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Worst and Best cats ever. By Clovermist

Clovermist shares their list of the best and worst characters from the series.

Art by Lithestep

Hi it’s Clovermist and i want to tell you the worst and best cats ever.

First for the worst is Rainflower.

Art by theDawnmist

She was such a bad mom. She basiclly changed Crookedstar’s name when he was a kit, disowned him and hated him! That is the worst person ever!! I’m glad that Shellheart stopped being her mate. She deserved to be killed.

Second, is Millie.

When Briarlight’s hind legs were paralyzed, she only payed attention to her daughter. Blossomfall felt kind of jealous and MILLIE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW BUMBLESTRIPE WAS ALIVE!! But I don’t think she deserved to die.

Third is Pinestar. (or now Pine)

Art by Rookspirit

Pinestar was on his last life and left his Clan to become a KITTYPET!!!
What was better than dying for your Clan? Pinestar was a total jerk for that.
He should never have been a leader. And he had kits! And a mate!!

Fourth is Sol.

You might have forgotten who he is. (i actually did but then i red power of three again)
He had ShadowClan not following the warrior code. After being driven out of ShadowClan he still continued to cause trouble. He even fooled the Three into thinking he could help them with the prophecy. And did you know he was from SkyClan? Leafstar trained him as her apprentice but when he stole her kits he was exiled.

Now on to the best cats.

First, is Ivypool.


She is such a baddie and gives a lot of spice to the fourth series. Even though she trained in the Dark Forest. (I would too if someone told me I was better than my sister who was good at everything.) I also think that she should have been one of the Three becuase she was so brave, spying and risking her life.

Next, is Hollyleaf.

Art by FelineSeraphim

She was really good at surviving in the tunnels (with fallen leaves.) She was also really brave to return to her Clan after what she did. Then she was also so brave to help Ivypool in the Great Battle. RIP Hollyleaf.

Third is Yellowfang

She was so brave and loyal to ThunderClan even though it wasn’t her birth Clan. She was always so clam in hard situations. I feel so bad for her because Brokenstar caused this. I cried when she died.

Fourth is Cinderpelt
She suffered a leg injury that made her a medicine cat. She lost the one she loved due to becoming a medicine cat. (Firestar) But I love the way that she found a light to her situation. Instead of whining in self-pity, she became a medicine cat and she was an amazing one. Go Cinderpelt!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Great article, Clovermist! For Ivypool, I totally agree. Well, maybe. She was honestly such a narrow-minded and selfish sister to Dovewing, so I’m not sure why I love her so much to be my third favorite character. Maybe it’s because of her courage in the Dark Forest, or her compassion to help the Clans, or her amazing character development throughout Omen of the Stars and beyond. For Hollyleaf, I love her because she is an awesome character filled with courage and undying faith to the warrior code. It makes her a very interesting character to read, and her point of view constantly draws me further and further into the plot. For Yellowfang, I partially disagree. Unlike the typical reader, I’m not really that into grumpy, grouchy, rude, and stubborn cats with a pessimistic aura and an extremely sharp tongue. However, I love how this dark gray she-cat faced so many struggles in her life, went straight past them with courage and determination, had an undying loyalty to her beloved ShadowClan, and was such a skilled and gifted medicine cat of ShadowClan. For Cinderpelt, I’ll just tell you that I love her compassion and spirit, as well as her sharp but not too sharp tongue that just shows how gentle she is on the inside. ~ Cloudy

  • rainflower-yep, she was such a bad cat!
    Millie-no feelings for her
    Pine- I dislike him
    Sol-no feelings
    Ivypool-yes I LOVE her so much!
    Hollyleaf-I hate her…

  • Nice :D! I agree with Hollyleaf and Yellowfang (hadn’t read Oots)! I was hoping for some cats, but it’s ok. Question Clovermist who is your faviourte to least faviourte out of these cats:
    “Jayfeather Firestar Sandstorm Mapleshade Leafpool Feathertail Cinderpelt Brambleclaw”
    Can’t wait to know! And I 100000000000000% agree with Rainflower being the worst character.

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