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A Frostpaw Theory by Speckledpaw

Speckledpaw shares a theory about one of the upcoming protagonists of arc 8, Frostpaw.

Hello this is Speckledpaw here, and I will be talking about my very own warriors theory. So recently the starless clan River details were announced, and even more recently a article on the warriors official website talking about how this new narrative would give a new glimpse at RiverClan. Naturally through the eyes of a RiverClan medicine cat apprentice, Frostpaw. So what’s so important about Frostpaw? River will give us views from a lot of background characters who we haven’t seen much of. But my theory is that this apprentice is more important than one would realize. Let’s take a look at Frostpaw’s ancestry. Frostpaw was born to the RiverClan queen Curlfeather, though there is no canon father yet. But this isn’t about her mystery parent, Curlfeather and brother Podlight were born to Duskfur of the RiverClan. Which oddly enough there is also no canon father for Curl and Pod. But we have a better idea of who there father might be. According to the warriors wiki, a Erin hunter (there name slipped my mind) had always imagined The Tom Reedwhisker as her mate. What’s interesting about Reedwhisker? His parentage. He was born to the RiverClan Blackclaw and Mistystar (Mistyfoot at the time) He was the apprentice leafpool saved if that jogs your memory. Which means that Mistystar and Reedwhisker are the only canon living kin of Bluestar in RiverClan. Though there is plenty living kin in ThunderClan, there all more closely related to white storm Bluestars nephew, then her. Meanwhile Mistystar and Reedwhisker are direct descendants of Bluestar through Oakheart. But if my theory is correct it would mean that there are five more living decedents of Bluestar. Podlight, Curlfeather, Frostpaw, Graypaw, and Mistpaw. Is it just a coincidence that Mistpaw is a similar name to Mistystar? If my theory was correct, Mistystar would be the great grandmother of Mistpaw. Which is maybe why Curlfeather named them similar. And if my theory is correct then Frostpaw is a descendent of the great Leader Bluestar. Perhaps this why she so important in starless clan? Will she have a special connection with StarClan through Bluestar? This only a theory, but there is lots of room to confirm this in River. What do you think? Most of this info came from the warriors wiki. Thanks for reading.

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