[a design of Firestar sitting and looking over his shoulder]

Firestar, Gary Stu or not? by Bluebellshade

Bluebellshade shares their opinion on Firestar.

Art by Aniritak

Hello! Welcome to my first article on Blogclan! I will be explaining a series of cases that would make you think about the storyline. Here I will talk about (sadly) half the fandom’s favorite character, Firestar! He wasn’t a Gary Stu, right? So, at the beginning, Rusty is simply dreaming of going to a strange group in the woods where the can’t chill and sharpen their claws on bones. He runs into a weird cat who immediately attacks him to show off. He, the cat who is barely six moons old with no practice at all, takes down Graypaw easily, and tries to look cool, but then gets scared to be confronted by the clans! Yay, you are such a lucky kittypet! You just happened to meet the clan that needs more warriors and is stupid enough to take a pet from their loving owners. Not cool, Thunderclan, not cool. He joins because he’s orange. Wow, Thunderclan. Just wow. You wouldn’t let a calico cat in, would you? Firepaw then goes into a ten second battle with Longtail, the grown warrior, and somehow rips his ear off. Yay Firepaw! You are such a realistic character! His BFF Ravenpaw tells him his mentor is an evil murderer! Oh no! Firepaw tries to tell Bluestar, but the Erins need it to be a surprise. So, of course, Tigerclaw tries to murder Bluey. Wow. Bluey survives! Yay! Tigerclaw is thrown out of the kingdom and left to fend for himself. He somehow takes over Shadowclan! He is also a Gary Stu! Perfectly evil. Leopardstar, who, later in the series we discover was supposed to give a ‘good’ vibe, goes along with Tigerstar ‘cuz she’s dumb and also wants to take over the clans. Then Scourge, who has some beef with Tigerstar, murders him! Firestar then murders Scourge… Somehow. Did we mention Firestar becomes leader? Well, he does! Go Mr. Starkit! He still has a total crush on a dead cat too, even though he has a mate. OH NOOOO Sandy he likes someone else… and everyone likes him… Firestar is a pretty sloppy and clumsy character. He dies before everyone else! But he does it heroically, so it works, and he’s still Mr. Starkit! Yay! Sandy dies from a fence, and Graystripe is just an old man. Poor graystripe. So, the end! I didn’t include everything, I didn’t want to have a giant article, but yeah. I hope you enjoyed and I hope it persuaded you to have a better understanding of Firestar! See you next time, and talk to you in the comments!

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