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My review on the Place of No Stars and my wishes for A Light in the Mist by Falling Snow

Falling Snow reviews the Place of No Stars and shares what they want to happen in the last book of The Broken Code.

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Alright, I am very late writing this article, since I finished reading this book on april 6th, when it released. But anyways let’s start!

I LOVED this book! Bristlefrost was as interesting as ever, and I actually really enjoyed her chapters. (Well I enjoy everything about her because she’s my favourite character but anyways let’s get back to the topic) Rootspring was also really good in this book. Same goes for Shadowsight.

I liked all the drama with Squirrelflight and the dark forest and all that other stuff since it was super interesting to read about. Willowshine’s death kinda shocked me since I wasn’t prepared for WILLOWSHINE to die. Rootspring being dragged into the moonpool concerned me- I felt bad for Bristlefrost who just watched him disappear. Honestly, to the people who think she was boring because all she did was think about rootspring, well you can’t blame her. You would do the same if you were in her position.

Anyways, I really liked the conversation Tree had with Bristlefrost, I liked the talk she had with her mother, Ivypool, and I liked how she didn’t try to hide her love for Rootspring. Rootspring himself had really great chapters in this book. I enjoyed his chapters in the dark forest, I liked how he met up with snowtuft and bramblestar. When he fell into the River, his thoughts on bristlefrost were so sweet I started crying. When he didn’t escape he dark forest I started panicking because I thought Ashfur had killed him, but I was relieved (well kind of relieved) when I saw him alive, even if that meant he was fighting to death.. I also have a feeling that Rootspring is being controlled by Ashfur? I really hope this isn’t the case because I just want Rootspring to get out of the dark forest safely.

Onto our final protagonist, Shadowsight! Shadowsight is just such a sweet cat and I felt so bad for him when literally all the clans hated him. It’s not his fault when Ashfur literally showed him proof of Bramblestar living. Shadowsight’s chapters in the dark forest were really fun to read and Ashfur was just hilarious- he’s like “Squirrelflight we can be together, why don’t you admit that you love me” I burst out laughing. It was actually funny. Anyways Shadowsight attacking Ashfur so Squirrelflight and Bramblestar could escape was a really brave thing to do. The poor guy got thrown into the dark forest River after- Give him a break, he’s had a really rough time so far. Not to mention he got his ear ripped off and has a limp in his leg as of now. Even then he still went back to the dark forest with Bristlefrost which made me like Shadowsight even more.

Overall this book was really good and all 3 protagonists were great!

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  • I agree with most of this. Rootspring and Shadowsight both had SUPER interesting chapters, but Bristlefrost didn’t for me. I love Bristlefrost, but I felt like she slowly became a camera to Rootsprings story.

  • For Bristlefrost, she is an extremely brave and understanding character, and she has a very interesting arc when she started out liking Bramblestar, and then realized what an imposter he was. For Rootspring, I admire his courage and how he is not afraid to openly show his love for Bristlefrost, and same goes the other way around. It’s also sort of interesting whenever I’m reading about his thoughts on Tree as well as him being so desperate to save all the Clans. For Shadowsight, I’m having mixed feelings about him. As an apprentice, he was such an amazing medicine cat with such an excellent memory and skill to heal other cats, similar to Leafpool. However, I dislike how he acts so stubborn around Mothwing, and although this is definitely not his fault, I also dislike how he is such a spoiled character as the son of Tigerstar. Overall, I agree with you – The Place of No Stars was an amazing book that literally drew me further and further into the pages. My favorite protagonist in the book goes to Rootspring, for his intelligence, interesting personality, and development with Bristlefrost. By the way, this is a long debated question. Do you ship BristleRoot or ShadowRoot? ~ Cloudy

    • What how can you call shadowsight stubborn I would be stubborn to if some medicine cat try to take my place in my own clan

  • Oh yeah! I totally agree with the conversation between Bristlefrost and Tree. Ima huge rootxbristle shipper so i really hope they make a final decision in a light in the mist.
    wut i want to happen;
    1. Change clans for eachother
    2. KITS
    mostly two tho :>

  • Amazing article! I agree almost 100%. The one thing though: I would be super annoyed if some other medicine cat came into my clan and started taking over. Other than that, I agree completely!

  • What’s weird is that in previous books if you died in the dark forest you could still go to starclan or stay in the dark forest. Antfur dident disappear

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