WHISKER (I only like him as oneWHISKER not Onestar)
    #8 Ivypool
    #7 Dovewing
    #6 Jayfeather
    #5 Hollyleaf
    #4 Suprisingly, Midnight the Badger
    #3 VERY VERY SUPRISINGLY, T i g e r c l a w / f i r s t T i g e r s t a r
    #2 TIGERHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you don’t mind but Bramblestar!
    Thank you!

    • I love Bramblestar so much! I’m glad that I have someone on my side, since he is my sixteenth favorite character. ~ Cloudy

  • I disagree about Jayfeather and Dovewing. As they held the power of the stars in their paws, they had saved the clan multiple times. Dovewing used her powers for the good of the clan and Jayfeather used his powers to find out things that he should have known all along, such as the discovery of his mother.

    Also, Yellowfang is a good cat… after all, she was punished by Starclan for her misdemeanours – isn’t that enough? She made a mistake, just like all of us. She used her skills to serve the clan she was loyal to – ThunderClan, instead of the clan she was borne into, ShadowClan. She was a good friend to Firestar and was an exceptional mentor to Cinderpelt.

    Regarding Millie, she was just caring for her hurt kit. You forget about the times she spent in battle, fighting for ThunderClan and no other clan. She is a supporting mate for Graystripe and whatever you say, she is a great mother.

    Icecloud is a very random choice to have here, you could have chosen some other cat who is not so random, like Cinderheart. In my opinion, she was so brave with what she was going through.

    I’m sorry if this sounded very contradicting to you, but this is just my opinion. Thank you 😀

    (Sorry for the long message)

    • Sorry, this list was made a long time ago, and I often added random cats to my least favorite characters list, because I don’t normally put all my hate on warriors. So, I’m beginning to understand Dovewing at the moment, and she’s neutral for me. As for Jayfeather, I still dislike him. He honestly did an amazing job in the power of three prophecy, but his personlity just doesn’t appeal to me. As for Yellowfang and Millie, I’m beginning to understand how they tried their best and failed. Then, for Icecloud, yeah she is super minor. I’m thinking of putting her as my 22nd favorite character and replacing her with Twigbranch, whom I love! ~ Cloudy

  • Great job, I agree with most of them, but not Jayfeather only because I like his personality and it’s also a bit like mine a in a way. But anyway GREAT JOB

    • Yup, I know, this list was made a long time ago. So far, this is my list of favorite characters. Icecloud, Whitestorm, Daisy, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Leafstar, Bramblestar, Sandstorm, Leafpool, Brackenfur, Honeyfern, Snowfur, Feathertail, Oakheart, Ferncloud, Twigbranch, Graystripe, Firestar, Thrushpelt, Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Spottedleaf. For my least favorite characters, they are Jayfeather, Breezepelt, Rainflower, Goosefeather, Violetshine, and Hawkfrost. ~ Cloudy

  • I love that Dovewing is your least favorite cat. Tigerstar #2 is actually my least favorite cat but Dovewing is 2nd to last. But I do have to disagree with Jayfeather because him being bad-tempered is just how he covers up his softer feelings. Everyone is always saying that hes a bad character because of his grumpiness but seriousy, he just doesn’t want anyone to see his “weakness” (aka feelings), Oops. Sorry I didn’t mean to make this comment so long it’s just- oh wait I’m just making it longer. Ok. I’m done now.